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  1. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    California Dem says US would win 'short war' against gun-rights advocates

    the issue is Hearts & Minds -- not hills and trenches if you can get people to give you what you want -- why fight them for it ? we are supposed to stick to the Defense of the Second Amendment on this board. I worry about getting too far off topic at times; still, it the larger picture defending the Second Amendment will really involve defending our American Traditions. This means our sovereignty -- and with that our freedoms -- which exist only as a benefit of limited government.
  2. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    California Dem says US would win 'short war' against gun-rights advocates

    ... a Note from the Past one of the things that you can't do with military power is to over-run a population that is in opposition. the key is the word "population". Scattered "dissidents" will be quickly identified by surveillance,.... and ...neutralized. seems like I read someplace something to the effect that we are supposed to defend our nation against all enemies -- foreign and domestic. our trouble today is at least in part a matter of identity. who are we? what do we stand for? if we cannot answer these questions firmly we have no chance of identifying an enemy that seeks to assimilate itself into our society.
  3. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Defense of the Second Amendment -- et. al.

    Defense of the Second Amendment may involve defense of the nation itself and of the entire Constitution If I may, I offer a link to an article today reported by Sara Carter -- one of our finest investigative reporters: WATCH: Stunning Footage Reveals the ‘Truth Behind the Caravan’ By Sara Carter November 17, 2018 | 8:45 AM EST I suggest further, research into Pueblo sin Fronteras -- "People without Borders". two more links https://joeforamerica.com/2018/04/whos-really-behind-the-illegal-immigrants-the-migrant-caravan-and-pueblo-sin-fronteras/ https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/who-s-behind-migrant-caravan-drew-trump-s-ire-n862566 and now a word from the past: I know I'm "Preachn' to the Choir" here but perhaps some of this material may be of use. I debated a bit myself a bit before writing this but in the end, at least to my thinking breaking down the national borders could have consequences we might not like.
  4. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996


    Optional reading for this morning SAF, NRA FILE FEDERAL LAWSUIT CHALLENGING INITIATIVE 1639 excerpt IMHO if it were not for the work of the NRA we'd all have been disarmed years ago. I'd love to see more good gun owners join the NRA. We need every hand we can get. I've not read this 1639 thing; perhaps I'll be able to add some more info about it later this morning. I did find this summary Source: "ballotpedia" I don't know anything about "ballotpedia". a rather cursory check on them looked ok*; to really research this I'll have to download and study the 30 page pdf - - * media bias site: I ran a few tests on their analysis of popular news sources. I have to rate them as unreliable: where a left or right bias is reported factual accuracy of reports cannot also be rated "high" -- it's a contradiction in terms.
  5. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    APA Study Shows Irresponsible Media Coverage Doubles Mass Shootings

    Source: URL: / APA / Jennifer Johnston / Aug. 2016 // there is also a pdf: note,-- this is a good paper. still. I like to "source" it. I think I have it right for this one.
  6. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Broward County Recount

    Further Reading: Florida Election Fraud's Hidden Gun-control Agenda Excerpt The article is a revealing read; recommended. It says much about the people running this place called "Broward County". Some of you may remember the history behind New York's Sullivan law. If you reflect on that story you may see parallels in this Broward County story.
  7. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Broward County Recount

    this could get interesting Donald Trump: Authorities Investigating Possible Election Fraud in Florida
  8. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Broward County Recount

    that, and more...... the Senate controls who can become a justice of the Supreme Court as well as numerous judges for the lower courts. And, as we know some judges "read the law" while others have some kind of axe to grind.
  9. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Broward County Recount

    There are several articles on Breitbart this morning that may be of interest Florida Official Overseeing Vote Count Destroyed Ballots, Accused of Not Removing Dead Voters from Rolls Florida Recounts for Senate, Governor Likely Beginning of a Long Battle Marc Elias, Lawyer Tied to Clinton Campaign & ‘Pee Dossier,’ Leads Dems’ Florida Recount Efforts I have no idea what's going on but if these reports are credible we'll probably need the FEC to get involved. is this related to the Second Amendment? the integrity of our entire system of government is related to this sort of thing; we don't need Joe Stalin -- or others of his ilk -- running things.
  10. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Some good news

    good to see ya back pard I took a fall a couple years back and had to get my *ss bolted back together. that xit ain't fun so we're *amn sure ya back an gittn better
  11. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Friends needed today

    I done bought up the last of that good rye whisky Bottles keeps for us and tolt him jus set it on the bar let everyone hep theyself it's one of them times they ain't much to say
  12. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Friends needed today

    thanks pard I an't likn' the news much these days. I'm afeard we're ridn' into some rough country
  13. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Friends needed today

    Events, --not so good me thinks a little o' that rye would be good
  14. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Trouble With The Wife

    There's a good reason for Saloons
  15. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Gun Control Twist: Saving One Life “Does Not Justify” Right-to-Carry

    the AGF often screeches "if it saves one life it's worth it !!" the proper counter is to as: at what cost? how many good lives will be lost which could otherwise have been defended? the AGF will ignore this but we don't direct counter arguments to the AGF; counter arguments are for the kibitzers, the quiet people who are listening. seems like recently a report showed up that the CDC has swept to analysis data under the rung that baiscally supported Kleck analysis. it should be referenced around here someplace there was a bit of contrversy over this and has resulted in a revision by Klek Kleck's report indicates that guns are used to save lives and on net, more so than for active shooter attacks. this seems to be supported by CDC data -- which was also swept under the rug

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