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  1. Outrider Outlaw

    Detroit City Council passes 'Bullet Bill' resolution

    There are more communities in Wayne county than Detroit. I'm not sure how a Detroit City Council bill could regulate sales in other Wayne county communities.
  2. Outrider Outlaw

    Undersea Surgery

    Quite likely you are thinking of the USS Silversides. She is permanently berthed as a museum on Lake Michigan in Muskegon, MI. Here is some info on that adventure. http://ussnautilus.org/blog/the-holiday-appendectomy/
  3. Outrider Outlaw

    Scam uncovered

    Along those lines, it is amazing the difference in price for the same prescription medication at different pharmacies. I have gotten to the point that I don't have a preferred pharmacy when asked this question at my doctor's office. I have mentioned in several other forums that I love a service called Goodrx. It is on the internet. Just go to the website, enter the name of the medication you are looking for and where you are located. The result gives you a wide range of pharmacies in your area and lists the cash price of the med and the goodrx price. One medication I take has the listings for 10 different pharmacies in my area all with different prices. The med I looked up has a cash price ranging from $46.00 down to $22.00. All for the same med. The good rx price at one of the same pharmacies is $15.70. The best part is you don't have to sign up for the service or give any information about yourself. Just go to the site, select which pharmacy you want to use and print a coupon for the med. I don't even bother with prescription coverage on my medicare because the goodrx service is so easy to use and has good prices.
  4. Outrider Outlaw

    Songs that never grow old

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Many songs listed here that I had forgotten about. I was disappointed that nobody mentioned anything by the Carpenters and in particular Karen Carpenter. One of my all time favorite singers.
  5. Outrider Outlaw

    Anti-gun Researcher Refutes His Own Anti-gun Conclusion

    I found it interesting that he said that "permits to purchase" would be a good idea. In Michigan we had the requirement of getting a permit to purchase from local law authorities. That requirement was eliminated in approximatley 2013 because the local law authorities were doing nothing more than the required NICS check that is now done at the time of purchase from a legitimate FFL. OO
  6. Outrider Outlaw

    Saying adios

    Earlier this week Wall-man (aka Wally Liley) passed away after a short illness. I'm not sure if he was a SASS member or not. He was one of the original members of the Wolverine Rangers--the Michigan group of Cowboy Action Shooters. My wife and I shot with him earlier this year. He will be missed by all who knew him.
  7. Outrider Outlaw

    Medical emergency planning

    Excellent advice and I have to concur that the majority of these topics are covered in NRA's Range Safety Officer (RSO) course. I urge all of us in this game to take it. OO
  8. Outrider Outlaw

    It just isn't fair-but then what is

    My wife and I work part time at a public horse riding stable near us. Not long ago the owner of the horses at the stable was contacted by a movie company asking if they could use her horses in the filming of the movie. The movie is a western and is being filmed not far from the stable. Of course, she said they could be used. The small staff at the stable has been helping as horse wranglers on the set as most of the actors have no horse experience at all. We asked the costume designer if there was any possibility of us being used as extras in the movie especially since we have our own cowboy clothes. She said sure, but wanted pictures of us in our cowboy duds. My wife was to play a "saloon girl" and I was to be a professional gambler (think Brett Maverick). Well, we got dressed up in the appropriate clothing and headed for our back yard where we would take pictures of each other in good lighting. On the way to the back yard I managed to step in a small hole. I heard a snap and I immediately fell clutching my knee. The diagnosis at the ER is a ruptured quadriceps tendon. I have an appointment in a few days for an MRI that the orthopedic surgeon will use to determine if I will need surgery to repair it or if just time, rest and PT will take care of it. So, here's the unfair part of the whole story. We found out on Monday of this week that the scene we were supposed to be in had been cut. So all this is for nothing. If we had known on Wednesday or even early Thursday we wouldn't have dressed up to take pictures and I'd not be injured. As it stands now, I am unable to drive and am virtually a prisoner in my home as I am on crutches and will be for quite a while. I can't even go outside because negotiating a step up/down to get from my porch to my walk way is nearly impossible. Fortunately, I have very little pain unless I move wrong. Our Cowboy Shooting season is just about over for the year where I live and the stable will be closing for winter in about 6 weeks. There are some "stills" on IMDB of the movie while it is being filmed. They can be viewed at https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8676846/?ref_=nv_sr_2 Ah well, life goes on.
  9. Outrider Outlaw

    Where are you buying your lead bullets?

    I get mine from Standard Bullet Company. Lucian is a good man to do business with. He is based near Chicago. [email protected]
  10. Outrider Outlaw

    Led Pepper and The Cowboy Spirit

    Come for the shooting. Stay for the people.
  11. Outrider Outlaw

    Levi-Strauss joins gun control groups

    Wranglers just plain fit me better than Levis. Levis are WAY overpriced in my opinion too. I have one pair of Levis that I picked up at a SA store. Don't wear them much because they just don't fit me right.
  12. Outrider Outlaw


    Welcome aboard. We're gad to have you join us. Just tell your wife that there are lots of ladies who play this game too.
  13. Outrider Outlaw

    Range War--Michigan State Championship

    The 20th anniversary of Wolverine Rangers Range War is in the books. Congratulations to all the winners. Results can be viewed on the Wolverine Rangers web site at Range War results.
  14. Outrider Outlaw

    Dicks Sporting Goods Bottom Line Impacted

    Kind of sounds like they'll be going the way of K-Mart and Sears.
  15. Outrider Outlaw

    What features & options do you require in your vehicle

    A/C; automatic trans (my current vehicle is a 5 speed manual); power windows; power door locks; remote start is nice in the winter months; v-6 (at least); enough room for adults and cargo/guns & cart. Power steering power brakes (can you even get them without that now?) Enough horses/torque to pull a camper.

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