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  1. Winter Range 2018 Long Range side match report

    What Dead Head said.......I was a volunteer on the long range buffalo shoot and without sighters, it was just wasting ammo for anyone that did not have a 500 yd (+/-) range to practice on. I would love to see the day before the shoot as a practice day.......Drive hundreds of miles to shoot ten rounds isn't much fun. If a practice day isn't possible, an area to sight in would be great. Last year we did just that and I ran the sight in area. There were zero issues that I'm aware of. Lord knows there is plenty of room for this type of thing at WR. In any regard, thanks for doing this fior so many years..It's appreciated.
  2. Sunday, March 11, No Calif shoots??

    Only 3,800 miles away! If I was home, Id be there.... Thanks for all the other suggestions.....
  3. Sunday, March 11, No Calif shoots??

    I’m in San Jose / Oakland area this coming Sunday. Looked at club info on the home page and don’t see any shoots scheduled in the area on this day. Possible a shoot might not be posted. Coming from WR and got some left over ammo.....
  4. B29 flies again

    This has to go down as the worst screw up in history. So sad.... and a man died during the project due to exhaustion.
  5. BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT 2018 !!!!

    I'm in! Sent application on Monday.........Not sure about this big balls thing....What have I gotten myself into?
  6. Winter Range Results are posted

    Wow, some amazing shooters this year.
  7. Minimum Wage

    I recently shared a situation where a city in Washington raised MW to $13. I was speaking to a warehouse worker who had been employed for three years and started at $10 an hour. He never missed a day of work and had risen to $13 an hour. New hires are now making the same as he is and he's training them. He said he is done being effective because he asked his boss for a raise and was told with the new higher MW and higer insurane costs, he couldn't give him one. Minimum Wage is a horrible economic policy. It simply does nothing but make politicians feel good.
  8. We’re Here! ....WR

    Reno Browne and Rancho Roy are present and accounted for!
  9. Unique Serial Number

    I have a Ruger Single Six with serial number 12345 I bought it for $200 about 10 years ago........ My 1860 Colts have consecutive serial numbers..... I bought a Rossi Model 92 rifle in 454 Casull. A few days later I was in a gun shop 150 miles away and they had another one with a consecutive serial # to mine.......What's the odds? CDNN in Texas has Winchester 73 rifles with Maple Stocks for sale with one digit serial numbers........How cool is that!
  10. After WR...California matches

    Thanks for all the help with this. Looking forward to meeting up with you all.
  11. After WR...California matches

    Thanks Southpaw! For the northern CA part of the trip, I'll be staying at Anthony Chabot Park outside Oakland the weekend of March 9.......Would like to find a Sunday shoot in the area if possible
  12. New Cabelas in El Paso TX...BSS

    On my way to WR I had no reason what so ever to stop at a Cabelas....But you know how it is....You see the billboard on the highway and the truck has a mind of its own and next thing you know you are in the parking lot . Nice store...Smaller than most. The only real Cowboy thing I saw was a used BSS in great condition for $1000. I left without buying anything! My 12 step program is working... :-)
  13. After WR...California matches

    Thanks folks.....a great help!
  14. After WR...California matches

    After WR, I'm heading to CA to visit my kids and grand kids......Daughter in Sherman Oaks (LA area) and son in Dublin (San Jose area) Looking for a club shoot or a weekend match in both areas in March. Suggestions?
  15. Hostiles

    Went yesterday afternoon. Pretty good. 7.5 out of 10. No Clint Eastwood movie but not bad.