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  1. SOLD: Uberti EMF 73 Rifle in 44-40 cal. $950

    Yes Sir it is. I'm flying back from Southern California to Louisiana today but call or text me tonight or tomorrow at 225-771-9923. Dusty Sometimes
  2. SOLD: Uberti EMF 73 Rifle in 44-40 cal. $950

    Still available!
  3. SOLD, Uberti EMF Model 73 Rifle in 44-40 cal. 24" barrel, short stroke kit, Skeletonized carrier, leather lever wrap, leather buttplate wrap and big brass front sight. Ready to go with free shipping. Email [email protected] if interested.
  4. Proper Etiquette at the Firing Line

    Always important to have multiple cell phones in gun carts down on the range, and not in cars, for emergencies. If a bad medical issue occurs (gunshot, heart attack, heat stroke, etc) calling 911 and getting an ambulance rolling quickly is important. My only distraction complaint is when you're spotting and others want to chit chat after the buzzer. I just ignore them until the shooter is done. Dusty Sometimes
  5. SPF* Pair of Ruger Old Armies - $1,200 Free Shipping

    Reduced price $1,200 DS
  6. SPF* Pair of Ruger Old Armies - $1,200 Free Shipping

    I apologize, I meant stock nipples and not after market. My post is corrected. DS
  7. For Sale, pair of Ruger Old Army, black powder, Cap & Ball pistols with extras. Pistols have 5" barrels, jeweled hammers, silvered two toned loading levers and white grips, with stock nipples. They come in their Ruger plastic boxes, along with a bag of shooting tools: brass powder flask, in line capper, loading plunger device (Cabelas) to load cylinders and more. $1,200, free shipping and I believe since they're BP pistols they can be shipped direct. Dusty Sometimes
  8. Color case hardening on certain SAA parts?

    Just curious, why don't you ever see CCH on the barrel or cylinder, just on revolver frames or rifle receivers? Is it because of tolerances and the need for precision in cylinder throats and barrels, and maybe the CCH process would mess with it, or aesthetics and looks? Just curious this cold Saturday morning... Dusty Sometimes
  9. Life Membership Upgrade Quarterly Payment Plan - Promotion

    About time, smart idea and glad to hear this. Count me in! DS
  10. ACES Instructions - using SASS Premier Scoring Program

    Thanks for posting this, I was searching for instructions last week. Quick question on versions. There seems to be two current versions, 1.2.1 and 1.2.6. I'm an Android user and can only get 1.2.1. Is 1.2.1 for Droid users and 1.2.6 for Apple users? Thanks, Dusty
  11. Going to EOT

    My first EoT too and just got my confirmation! I'm #12 and can't wait. Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in ABQ. Very excited to see the sights, and to shoot too!
  12. Prayers needed for Parson Delacroix

    Sincerest prayers for a speedy recovery and return to the shooting line, for a true Cowboy. DS
  13. Whiskey advice

    6 months ago I wasn't a whiskey drinker but this past summer I toured the Jameson factory and Guiness Brewhouse in Dublin, Ireland while on an assignment. At the end of the tour, they give you a complimentary Jameson drink with ginger ale. I'm hooked and most nights before bed I enjoy my Jameson & ginger ale as I wind down.