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  1. I recently acquired a set of Ruger NMV with a SS modification with the bolt in the grip frame to limit hammer travel. im trying to find the gunsmith and all I know is he is based in Florida. anyone have a lead on who it might be?
  2. Yesterday I received a pair of Ruger NMV that were short stroked by Shotgun Boogie. Compared to my other revolvers, they seem a bit faster and much less chance of short cocking. We'll see how it works in a match.
  3. Comin At Cha 2018

    Was in Nj at Purgatory In The Pines and a few folks were talking about how amazing CAC was so the minute I got home I sent in a check for my wife and I. See you next year!
  4. Purgatory In The Pines!

    Just wanted to say thanks to the gang that runs PIP Reno Browne and my first visit with the folks in NJ at Purgatory In The Pines. Fantastic match...great stages. Amazing facility they have down there. Love the way they awarded fastest times for each stage by category rather than just speed...Nice touch! And the Shoot-Off was a complete blast! Will be back next year!
  5. You Never Know What You May Find at a Gun Show

    Yes, that was me! Your rounds actually were used in an old model 1 and I won a plaque! after your description of that Model 3, I think I'll pass. we are at Purgatory in the Pines this weekend. Are you here?
  6. SKB 100 Stock What's a fair price

    There is one on Ebay right now for $240.......I bought an unfinished one today from Ebay for $75 shipped
  7. You Never Know What You May Find at a Gun Show

    Learn something new every day! You wouldn't have the name and contact info for the fellow with that #3 you didn't buy....?
  8. You Never Know What You May Find at a Gun Show

    Are you sur3 the first one was a 32-44.......I have a #3 in 38-44 that I wrote an article about in a black powder magazine. Not sure I ever heard about a 32-44 article is in here somewhere www.rvbprecision.com Nice find!
  9. Purgatory in pines schedule???

    Thank You!
  10. Anyone know where I can find a schedule for this weekends Purgatory in the Pines New Jersey shoot? I’ve looked everywhere and emailed the match director...no joy
  11. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    I’d buy the whole bunch, but I can’t legally get those pistol into Massachusetts. Unless they were here in the state before 1998, they can’t be brought in. all handguns need to go unde4 a rigorous certification process before the6 can be sold in Ma. .....and Uberti never went through certification crazy law I know........
  12. Kid Rich.....again?

  13. History on the Civil War for a better undertanding

    All you need to do is read the "Corner Stone" speech delivered by Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens at the Athenaeum in Savannah, Georgia, on March 21, 1861. Delivered extemporaneously a few weeks before the Confederacy would start the American Civil War by firing on the U.S. Army at Fort Sumter. Clearly define what the war was all about..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornerstone_Speech
  14. For Sale 38-40 Guns, Brass and Dies SPF

    Please email me a price on just the rifle if you decide to break up the set. [email protected]
  15. SKB / Ithaca help needed

    Thanks Jay, but I was able to look at two other SKB shotguns and both had the firing pins not retracting until the action was opened about a 1/16-1/8". It appears the design is fine for field hunting where you really don't need the shotgun to just drop open for a couple follow-up shots like you do ion our sport. If you open the gun manually, you wouldn't even notice that there is an issue. When you want it to drop open by simply pushing the action lever, that is where the design shows it needs tuning. I tried shims and no mater where I placed them, the forend could not be reinstalled. Those Japanese gunmakers work in very close tolerances.