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  1. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Loading .45 ACP

    Lyman Reloading manual, 50th Edition: as noted: the .45ACP headspaced on the case mouth: where the arrow ".473" is pointing I like to use a regular 230 ball -- the one made for the 45ACP: Notice that it does not have a crimp groove they end up like this: it's hard to see in this px but the bullet is seated even with the point where it changes size I try to follow the instructions in my Lyman Loaders manual.
  2. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Bump | flip

  3. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Bump | flip

    the issue today is simple will the "democrats" be able to flip Texas ? Tx has 38 EC votes; the margin in 2016 was: 74 however in several states: Mich 16; PA 20; and WI 10; -- we just squeeked by. Fla. is a problem too -- 29 EC votes I like to call our opposition the "anti-gun faction" (AGF) but this term is likely too narrow. I've seen the term "Democratic Socialists", or "DSA" used and perhaps this is a better name for the opposition. whatever the name, our opposition seeks to cancel the Second Amendment -- and -- "fundamentally change" the Republic we know as these united States. I surely hope the AGF or DSA or whoever -- are unable to muster the political clout they need to make this "fundamental change". And that brings me to the point of this post: our issue today is much bigger than bump stocks.
  4. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Cowboy Opinions Wanted

    these Hickok45 videos are the Cat's Meow
  5. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Bump Fire Ban Regulation published in the Federal Register

    either that or she has it in her boot
  6. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Rights and License

    Article the Fourth I don't know why nobody seems to be able to transcribe this twice the same way Remember: the original Bill of Rights contained 12 articles; only Articles 3-12 were approved by the states; Article the Fourth thus became the Second Amendment. my original source for this vanished shortly after I published my paper on it -- which was a follow up to Joyce Lee Malcom story on "Comma Theory" however you can still find it via the Wayback Machine I found another source as well: https://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/ampage?collId=llsj&fileName=001/llsj001.db&recNum=93
  7. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Newbie pistol advice...

    that's the beauty of Cowboy Action: you don't have to show up in a tee-shirt and shorts to shoot: you can be your own personna!
  8. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Newbie pistol advice...

    hmmmmmmmmm....... methinks, if'n yer like the bunch of us yer trying to select yer FIRST pair of pistols. I might or might not be sort of typical -- I've sold 2 pr. SASS shooters and only have 2 pr. left -- but -- these includes my trusty .41s to a great extent, recommending pistols is worse than recommending neck ties of course, for a Black Tie Event, ya gotta have----- a black tie. so-- maybe I could recommend a black tie in that event ( tee hee ) my first thought is get a pair of 5 1/2 inch Vaqueros in .38 special. kinda like a black tie; ya really can't go wrong. and on yer first pair of pistols ya really don't wanna go wrong
  9. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    The Writer Must Be In The CA Legislature

    Propaganda is designed to manipulate peoples feelings; facts are irrelevant. Attempting to counter the propaganda with facts will be un-successful: it's like playing in the wrong ball park. at issue is not whether I can put a fresh magazine in my revolver -- but whether I should have any kind of gun or magazine. or even watch gun related videos. readers here might know that the "Hickok45" You-Tube video stream was censored recently, thankfully, just briefly. Hickok45 videos are great fun; he does a super job. But all he does is shoot at targets. From hOLLYWOOD you'll see sex and violence films 24x7 and these are considered good for everyone. It's easy to see Hickok45 is promoting gun ownership -- and impossible to see that hOLLYWOOD is not promoting sex and violence. Suggested Reading: _Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill_ (Grossman) 1999
  10. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    The Writer Must Be In The CA Legislature

    the enemy ain't stupid would be tyrants seek to disarm us so we can be subjected to tyranny. the attack is through specious arguments and propaganda presented through education and media. we are being taught that properly civilized people live under government control. I seem to recall something about "of the people, by the people, and for the people"
  11. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Clays pistol loads .38 sp

    that's a "Big 10-4" -- and it's the right answer. Hodgdon has special data for Cowboy Loads and this is often recommended as "the place to start".
  12. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Bump stock ban

    Report: President Trump Signing Bump Stock Ban, Citizens Have 90 Days to Turn Them In Excerpt
  13. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Yes, George Soros is a Gun Grabber

    it is my feeling -- "FWIW" -- that to protect the Second Amendment it is necessary to preserve the Republic we know as "these united States" this morning's Suggested Reading: Stossel: Socialism Leads To Violence Socialist regimes use government brutality to enforce bad laws. John Stossel & Maxim Lott | November 27, 2018 "Socialism" -- is a lie. It is a specious argument used to establish total government control over the means of production and distribution. It goes by more than one name, .... "Communism", "Facisism", "Progressive" ... ~~ added,-- Soros is an "internationalist" -- of the same cloth as Woodrow Wilson and the dreams of John Lennon in "Imagine". Some reports I've looked at recently suggest Soros money may be backing "Pueblos sine Fronteras" (Villiages without Borders) -- one of the groups providing organization and logistics for the so called "caravan" of "migrants". there's no way for me to know these things first-hand as facts; i can only discuss such things based on articles that have been published
  14. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Yes, George Soros is a Gun Grabber

    this is a difficult post for me as it is based on the accumulation of many notes over much time i think today as a nation we face two principle threats 1. JIHAD 2. Mercantilism JIHAD seems to be a nut-case religious war although still a serious matter. Mercantilism is an economic system wherein government resources are used to establish and protect an economic system, i.e. the means of production and distribution. The idea is hard to "sell" -- except for those who see themselves in control -- so it comes under many disguises and is generally offered using specious arguments. The current government for these united States was designed as a Republic. A Republic is a system by which government power is limited. Without limits on government power tyranny will manifest. Tyranny is the unrestricted or arbitrary use of power. From the Quotes Library, a thought to reflect upon: Lyceum Address ( Lincoln The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions: Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois January 27, 1838 ) I don't think we are in immediate danger of losing the Second Amendment -- at a line item level; the threat may be of a more general nature and much broader in scope. Lincoln pondered this, asking "By what means shall we fortify against it?"
  15. Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

    Need To Vent A Little and Could Use Some Advice

    go back to the store and demand a refund. Reason: non performance of contract agreement. there may be an item in your contract that says you will not sue or write a negative review. However: once the contract is in non-performance I'm not sure such stipulations remain enforceable. I'd get nasty with 'em; I love doing that see if you can embarrass them into honoring their agreement. then scratch 'em from your vendor file. - looks like you got it resolved. Good job!

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