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  1. Rancho Roy

    Holster angle and position

    CHECOTAH.......perfectly said! That summed up Cowboy Action Shooting perfectly. Thank You!
  2. Rancho Roy

    SxS "split times"

    I recently started shooting trap. Just about anyone I speak to about target aquisision says to not look at the front sight. It is ALL about shotgun fit. If the shotgun fits right, it will hit where you are looking....both eyes open. I'm sure this same philosophy has some bearing on hitting huge metal targets that aren't moving a few feet in front of us. So, if the gun fits, get it to shoulder and have at it! I'm impressed that someone that shoots as well as Renegade Roper is interested in getting even better. I've had the pleasure of shooting with her many times. I can only hope to perform as well as she does! You go girl!
  3. Rancho Roy

    12g 960FPS shotshell load info

    I recently started reloading for shotguns. I'm looking for a load that duplicates the Winchester Cowboy Load , AA12FL8. Everything I can find lists powders that are discontinued. What say the board?
  4. Rancho Roy

    12g 960FPS shotshell load info

    My wife, Reno Browne, is not a lover of recoil.....
  5. Rancho Roy

    Loads for C45S

    Federal large pistol on 45CB and Federal small pistol in 38SP
  6. Rancho Roy

    Sold Locally. Uberti 1873 Border Rifle 45 Colt For Sale

    You can buy a 38-40 barrel from VTI and easily convert it. I did this to two 45 Colt rifles. No issues what so ever. Both headspaced perfectly. Sold the 45 barrels for just about what the 38 barrels cost.
  7. Rancho Roy

    Loads for C45S

    Interesting observation about 45CB. I load 3.5 Trail Boss under a 160g round nose. My wife uses 3.3 TB under 125g in 38 Special. Recently on a ranch we were practicing shooting at a piece of 2x6 lumber. Her 38s went right though. My 45CBs barely entered the wood. The rear of the bullet was flush with the surface of the 2x6. I could simply dig the bullet out and could probably reloaded them! Love the 45CB....especially with black powder!
  8. Rancho Roy

    Comin At Cha pictures and videos

    I put up a photo hosting of a bunch of pictures and videos I took at Comin At Cha 2018. If there is a picture you would like me to capyion with your name or other info, just let me know via email and by calling out the picture or video file number posted below picture. [email protected] http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/cowboy-action/comin-at-cha-2018/page2.html
  9. Rancho Roy

    Comin At Cha pictures and videos

    Glad you all liked them!
  10. Rancho Roy

    Comin At Cha pictures and videos

    BTW...Best way to view is select "Fullscreen View" tab and then set slideshow time......Enjoy!
  11. Rancho Roy

    Comin at Cha......"Done"

    Simply amazing week here at the Badlands Bar 3 ranch. Hard to explain, but the best I heard is ...."A week of partying with some shooting thrown in for fun!" Thanks to the whole team for making it all possible. Can't wait for next year!
  12. Rancho Roy

    The Great Buffalo Hunt, Candia New Hampshire

    Sorry I missed it, hope he hosts it again in the future!
  13. Rancho Roy

    What One Thing Decreased Your Time?

    Transitions, transitions, transitions.......this is a game of transitions. I found this out by competing in speed side matches where I was actually competitive. But in a stage, my transitions are so bad I'm many seconds slower than I could be. I shoot with someone who is simply amazing with transitions. Yet when you watch her shoot she looks like she is going slow. So smooth. Then you hear her time! And she is a regional and national championship!
  14. Rancho Roy

    Congratulations to Penny Candy - "Comin' At Cha" Cowgirl Champion

    The pride of New England SASS....we couldn't be better represented! You go girl!
  15. Rancho Roy


    Is there some kind of unwritten rule that an SASS clubs can not simply list the address of the club in its advertisement for a match? I can't believe how often I have to do massive research to find out where the match is located. Many time there isn't even a city or state listed. This is the latest "address" of a match I was interested in. Our CAS range is located 6 miles southwest of XXXX, XX or 11 miles east of XXXXX. And sometimes they give only GPS coordinates!!!! I'm not flying in or coming by boat!! Just give me a simple street, city, state, zip and I'll be happy.
  16. Rancho Roy

    Hell Fire 2018

    Tonights Gumbo was fantastic! Thanks!
  17. Rancho Roy

    New Product-CZ Sharp-Tail Coach Gun

    Check out CDNN on the internet. They are closing out Zienith shotguns which are made by Huglu
  18. Rancho Roy

    .357 Long Range

    Are gas checks allowed in long range side matches?
  19. Rancho Roy

    Hell Fire 2018

    Me too! Spent last night at "Downtown RV Park" in Little Rock........Temps yesterday hit 100 degrees. My trailer skin was 125 degrees. I couldn't get the camper door open. Had to spray it with water to cool it down to get it open. I'm from Boston area, not used to this type of heat. Gonna be fun!
  20. Rancho Roy

    F/S 1866 & SKB

    What is the "STOP" on the barrels?
  21. Rancho Roy


    I have two cars with built in GPS and a Garmin in the truck. Non of them show GPS coordinates.......... In the ads in the Chronicle, even City and State would help. Many times this simple info isn't listed.......
  22. Rancho Roy

    Comin at Cha

    On my way down to Text. Bought my wife a metal detector. She's good to go!
  23. Rancho Roy

    Dueling Marlins at Gunsmoke 2018.

    Amazing! Love it!
  24. Rancho Roy

    New Product-CZ Sharp-Tail Coach Gun

    The Sharp Tail is a revised version of the previous shotgun. Now with more reliable coil springs....that is basically the difference. Workmanship and quality has always been top notch with Huglu guns.
  25. Rancho Roy

    Comin at Cha

    Rancho Roy and Reno Browne will be there as First Timers.....been looking forward to it for a year! Up in New York at Helluva Ruckus this weekend, Louisiana next and then Texas! Living the dream!

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