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  1. Dusty Sometimes

    Please share your ideas for marketing your club and SASS

    Gotta have a good, up to date, easy to understand and informative website. This is how I found my club! I bought a Uberti SAA because I wanted one and then didn't know what to do with it. I Googled about SAAs and first found Fast Draw and then SASS with two nearby clubs. It's truly awesome having two good quality clubs in my area. I can shoot 4 weekends a month or if one match is rained out, I can shoot the next weekend. But a good up to date website is a must. DS
  2. Dusty Sometimes

    People that helped a new shooter!!!!!

    Apache Scout, thank you for your wartime service! Dusty
  3. Dusty Sometimes

    Gunfighter -Confessions of a Double Cocker

    Last weekend I held a Gunfighter friendly match at my club and shot GF out of curiosity and had a blast. I double cocked while holding low then came back up on target to shoot. It amazed me at how hard it is, with the extra target thought process that's needed. Still, a lot of fun, not sure I'll do it again unless I try FC-GF!
  4. Dusty Sometimes

    RE: Mernickle Cotton Canvas Elastic Loop

    I just bought one, to match my Mernickle HP rig I bought last year at EOT and it just arrived. Can't wait to use it this weekend. I'm interested to see how well it works on pulling 4 SG shells at once. Dusty
  5. Dusty Sometimes

    Quick Question on SASS Targets

    3"x6" targets! OMG, that's about the size of a dollar bill! That's utterly ridiculous. OK for a fun side match maybe, but not for a main match. DS
  6. Dusty Sometimes

    Ideas for range barriers?

    Thanks, a very good point on the flammability, and I didn't think of that. We're looking at possibly building a double sided, wooden, residential fence with some type of barrier material sandwiched in between like think plywood or heavy duty rubber mats. All subject to our own field testing of course. Others options still under consideration are buying RR ties (very heavy and still they washed away in our last flood) or latched in gardening timbers (not as heavy as RR ties). Thanks for the ideas. DS
  7. Dusty Sometimes

    Ideas for range barriers?

    Looking for construction ideas for range barriers we can build on our range to separate stages when we need to call a safety "Down Range". Our range in Louisiana is flood prone every few years and our previous barrier of stacked RR ties were swept away with the last flood. Of course, like all clubs we're on a budget but it's inconvenient to shut down all stages for a single Down Range call. One option is residential wooden fencing that can be doubled up (planks on both sides) but "something" needs to go in between to bullet proof it. Hundreds of tires, hay bales, ??? We don't have room to build berms of dirt. Dusty
  8. Dusty Sometimes

    ACES Instructions - using SASS Premier Scoring Program

    Thanks for posting this, I was searching for instructions last week. Quick question on versions. There seems to be two current versions, 1.2.1 and 1.2.6. I'm an Android user and can only get 1.2.1. Is 1.2.1 for Droid users and 1.2.6 for Apple users? Thanks, Dusty
  9. Dusty Sometimes

    Going to EOT

    My first EoT too and just got my confirmation! I'm #12 and can't wait. Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in ABQ. Very excited to see the sights, and to shoot too!
  10. Dusty Sometimes

    Prayers needed for Parson Delacroix

    Sincerest prayers for a speedy recovery and return to the shooting line, for a true Cowboy. DS
  11. Dusty Sometimes

    Whiskey advice

    6 months ago I wasn't a whiskey drinker but this past summer I toured the Jameson factory and Guiness Brewhouse in Dublin, Ireland while on an assignment. At the end of the tour, they give you a complimentary Jameson drink with ginger ale. I'm hooked and most nights before bed I enjoy my Jameson & ginger ale as I wind down.
  12. Dusty Sometimes

    bought me

    I bought me a pretty SKB that's smooth as butter! Mele Kalikimaka!
  13. Dusty Sometimes

    Anyone use a full buckhorn sight?

    I love my full buckhorn sight on my rifle. Coupled with a big brass front sight, I have it sighed in so that all I have to do is quickly put the target inside the buckhorn and pull the trigger.

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