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  1. PaleAleRider

    Sold corset/bloomers

    Hello this is Georgia Gypsy, I was wondering about the size, and if it's still available.
  2. PaleAleRider

    SPF Jimmy Spurs 18” Taylor Trapper - SOLD!

    Message sent.
  3. PaleAleRider

    SPF Jimmy Spurs 18” Taylor Trapper - SOLD!

    I just bought Geargia a rifle at the FL shoot. Why didn't you tell me you were selling it then?
  4. PaleAleRider

    Doc Holliday's Ride of the Immortals reccomendations

    Just talked with folks at Grafitti's pizza. They will offer a discount to any shooters this weekend. Just tell them that you are here for the cowboy shoot. Looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend.
  5. PaleAleRider

    Doc Holliday's Ride of the Immortals reccomendations

    The Greek Pizza place there is Grafitti's, they offer a 10% discount to those dressed as cowboys. A couple exits up at exit 224 we will be having a Friday night social at The Bridge Oyster Bar. Hope to see you there and thank you to all who have sent in your applications. Should be a great shoot.
  6. PaleAleRider

    20 ga Canvas shotgun belt #2 Available. Reduced to $59 shipped

    I'll take #1, if Redwood declines. PM me where to send the gold.
  7. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Grinnin Jim

    Welcome in. Now you'll have to come shoot with us at Griffin. Annual match is in April.
  8. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Stretch McCain!

    Welcome to the fold!
  9. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Col JG "Chopper" Hawke!

    Welcome to the fold!
  10. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Amondo!

    Welcome to the fold!
  11. PaleAleRider

    Welcome sharpeye!

    Welcome to the fold!
  12. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Gunsmoke Gus!

    Welcome to the fold!
  13. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Kitsap Kid!

    Welcome to the fold!
  14. PaleAleRider

    Welcome Warrior Ridge Rambler!

    Welcome to the fold!
  15. PaleAleRider

    Welcome LoneLefty!

    Welcome to the fold!

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