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  1. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Scope recommendations...?

    Redfield Revolution made in USA by Leupold. Reasonably priced and tough. I have had one on a 375 H&H since they first came out, over 300 rounds and has never lost zero. Glass is good and they have 4" eye relief. Talked to the factory before I bought the first one and they said they are tested to the same standards as the Leupold scopes. I have scopes that are more expensive and have better glass but the revolution is a really good buy for the money. I believe the Revolution is the only Redfield made in the USA. The other Redfield models I have looked at are not as good in my opinion.
  2. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Any Stevens/Savage 520 gunsmiths out there?

    Pat I had not seen these bits before. I have always made them when needed. I will have to look at Ace when I get to one, closest is 80 mi. away.
  3. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Any Stevens/Savage 520 gunsmiths out there?

    It is simple. If you don't have a 90 degree screwdriver, you can bend a screwdriver 90 degrees. Then file out the center leaving part of the blade on each end to fit in the bushing slots. What you are calling a bushing is a nut.
  4. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Well, This Is Interesting. Kali-Key

    You can do the same thing by using an adjustable gas block and turning the gas off so that the bolt does not cycle.
  5. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Slix trigger may become illegal in MD

    ( "rapid-fire trigger activator" Means any device, part, or combination of devices or parts that is designed and functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a firearm beyond the standard rate of fire for firearms that are not so equipped, including a bump stock and trigger crank) The way this is written, anything that could be used to increase the rate of fire would be illegal. For example, short stroke kits, spring kits, any recoil reducing device, we all know less recoil means faster recovery and quicker follow up shots, rubber bands, belt loops, or dowel rods can be used to bump fire a gun. Don't forget all the types of sights that help you shoot faster. This is a very poorly written bill. It was obviously written by someone that does not know anything about firearms.
  6. T.J. Bones SASS# 75616

    Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting brings immediate cries for gun control

    Firearms do not have to be inside checked baggage. I have flown with firearms several times lately and in most airports you check your bags at the counter and then take your guns to the TSA for inspection. Once inspected you are not allowed to handle the gun case again. When you arrive at your destination each airport is different, at some, guns come in with other baggage, at others they come in to a separate counter. TSA web site https://www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition

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