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  1. Rancho Roy

    Hell Fire 2018

    Me too! Spent last night at "Downtown RV Park" in Little Rock........Temps yesterday hit 100 degrees. My trailer skin was 125 degrees. I couldn't get the camper door open. Had to spray it with water to cool it down to get it open. I'm from Boston area, not used to this type of heat. Gonna be fun!
  2. Rancho Roy

    F/S 1866 & SKB

    What is the "STOP" on the barrels?
  3. Rancho Roy


    Is there some kind of unwritten rule that an SASS clubs can not simply list the address of the club in its advertisement for a match? I can't believe how often I have to do massive research to find out where the match is located. Many time there isn't even a city or state listed. This is the latest "address" of a match I was interested in. Our CAS range is located 6 miles southwest of XXXX, XX or 11 miles east of XXXXX. And sometimes they give only GPS coordinates!!!! I'm not flying in or coming by boat!! Just give me a simple street, city, state, zip and I'll be happy.
  4. Rancho Roy


    I have two cars with built in GPS and a Garmin in the truck. Non of them show GPS coordinates.......... In the ads in the Chronicle, even City and State would help. Many times this simple info isn't listed.......
  5. Rancho Roy

    Comin at Cha

    On my way down to Text. Bought my wife a metal detector. She's good to go!
  6. Rancho Roy

    Dueling Marlins at Gunsmoke 2018.

    Amazing! Love it!
  7. Rancho Roy

    New Product-CZ Sharp-Tail Coach Gun

    The Sharp Tail is a revised version of the previous shotgun. Now with more reliable coil springs....that is basically the difference. Workmanship and quality has always been top notch with Huglu guns.
  8. Rancho Roy

    Comin at Cha

    Rancho Roy and Reno Browne will be there as First Timers.....been looking forward to it for a year! Up in New York at Helluva Ruckus this weekend, Louisiana next and then Texas! Living the dream!
  9. Rancho Roy

    Marlin 94 38WCF - latest rifle rescue project VIDEO added

    Great thread right here. If you want to see articles on barrel lining and other "Gun Rescues", there are a few here: www.rvbprecision.com http://www.rvbprecision.com
  10. Rancho Roy

    Non SASS Need Thompson Contender Grips and Forearms

    Great example of the Cowboy Way! Well done!
  11. Rancho Roy

    Tell me about the Uberti Burgess rifle

    Thanks Tyrel. Love that rifle. It is in a good home!
  12. Rancho Roy

    Cowboys in Mass?

    Welcome! Lots of us here in MA. As others said, any shoot will welcome a new shooter with open arms. Cape Cod, Mansfield, FosterRI, Danvers,Harvard, Ledyard CT, Manville RI, and a whole bunch in VT,NH and ME......the problem is never WHERE to shoot, but Where to go. BTW...nice collection of shooting irons!
  13. Rancho Roy

    Shooting an 1860 Colt Conversion

    Interesting....never saw one like that. And I have a bunch of Howells and Kirst cylinders. Learn something new everyday!
  14. Rancho Roy

    Shooting an 1860 Colt Conversion

    “ If yours are like the ones I just installed, there's extra notches in the cylinder for the bolt”...... Huh?... never saw one like this with extra bolt notches
  15. Rancho Roy


    Amazing night of singing and dancing. First time at BG and won't be my last. Great food, great music, great people. Pictures to follow.
  16. Rancho Roy


    Hamburger Night Tuesday
  17. Rancho Roy


    I made it! Massachusetts to Manchester KY....Looks like this will be a great time. GREAT PROPS. Hope it cools off a bit.....93 in the shade right now.....and folks think the Great NorEaster is hot!
  18. Rancho Roy

    Alaska State Championship

    And Milo traveled all the way from Connecticut to do this! Congratulations!
  19. Rancho Roy

    CrackShot Bev

    We are diminished.......what a lady!
  20. Rancho Roy


    What the heck did Kid Rich and Shirtail get me into! I’ll be there late Wednesday or early Thursday, God willing.....seems I’ll be missing lots of “action”...and lasagna.....can’t wait!
  21. Rancho Roy

    Conversions, conversions, show me your conversions!

    http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/1860-colt-pietta/ http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/1858-remington/ http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/things-that-go-bang/open-top-conversion/
  22. Rancho Roy

    2018 World Champion Ladies 49r Spinning Sally

    Well done!
  23. Fantastic....nice work
  24. Rancho Roy

    Honda 2000i Storage Solution

    The only thing more ubiquitous at a SASS event than a Winchester 73 is the small Honda 2000i generators. Now that my trailer has a large capacity solar sysyem, the only time I use my Honda 2000i generator is for AirConditioning and my wifes hair dryer. I usually haul a pair of Honda 2000i generators in the bed of the truck. Even though the truck has a cap, the dust still gets into everything while on the road. I needed a way to transport and store them and keep out of harms way. Searching at Home Depot for a solution, with tape measure in hand, I found RUBBER MAID #0141 / #42 (these are the numbers on the bottom) totes with covers. When I put the Honda into the tote they fit perfectly! But the covers had a slight bulge as the generators are about a 1/2" too tall for these totes. A solution was to cut a strip out of the top to accomodate the Honda's handle and then cover with a piece of plywood sealed with Dicor. A couple coats of clear finish and done.... Now they are protected during transport, and the totes with the new top make great tables when sitting around camp.....Nice!

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