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  1. Santa Fe Belt

    Yes they are 45
  2. Santa Fe Belt

    New lower price
  3. Kirkpatrick Shotgun belt

    New price
  4. El Paso Sadelry Doc Holiday gig

  5. Kirkpatrick Shotgun belt

    I’m having to suck it in ant but on last hole use to be skinear
  6. El Paso Sadelry Doc Holiday gig

    Email me at [email protected] I’ll give you address to send money order. Thanks
  7. El Paso Sadelry Doc Holiday gig

    Elpasso Doc Holiday Rig. Built for 5.5 inch Vaquero. 120.00 Black
  8. Kirkpatrick Shotgun belt

    Santafe Brown . 35.5 inch to center hole. 6 pairs of shotgun loops brass buckle, bullets not included. Good condition. 90.00
  9. Santa Fe Belt

    Santafe Brown Black. 37 inch to center hole. 24 bullet loops 45 nickel buckle, bullets not included. Good condition 90.00
  10. Kirkpatrick Santa Fe Belt

    Santafe Belt Black. 37 inch to center hole. 24 bullet loops 45 nickel buckle, bullets not included. New belt 100.00
  11. ? Ruger Hammers

    I bought a gun with them in , was deciding weather to install them in another gun or buy another with them in. I have taken ruger apart before but like you say can be a lot of frustration getting them back together.
  12. ? Ruger Hammers

    Thanks Pat , very kind offer. I have tried them. So once I install them I’ll keep them in.
  13. ? Ruger Hammers

    I have a couple questions about New Ruger Vaquero hammer modification. To put a Blackhawk hammer in is it a drop in or does it require modifications Is the Blackhawk hammer the same as the hammer that comes in a Sass Vaquero? Will Ruger install the different hammer if you send them the gun. Thanks
  14. Shotshell recommendation

    I was out of town during the shoot so did not see it. Now that I’m home and see the bruises, she was obviously holding the gun on her arm instead of her shoulder. Part of it was nerves of the clock . We had trained a lot for proper technique but when the clock starts people forget. We will go bu a local gun smith and have it checked for fit and thanks to someone’s post I found some low recoil ammo at Buds Guns.( loading shotgun shell is not an option) Thanks RR
  15. Shotshell recommendation

    I agree about th 12 low recoil but she wanted a 20. I will get her a recoil pad. But wanted to find a low recoil shotgun shell for a 20 if anyone makes them.