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  1. Rancho Roy

    Anyone Use This Type Of Brass Picker???

    Works great on concrete. Terrible otherwise. We have the big, roller version at our police range.
  2. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    Thanks T-Bone.....was at Comn at Cha and will be back again!
  3. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    Hi Doc, yes leaving early to take in more Quail hunting in New Mexico. Would leave day after Christmas if I could!
  4. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    Double post
  5. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    Thanks Capt! I'll plan on being there and might bring a new shooter.....
  6. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    Thanks OK Dee. It was great shooting with you in Louisiana! Hope to meet up again somewhere....
  7. Rancho Roy

    Jan shoots in TX and NM????

    I leave Massachusetts the first week of January.....heading through TX and will be spending time in Deming NM until Winter Range. Looking for a couple places to shoot on the way through TX and while in NM. Texarkana through Dallas and on to ElPaso. Then Rt 10 to Deming area. Thanks
  8. Rancho Roy

    Transcontinental Railroad

    Isn't this year 150 year anniversary?
  9. Rancho Roy

    A little shaken up today

    Need to know who replaced the gun. Federal or Ruger? How did the replacement happen so fast. Glad you are ok
  10. Rancho Roy

    Winter Range 2019 Side Match Volunteers

    Hi Bill,. If I might offer a suggestion. I've volunteered three years in a row to help out with side matches at WR. In fact, I've never been to any match, anywhere, that I've not helped with a side matches. But in most cases, the time required is one hour. To drive a few thousand miles and then use 3 hours of the side matches day to help out is quite a commitment. For three years in a row I've not been able to participate in any other side matches at WR due to my commitment to volunteer. Hope you understand this is simply a suggestion . Thank you for all you do for the sport!
  11. Rancho Roy

    Shotgun Barrel Bending.....

    No that,s funny. I know exactly what you mean...... BTW...Link is fixed
  12. Rancho Roy

    Wanted... 1873 in 38-40

    Wanted......Uberti 1873, pistol grip, 38-40 please email [email protected] thanks
  13. Rancho Roy

    Shotgun Barrel Bending.....

    Hi Widder......the shot gun with the adjustable comb all the way down and the butt plate set neutral ( no adjustment) was shooting all the shot under point of aim. To use it in this condition I would need to cover the bird with the barrel to hit it. Not good. With the comb extended fully, 3/4” up, it was better, but still only 30/70. And it didn’t fit me well at all. I was looking for 70/30 and the only option was barrel bending or custom, off concentric choke tubes. Barrel bending was much less expensive and seemed like a fun thing to do. Shotguns are never aimed. They must fit perfectly and be pointed. If they fit right and the POI is correct, both eyes open, never looking at the bead, they will hit where you are looking. This is why there is such a thing as a Try Gun to facilitate setting up the shotgun to you. Then, stock bending, barrel bending, bead positioning, weight considerations, etc, etc, etc all come into play. All adds up to a proper hitting shotgun than can cost well into the $10,000 range.
  14. Rancho Roy

    Shotgun Barrel Bending.....

    Got a shotgun that doesn't shoot where you aim? I had one and wanted to do something about it.... "Shotgun Barrel Bending to Change Point Of Impact" A full report is now posted on my web site: http://Www.rvbprecision.com Hope you enjoy it!
  15. Rancho Roy

    1866 Yellowboy Carbine ( Uberti)

    Only holds 8 cartridges????

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