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  1. Bald Eagle

    Official pics

    Thanks Wolf, ive messaged him
  2. Bald Eagle

    Ruminations concerning EOT TG meeting

    I also think its a good idea, sort of like Open class in IPSC shooting. My thinking is this is a category for all the fast shooters that have everything gamed up equipment wise. It would make normal wrangler, 49er classes etc better for the average shooter. Currently here in NZ there are a number of very fast guys spread through a few categories that make it hard (read depressing, frustrating, discouraging) for others in that category as they feel extremely slow compared to them (thats why i shoot Frontier!). Sort of levels the playing field and allows the really fast guys to compete against each other
  3. Bald Eagle

    Official pics

    Are the official pics available anywhere for viewing?
  4. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    Thanks Nathan, already underway, ordered and they are shipping to EOT for me
  5. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    Hi All, sorry realised i hadn't replied to this thread i started. One of our Kiwi shooters is already over in the states (we leave friday) and has loaded the smokeless ammo for my wife to shoot, ive organise BP from Buffalo. Appreciate all the offers. Looking forward to getting to Cortez then EOT. See ya all soon
  6. Bald Eagle

    Powder coated bullets?

    i use them in front of smokeless loads in my 44-40 andf my wifes 38's Been thinking about using them in my BP loads, those that do, do you add a lube disc or similar to keep the fouling soft/ Currently i shoot big lube bullets with SPG (not coated) in my BP loads and have no issues, but thinking of just doing coated laods in all
  7. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    I rang this morning and spoke to Chris, very friendly and helpful, ill organise my ammo from them, just need a freindly US shooter thats going to EOT to get it delivered to and well meet them at EOT
  8. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    Thanks Jackeroo. At this stage not going to Cortez but considering it. Will come back to you, really appreciate the offer though
  9. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    Thanks Ed, yes seh only needs about 3 boxes, will keep you in mind. Tried Buffalo arms but cant find 44-40 BP on their website. Do their 2.5" BP shells come out ok of sxs's
  10. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    Thanks kid Rich, my wife shoots mild 38 spl loads, we load about 3.5grns of AS30 behind a 158grn bullet, Federal primers , short stroke rifle so needs min length of 1.4 or 1.5" is best Im after 44-40 BP loads!
  11. Bald Eagle

    Ammo required for EOT

    My wife (Southern Cross Lil) and i are looking to travel to EOT this year from New Zealand While well bring our own guns we will need some ammo, my wife shoots 38 (smokeless) and I'll be shooting BPFC 44-40 Black Powder (inc 12ga) Id appreciate any assistance of how/where we can order ammo so that its avaialble ideally for pick up at EOT

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