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  1. J. Frank Norfleet

    Non SASS - WTB Ruger LCP at WR

    I bought one already. Thank you, Mel
  2. J. Frank Norfleet

    Non SASS - WTB Ruger LCP at WR

  3. J. Frank Norfleet

    Non SASS - WTB Ruger LCP at WR

    I have been looking at the older Ruger LCPs in .380 for a pocket pistol. My local gun store has a couple of the older LCPs but I wondered if someone going to Winter Range might have one they wanted to sell. JFN
  4. J. Frank Norfleet

    SOLD Marlin 1894 Carrier - new old stock

    Sold to Sinola Kid, Many Thanks, JFN
  5. J. Frank Norfleet

    SOLD Marlin 1894 Carrier - new old stock

  6. Marlin 1894 carrier. I bought this to replace a carrier for a .41 mag. It doesn't have high enough wings on the top for the .41. I don't know if it is a .44 or a .45 carrier. Made by Marlin before the sale to Remington. Like new, installed for a function test and taken out. $75 shipped to you. Post here since I'm not getting any emails from the SASS website. JFN
  7. J. Frank Norfleet

    Guns at Winter Range Swap Meet

    Larson, Interested in the pair of Ruger 32 single sixes. JFN
  8. J. Frank Norfleet

    Wild Bunch

    Even though SP brass is my favorite, I do know that it causes many shooters to gnash their teeth because of the dreaded primer tube explosion on the 650. In attempting to seat a LP in a SP brass the primer is set off which sets off all the primers in the tube. For that reason I almost never carry my SP rounds to a local match. I have a set of LP brass for that. That said I still sort through the monthly brass carefully since you always get a few pieces from other shooters. I don't think ammo manufacturers will ever go back to exclusively LP especially since the SP are used for non toxic loads. So we have to carefully sort our brass when we shoot with others.
  9. J. Frank Norfleet

    Wild Bunch

    Great idea Tully! I'll take all donations. Just contact me before WR or EoT. There are a few of us here that shoot it.
  10. J. Frank Norfleet

    Wild Bunch

    I agree! I've found that my 45 ACP loads with SP are much more consistent velocity and load much easier on my 650. When I had a 45 ACP rifle the SP had fewer problems than the LP.
  11. J. Frank Norfleet

    Wild Bunch

    Blackface Charlie, Get on the Wild Bunch Wire. A few Cowboy shooters have a lot of animosity towards Wild Bunch, you will get better answers over there. PM me an email or phone # and if I can't help you get into the forum I'll put you in contact with someone who can. JFN
  12. How much for the remaining three 6 cavity molds? JFN
  13. J. Frank Norfleet

    Email notices?????????SOLVED

    Still no email notices. I've spent a lot of time on the phone with my email/internet provider. What my customer service found was that my mail provider blocks all the email from one of the email servers that SASS uses (mit something is the server's name). They found my emails in the ether but there was no way to lift the block. My only solution is to get a hotmail or gmail address. JFN
  14. J. Frank Norfleet

    Email notices?????????SOLVED

    Thank you, I'll call them. JFN

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