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  1. Two Ponies


    Oregonian Has Purchased the RUGER Grips Pending Funds, Thanx Pard. Pay Pal: Send me your mailing Address and I will get it out Friday.
  2. Two Ponies

    Appaloosa Shirt---SOLD ---Thanks

    I guess you got my message about Pay Pal? Your package will be delivered to your address on Monday 11/19/18. Thanx Two Ponies
  3. Two Ponies

    Appaloosa Shirt---SOLD ---Thanks

    JJ Donald Tusher 138 Greenbriar Road Gadsden, AL 35901 Thanx Two Ponies
  4. Here are two matched sets of Ruger Old VAQUERO Rosewood Grips. They were taken off of some guns when they were new and they have been in my safe ever since then. There is not a mark on them. Beautiful wood and vibrant grain. Includes the screws also. Price is $60.00 and the shipping is $4.75 I will take Pay Pal, USPO Money Order, and Certified Check. First I want them-gets them.
  5. Jesse Judd is the Winner of this nice shirt. Jesse we need to get this done ASAP because I will be out of pocket for Thanksgiving. Let me know when you can. Two Ponies
  6. Two Ponies

    Frontier Classics Fireman's Bib Front Shirt

    SOLD TO JESSE JUDD Pending Payment. Jesse get in touch with me for details. Thanx Pard Two Ponies
  7. This Shirt is new and has never been worn. It still has all the tags and they are just like when I bought it. Shortly after that I layed out of shooting for a while and now I do not need it. See the pictures and the labels. The size is not for the little guy and it is an XL . The pattern on this shirt likes to play games with me and some of the pictures look blurred. It is not like some of the pictures, just the Camera. The Fireman's Bid Front is about seven Inches (7") at the top and tapers to about six and a half 6 1/2" at the bottom. There are two cuff buttons on each sleeve. All in all this is a nice shirt, and it also is a very unique shirt with this pattern and the bib, which I have not seen another one like it. The price is $40.00 plus shipping. I will accept a USPS money order, or a Certified Check. The shipping will be in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope = $6.70. Two Ponies Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Images E-Bay-Shirt-1.jpg 385 kb ยท Done
  8. Two Ponies

    WTB used 10 gauge hulls

    BRASS Hulls will not work for a 1901 with the two shot drop. At least I NEVER was able to make them work, and I was always wanting to GO FAST, and not have to slow down to re-position the shell that wanted to take the slow route. TWO PONIES
  9. Two Ponies

    45/70 BRASS FOR SALE

    SORRY----- Brass has been sold locally.
  10. Two Ponies

    45/70 BRASS FOR SALE

    Here's a little bundle of 29 pieces of 45/70 brass. There are 23 pieces of P.M.C. and 6 pieces of Starline. The price is $13.00 and the shipping is $6.70 for a USPS Flat Rate Box. The box is the cheapest way to ship it due to the weight. I will accept a Certified Check or a USPS Money Order. Two Ponies
  11. What is the going price these days for 10 Gauge 3 1/2' hulls?
  12. Two Ponies

    "Preacher's" shirt and collar

    Thanx Lawman Mark -Incidentally I was able to figure it out shortly after I made the other post. Two Ponies
  13. Two Ponies

    "Preacher's" shirt and collar

    Tell me how to access the PM, I have not been on here for a long time and do not know my way around. Two Ponies
  14. Two Ponies

    "Preacher's" shirt and collar

    Hey Hopolong McLin Are you still looking for a PREACHERS outfit. I have it all in one package. Shirt, Stripped pants, Hat with gold Cross in the front, Two crosses for the neck. I took pictures but they would not transfer over to the reply spot. Get a hold of me and I can send you a copy from an e-mail. Two Ponies AKA: Donald Tusher

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