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  1. Sixgun Sheridan

    Sky Writing to a Whole New Level

    Ain't like the good ol' days when you could track a plane by the trail of parts they left down on the ground.
  2. Sixgun Sheridan

    The Mechanic and the Surgeon

    Funny, and true.
  3. Sixgun Sheridan

    WWI Explained

    I think if more politicians and global leaders had sons who served as cannon fodder in the infantry, as opposed to them getting a deferment or being assigned to a non-combat zone there would be more of them harboring little taste for war. It's a lot easier to send someone else's son out to possibly get killed than your own.
  4. Sixgun Sheridan

    WWI Explained

    So in the end it's not Germany's fault... it's England's! So when are we declaring war and driving those anti-gun, Imperialist, steak & kidney pie-eating limeys back into the sea? .
  5. Sixgun Sheridan

    My new toy

    The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) always had rectangular headlights and it was just as off-road capable as the CJs and Wranglers. Jeep didn't turn into crap until Daimler-Chrysler decided to kill off the XJ and replace it with the Liberty, which was only good for taking kids to soccer practice. They followed that up with the even worse Compass and Patriot, and ended up having to come up with that stupid "Trail Rated" badge system just to designate models sufficiently beefed up so as to not break a ball joint going over rough terrain. When Fiat bought out Jeep and Chrysler things only got worse, with the emphasis on vehicles meant only for comfortable street driving while giving their owners the impression that they were driving something rugged and manly. For most of these people going "off-road" means riding up a curb. Fortunately the old hands still remaining at Jeep managed to keep Sergio Marchionne and his bean counters from ruining the Wrangler, which they nearly did. The new Wrangler pickup looks interesting, but unfortunately the clock is ticking on true off-road capable vehicles like the Wrangler as safety and environmental standards become more stringent. .
  6. Sixgun Sheridan

    That's Gun Control

    These days hurting their feelings is considered using deadly force. See post above. And yes it's a real quote as I remember reading that news article once.
  7. Sixgun Sheridan

    Post of the day

    Unfortunately these stupid people really aren't that stupid. Kardashian/Jenner/Cyrus/Cortez and Co. know how to play the news media to their advantage. It's the people who keep clicking on those articles or watching them on TV who are stupid.
  8. Sixgun Sheridan

    WWI Explained

    Speaking of Iran, let's not forget the meddling the Brits and the CIA did many moons ago. No wonder why they don't trust us.
  9. Sixgun Sheridan

    Shooting from bed

    This is the kind of thing I practice at home with an Airsoft pistol when the missus isn't home. And yes the blinds are kept closed while I'm doing it. Call me weird, but I honestly don't think standing in a shooting lane at the indoor range while popping away at paper targets provides much tactical feedback.
  10. Sixgun Sheridan

    My next planned trip to the theater

    Yeah, I just looked him up on Wiki and it appears he's a really, REALLY hard-core leftist.
  11. Sixgun Sheridan

    My next planned trip to the theater

    Sadly you have to just hold your nose these days if you want to watch any films or listen to music. The number of successful pro-gun actors and musicians can probably be counted on all of your fingers and toes. I've noticed most of the more vocal ones have been consigned to making direct-to-video releases ever since daring to open their mouths.
  12. Sixgun Sheridan

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    Not sure what the problem is. As long as the target is sufficiently lit I have no trouble lining up iron sights on it. As a matter of fact at indoor gun ranges I prefer to switch off the lane's overhead light and just let the target be illuminated.
  13. Sixgun Sheridan

    That's Gun Control

    As much as I detest thieves, I don't know if I could live with the guilt of having killed somebody just to save something I owned. Shoot out both his kneecaps, that I could do.
  14. Sixgun Sheridan

    Expected to get below 30 degrees here in Florida!

    For all the bad things about winter, some of the few good things are no bugs and no having to %$@&'n weed-whack or mow the lawn every weekend.
  15. Sixgun Sheridan

    Speaking of mowing lawns ...

    This reminds me of a news story from a few years back where some idiot tried to rob a store, and when the police came he tried to flee on a riding lawnmower. And yes he got caught. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/40261151/ns/us_news-weird_news/t/run-run-deere/#.XG2jMriIaUk

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