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  1. Outrider Outlaw

    Levi-Strauss joins gun control groups

    Wranglers just plain fit me better than Levis. Levis are WAY overpriced in my opinion too. I have one pair of Levis that I picked up at a SA store. Don't wear them much because they just don't fit me right.
  2. Outrider Outlaw


    Welcome aboard. We're gad to have you join us. Just tell your wife that there are lots of ladies who play this game too.
  3. Outrider Outlaw

    Range War--Michigan State Championship

    The 20th anniversary of Wolverine Rangers Range War is in the books. Congratulations to all the winners. Results can be viewed on the Wolverine Rangers web site at Range War results.
  4. Outrider Outlaw

    Dicks Sporting Goods Bottom Line Impacted

    Kind of sounds like they'll be going the way of K-Mart and Sears.
  5. Outrider Outlaw

    What features & options do you require in your vehicle

    A/C; automatic trans (my current vehicle is a 5 speed manual); power windows; power door locks; remote start is nice in the winter months; v-6 (at least); enough room for adults and cargo/guns & cart. Power steering power brakes (can you even get them without that now?) Enough horses/torque to pull a camper.
  6. Outrider Outlaw


    Science has proven that drinking coffee in the morning helps those around you live longer.
  7. Outrider Outlaw

    RO 1&2 Classes at Michigan state shoot

    That website address is: www.wolverinerangers.org
  8. Outrider Outlaw

    cripple a generation

    I saw a good one on Facebook a few days ago. It went something like: If we all start writing in cursive and driving stick shift cars we will cripple an entire generation.
  9. Outrider Outlaw

    Reloading 38 special ammo

    My wife and I use an RCBS turret press. We've been using it for 6 years now with very few problems. RCBS customer service is great as I have had to call them a couple times for parts--my bad and they have sent the parts to me quickly and at no charge. We are loading .38 spl, .45 colt, 45 acp, 9mm and 32 s&w. It is as simple as changing out the turret for another that has the dies already in it and setup. I'm going to PM my thoughts re: Trailboss.
  10. Outrider Outlaw


    Terrific--We'll see you there. We have both Ruger Vaqueros and Ubertis so we'll plan to bring both along with a little extra ammo. We (my wife and I) don't usually shoot the Rugers much anymore but we'll bring them along for you to give them a try. We'll let you have a go at our rifles and shotguns as well. It will be necessary for you to stay until match end before you can try them though. Be sure to bring eye and hearing protection with you. I should also point out that our Rugers and our Ubertis have been "tricked out" so they will be a little different from "out of the box" models. Also, plan to be on your feet a lot that day so wear comfortable clothing and if needed wear some sun screen. When you get to where the cowboy shooting is going on, ask for either Outrider Outlaw or Longshot Lillian. We'll be watching for you as much as possible and look forward to meeting you. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions and don't feel like you have to stay back from those competing. As long as you don't interfere with the "goings on" you'll be welcomed by some of the finest and friendliest folks you'll ever hope to meet. See you there.
  11. Outrider Outlaw


    As someone else said--go to a few matches and see what folks are using before you buy. If you express an interest someone will undoubtedly let you try theirs. You say you are in the Detroit area. There are numerous clubs around Detroit--enough so that there is usually a match every weekend. Visit www.wolverinerangers.org and click on either the "clubs" tab or on the "calendar" tab to see when and where matches are. The Wolverine Rangers is the Michigan group of Cowboy Action Shooting. If you do come to a local match (Fenton, Lapeer, Utica or Plymouth) look me up. I'd love to talk with you. Or better yet, let me know in advance of your plans to visit a match and I'll be watching for you.
  12. Outrider Outlaw

    Hell Below on the Smithstonian Channel

    Yul--at your next get together ask about the Silversides. She is permanently berthed in Muskegon Michigan and is now a museum. If my memory serves me, she is the most successful surviving US WWII sub. And, of course, I just did a Google search and found that the episode about her aired on July 1. I've toured her a couple times.
  13. Outrider Outlaw

    "We Deal In Lead, Friend" -- This Steve McQueen quote is one of the best ever!

    That theme was the recessional my wife and I used at our wedding. We were married on horseback and we rode off while that theme was playing.
  14. Outrider Outlaw

    Old West trains vs ....

    I'd agree it looks like an English saddle. Also, it looks like the rider is direct reining rather than neck reining...typical of an "English" horse.
  15. Outrider Outlaw


    open space

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