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  1. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Fort Irwin

    Hell hath frozen over?
  2. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Do you believe that you could call a female superior sir?

    If the officer insisted, I suppose I could do it.
  3. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Lead and copper solvent?

    What do folks use for getting lead and copper out of rifle barrels? Hoppes doesn’t seem to be getting it done any more.
  4. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Sharps rifle-changing trigger pull

    Give Lee Shaver a call. http://stores.leeshavergunsmithing.com/ As others have said, what you need done is not easy, and a mistake could lead to a dangerous trigger. Lee is a real nice guy who specializes in the older rifles. If anybody can help you, it’s him.
  5. Charlie Harley, #14153

    My next planned trip to the theater

    I’m in!
  6. Charlie Harley, #14153

    LGBT Support

    Intolerance exists on all sides. It’s strange where these issues show up.
  7. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Underused Coffeepot Feature

    Cannot... unsee... Tigger...
  8. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Side Match Rifle

    I’d say it’s an answer in search of a question, but then I once said that about a guy I met at an NRA meeting in Nashville a really long time ago. He he was a local guy who’d invented a shoulder fired semi-auto chambered for the 50BMG round. We talked a while, but I was still in a skeptical mode about his toy. Yes, it was Ronnie Barrett.
  9. Charlie Harley, #14153

    SOLD. Antique mule ear shotgun. 12 ga. (Reduced again)

  10. Charlie Harley, #14153

    The Opportunity Rover

    Designed for a 90-day mission, it operated 15 YEARS and changed forever how we look at Mars. RIP Opportunity Rover January 25, 2004 - February 13, 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/nasa-rover-finally-bites-the-dust-on-mars-after-15-years/2019/02/13/e67ad352-2fc2-11e9-8781-763619f12cb4_story.html?utm_term=.1595d8d08c6a
  11. Charlie Harley, #14153

    "You're gonna need that knife"

    Great movie!
  12. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Wanna sacrifice a few cast iron skillets?

    I’m kinda troubled with his whole approach to ricochets and splatter. Every SASS shooter knows that even a flat plate angled down will occasionally throw lead back at the shooter. This nitwit angles the skillets’ flat bottom back at the shooter, and then turns the darn thing so that the rim creates a funnel that directs splatter back to the firing line.
  13. Charlie Harley, #14153

    Wanna sacrifice a few cast iron skillets?

    Answers to questions I’ve never asked. Looks like a waste of good skillets to me.
  14. Charlie Harley, #14153

    SOLD. Antique mule ear shotgun. 12 ga. (Reduced again)

  15. Charlie Harley, #14153

    SOLD. Antique mule ear shotgun. 12 ga. (Reduced again)

    It’s still has to go to an FFL.

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