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  1. Outrider Outlaw


    open space
  2. Outrider Outlaw

    Illinois / Indiana STATE championships July 13,14,15

    Is there a list of who will be competing available anywhere?
  3. Outrider Outlaw

    renewing NRA instructor credentials question

    Actually, I did use the contact us page on the NRA website to ask the question. That was 3 days ago. No reply from them. I have since been told that one fee covers all the credentials so if I have one certification or 6 it would still be the same $50.00 fee.
  4. I recently received a new instructor credential from the NRA. I've been an RSO for 18 months and that comes up for renewal in January. My new credential which is supposed to be good for 2 years shows expiration in January the same as my RSO. In January will I have to pay $50.00 for each credential to renew for a total of $100.00 or will one payment of $50.00 cover renewal of both? Thanks
  5. Outrider Outlaw

    renewing NRA instructor credentials

    oops. Let me try again
  6. Outrider Outlaw

    I must not be a good conductor

    A few years ago we installed an electric fence around our veggie garden. We got it all hooked up and wanted to test it. The most expedient way to test was for one of us to touch the wires. I got volunteered to be the tester. I touched it and got nothing. I touched it for a longer period of time and got nothing. I took hold of the wire and hung on and got a bit of a tickle. We were disappointed and figured we did something wrong in the installation so we went back to the manual to review what we had done. We couldn't find a problem. Then it dawned on us. I was wearing rubber soled sneakers. I took them off and stood barefoot on the grass and touched the wire. BOY DID IT WORK THEN!!!!
  7. Outrider Outlaw

    Got a new dog

    Do whatever you can think of to keep his mind occupied if you don't have time to train him. We used to hide all sorts of "doggie" toys around the house and have our Australian Cattle Dog mix go find them, retrieve them and put them back in his toy box. If I remember correctly we were somewhere in the vicinity of hiding 20 toys around the house all at once. We'd make him "hide his eyes" by having him stay in another room while my wife and I hid his toys all over the house--on the floor, on pieces of furniture, behind doors, etc. Sometimes we'd even hide them on the second level of our home. Then we'd tell him to find them and one by one he'd bring them back and put them in his "toy box". It got to the point where we couldn't remember where we'd hidden them but given enough time he'd find them all. Enjoy your new friend.
  8. Outrider Outlaw

    Reduced Recoil Shotgun Loads?

    My wife and I have always "rolled our own". We use Winchester AA hulls. We both shoot model 97s. I can send you our recipe by PM if you would like. We are using Promo powder for our shotgun loads.
  9. Outrider Outlaw

    Linux Vs Windows question

    I don't want to steal another thread so I'll post this question here. If I switch my personal computer to Linux from Windows 7 will I still be able to run MS programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher? How about the software that runs my wife's embroidery machine? Will that still work? TIA OO
  10. Outrider Outlaw

    Ohio State Championships - Shootout at Hard Times

    Well it is all over. Anxious to see the final results. It would be awesome if they were posted before the wife gets home which will be about 8:00pm eastern tonight.
  11. Outrider Outlaw

    Man's Got Gas

    Absolutely my favorite instrumental piece. Any time I hear it come on the radio the volume gets cranked up (as it just did). A man of many talents. He was a writer on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour too.
  12. Outrider Outlaw

    Ohio State Championships - Shootout at Hard Times

    Anxiously waiting to hear from my wife (Longshot Lillian) as to how she did on the first day and how the weather is. The weather forecast keeps changing.
  13. Outrider Outlaw

    The Cowboy Way

    At last year's Range War (the Michigan state championship) my wife took her recently repaired Marlin 1894 and a new to her Uberti '73 lever rifle with her. She had never used the Uberti and wanted to try it out so she took it to one of the side matches. Well, it gave her trouble--as in wouldn't work for her. Just to be safe, she also tried her Marlin and it too didn't want to work right. She mentioned it to one of our friends who was also there and said she just didn't know what she was going to do. Her main rifle and her back-up were both malfunctioning. Without even batting an eye our friend handed her is brand new recently tuned Uberti 73 which he had never fired and told her to use it for the match. That's the Cowboy Way.
  14. Outrider Outlaw

    Father's Day is next month.

    Since you said you want to build your own gun cart, how about the materials with which to do it. And perhaps the time to get it built.
  15. Outrider Outlaw

    Godspeed Yellow Stone Kelly

    A great star and from what I have heard he was also a great man.

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