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  1. This thing is still available
  2. Fingers McGee

    Loading Black Powder Pistol Rounds on a progressive

    Been loading all my BP rounds on a Hornady L-N-L progressive for many (15+ ?) years. Only difference between loading BP and smokeless is using a Hornady BP powder measure for the BP rounds instead of the smokeless measure. Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  3. Fingers McGee

    Hornady primer pick-up tubes

    Call them. I've never had a problem with Hornady's customer service. They've always helpful and professional when I've contacted them. Fingers (Show Me MO Smoke) McGee
  4. Fingers McGee

    Land Run 2019 Southwest Regional Championship

    Plan is to be there. Have application ready to mail. Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  5. Won't be going that way in foreseable future and can't deliver anyhow. Traded the Tahoe. That's why price reduced. It'll have to be picked up here.
  6. I have no idea what shipping might cost. Totally outside my area of experience.
  7. Yes, It is still for sale. Don't know why messages fail FM
  8. Bumpity Bump Bump. New lower price $650.00
  9. Fingers McGee

    "Gun cart" holsters SOLD

    I'll take the other pair Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  10. I've added some pictures of the TruckVault mounted in my Tahoe. Top is tan carpet & interior is gray
  11. Fingers McGee

    Truck Vaults

    I've had a TruckVault in three Tahoes since 2005. It has provided secure storage for all my cowboy guns and accessories when traveling to not only local matches; but, out of state matches as well. With the Truck Vault, I don't worry about the safety and security of my guns. I'm looking to downsizing and trade off my 2012 Tahoe and will need to sell my current TruckVault when I buy the Tahoes smaller replacement. Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  12. How about a bump - Anyone interested?

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