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    Double Arrow Ranch & Wild West Arms, Inc., Table Rock, Nebraska
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    Gunfighter Category + Handgun hunting + 29 years Army Aviation + Second Amendment Rights + '71 Mach1 + Family + Church Deacon + American Legion Adjutant + VFW Commander + Historical Society President

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  1. Mustang Gregg

    WTB: Blue Rossi M92 .45 Colt

    Got one! Thanks.
  2. Mustang Gregg

    WTB: Blue Rossi M92 .45 Colt

    Capt: Thanks for the reply. It's for my cousin getting started. He only wants the big loop. I don't think he'll like it. Much obliged, MG
  3. We can't get away. Our monthly is on that Saturday. Mustang
  4. Mustang Gregg

    Shooter problem or gun problem?

    Deleted. I'll post later.
  5. Mustang Gregg

    WTB: Blue Rossi M92 .45 Colt

    WTB: Rossi M92 .45 Colt blued with 18" Barrel and large loop lever. I just missed one on an auction site. Much obliged, MG 38345L
  6. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Johnny: I'm send you an email right now with my FFL, etc. MG
  7. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Oregonian: If Johnny wants it, he gets first shot. But he hasn't let me know that he understands that IT DOES NOT SAY FOX. It says ITHACA SKB. If he says no, you could be the winner. Mustang
  8. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Okay, Pards. I got the rollmarks now. "CUSTOM CRAFTED BY ITHACA BY SKB MODEL 200E. MADE IN JAPAN. ROTO FORGED." On the barrels it has "ITHACA GUN COMPANY. ITHACA, NEW YORK".
  9. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Well, I probably mis-typed the name (it was the last thing I did at the close of a shit day after a friend's funeral). At this point, I don't recollect if it says FOX or SKB. But I do recall ITHACA. However, It is at my shop and I am TDY until Tuesday. I will look it over and take a close up photo of the maker's roll mark when I can. Mustang
  10. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Well, I just got it. I did not see FOX stamped on it. I'll look it over tomorrow.
  11. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    I added some photos to the 1st post. And I have more. Mustang
  12. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    TC: I can get pics later today. MG
  13. Mustang Gregg

    Ithaca/SKB (CORRECTED) SxS

    Who's interested on a hand engraved Ithaca/SKB Model 200E in 12 gage with 28" barrels? It is in very good condition. $1100. Here are those photos. EDITTED....I looked it all over and DID NOT find the word FOX at all, It has Ithaca SKB only. My mistake. Please read before you decide to make an offer. Much obliged, Mustang Gregg #38345L
  14. Mustang Gregg

    2019 Nebraska State Championship Entries Now Open

    We'll be there and hell's comin' with us! MG & CJ
  15. Mustang Gregg

    Stage Writing

    I write stages for Lincoln Area Regulators. I almost never write a story into the stage. And in 3 or 4 stages of a 6 stage match, I have some small Tomfoolery thing, like drop the coffee pot or toss the dynamite or some such thing. All 6 stages do use movie quotes as starting lines. No complaints have come back to me yet. Mustang Gregg

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