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  1. Deputy Gene 22954

    Found 1 WTB Stoeger nickel double trigger coach gun

    Black Fri is coming up, I got a Stoeger Deluxe at Dicks on black friday a couple years ago for $400.00. If not on sale, they will order for you.
  2. Deputy Gene 22954

    Winchester 73

    Yeah Colorado, guess I'm kinda new. What I am really new to is Winchester/Miroku made 73's. My 73 says Navy Arms, while my wife's says Uberti. A buddy of mine is looking for a nice lever gun in 357 and I was shocked to see what Rossi 92 are bringing these days. For those prices, and these Miroku guns being as nice as you guys say, I think he should save a little more, spend a grand and get one of these. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  3. Deputy Gene 22954

    Winchester 73

    Can anyone tell me about new production Winchester 73's, made by Winchester? Seen a new production 73 short rifle for 1K. Are these good for action jobs?
  4. Bulldog Brown,

    I saw where you got the Century Arms hammer double from Dakota Fox. I just got a Rossi hammer double, but was thinking about getting one of these Century Arms guns as a backup. Would you mind telling me what you think of the gun? Overall quality etc.


    Thank You,

    Deputy Gene

    1. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      I think they are alright, for the price, they are not a Stoger or SKB. But will work for someone starting out. I have a gun shop so wanted one to have in it, also some of my Cowboy pards talked about one. Bulldog Brown


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