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  1. Rancho Roy

    CrackShot Bev

    We are diminished.......what a lady!
  2. Rancho Roy


    What the heck did Kid Rich and Shirtail get me into! I’ll be there late Wednesday or early Thursday, God willing.....seems I’ll be missing lots of “action”...and lasagna.....can’t wait!
  3. Rancho Roy

    Conversions, conversions, show me your conversions!

    http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/1860-colt-pietta/ http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/1858-remington/ http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/open-top-conversion/
  4. Rancho Roy

    2018 World Champion Ladies 49r Spinning Sally

    Well done!
  5. Fantastic....nice work
  6. Rancho Roy

    Honda 2000i Storage Solution

    The only thing more ubiquitous at a SASS event than a Winchester 73 is the small Honda 2000i generators. Now that my trailer has a large capacity solar sysyem, the only time I use my Honda 2000i generator is for AirConditioning and my wifes hair dryer. I usually haul a pair of Honda 2000i generators in the bed of the truck. Even though the truck has a cap, the dust still gets into everything while on the road. I needed a way to transport and store them and keep out of harms way. Searching at Home Depot for a solution, with tape measure in hand, I found RUBBER MAID #0141 / #42 (these are the numbers on the bottom) totes with covers. When I put the Honda into the tote they fit perfectly! But the covers had a slight bulge as the generators are about a 1/2" too tall for these totes. A solution was to cut a strip out of the top to accomodate the Honda's handle and then cover with a piece of plywood sealed with Dicor. A couple coats of clear finish and done.... Now they are protected during transport, and the totes with the new top make great tables when sitting around camp.....Nice!
  7. Rancho Roy

    New Remington Marlin 1894C and SC 38/357 now available

    I think the best way to be disenchanted with the whole SASS thing is to show up at your first meet with a "Henry" rifle. And then try to run it ten times without a hick-up. So sad to see this. Of course the peanut gallery will offer lots of encouragement......Like, "You shouldn't have bought a Henry"......"Run it like you stole it"........"You should have bought a $1600 Winchester 73 for your first match"....etc If the new Marlin even runs half as better than a "Henry", it will be a great way to get involved with SASS......And maybe a few gunsmiths will figure out to tune them so the new shooter has a path to better performance.
  8. Rancho Roy

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    This is the part that makes a pre1898 Rifle, not an antique.... Most ammunition we are talking about is readily available and still manufactured in USA
  9. Is there a list somewhere for BGSO who's coming? Nothing on Ponderosa Pines website.
  10. Rancho Roy

    BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT...Who's coming list????

    Darn spell check....got me too!
  11. Rancho Roy

    BLACK GOLD SHOOTOUT...Who's coming list????

    Thanks! Kid Rich and Short Tail Bess got be involved in all this shenanigans.......Not sure what I got myself into........And BTW, we don't have an accent......Everyone else does!
  12. Rancho Roy

    1859 Sharps barrel reline project

    The project has started. Relining an old 1859 Sharps carbine to 50-70 Lots of pictures and easier to read on my website. Check it out here: http://rvbprecision.com/shooting/oops-1859-sharps-barrel-liner.html Hope you enjoy the ride!
  13. Rancho Roy

    1859 Sharps barrel reline project

    The drill bit has a threaded shank. I made two extensions. One 15" and one 30" with the proper thread on the end. You might be able to purchase these extensions from PTG.
  14. Rancho Roy

    1859 Sharps barrel reline project

    Thanks.....will do! (Anneal)
  15. Rancho Roy

    1859 Sharps barrel reline project

    Got the liner chamber reamed and LocTited into the old barrel! Read about this part of the adventure here: www.rvbprecision.com
  16. Rancho Roy

    Ithaca 100/SKB...20GA available

    I was in Cabela's Gun Library in Hudson/Berlin MA and they have a beautiful Ithaca 100 in 20GA for $750. Guess they don't know the value of these shotguns to cowboys. I'm sure they can ship it to a store near you.
  17. Rancho Roy

    50-70 reamer

    Clymer “rents” readers? I did not know that. I’ve bought many readers from them. But rent from ReamerRentals.com
  18. I have a brass frame, stainless octagon barrel, 45LC, Rossi for sale. I believe 24" barrel. Less than 50 rounds down the tube. Box and packing. Only mod is reduced spring it installed. Will supply factory springs. $500 shipped to an FFL that will receive from private party. Or $540 if shipped from an FFzL to your FFL. Email me for pictures. [email protected]
  19. Rancho Roy

    Up Range Exchange - NEW WEBSITE

    Good Luck......
  20. Rancho Roy

    Black Gold Confirmations ???

    Has anyone received a confirmation for Black Gold Shootout in KY yet? I sent my money and haven't heard a thing.....
  21. My Lord what a horrible web site! Looks like a great product but near impossible to simply order one. Please contact me so I can order. [email protected]
  22. Rancho Roy

    Black Gold Confirmations ???

    Thanks Joe! Looking forward to it. Then off to the EAA Fly In at Oshkosh after the shoot. Gonna be a couple great weeks!
  23. Rancho Roy

    More on big critter guns and loads

    I was on. Bear hunt in Northern Maine where a black bear was wounded and slid down a hole between a bunch of rocks and couldn't get out. The guide shot it in the chest from from 15 feet with a 12 ga slug. The slug hit the breast plate, flattened and ended up under the skin over the heart. It did not penetrate! A rifle of 270 caliber was called into the situation and ended the bears life. The guide now carries a Marlin Guide gun in 45-70 with modern ammo.
  24. Rancho Roy

    Marlin 93 vs Winchester 94

    Do a search for "Lee Shaver",,, he make the best, inexpensive, high quality Tang sights. You can pay a lot more, but his sights work great.
  25. Rancho Roy

    Movie cautions!!!

    There is a new caution added to movie trailers....added to “Violence, Language, Sexual Situations” we now have “Historical Smoking”..!! I kid you not.....buttercups might be offended by actors smoking on screen and opt not to attend.......God Help Us!

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