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  1. Deputy Gene 22954

    Pretty good new western

    Have to go along with the others, this was a dang good movie!
  2. Deputy Gene 22954

    CAI JW2000 hammer double

    Thanks guys, I do have a Stoeger deluxe and a Rossi Overland. The Rossi is in like new condition, but you cannot cock both hammers with the action open, unless you have the action release lever bent, and I do not want to alter such a nice shotgun.
  3. Deputy Gene 22954

    CAI JW2000 hammer double

    Anyone seen or used one of these Century Arms doubles? Decent reviews on youtube, just like to hear from someone that has shot one.
  4. i'll take the green 3x shirt and the frontier classis size 52 pants. hbow do i get the money to you?
  5. Bulldog Brown,

    I saw where you got the Century Arms hammer double from Dakota Fox. I just got a Rossi hammer double, but was thinking about getting one of these Century Arms guns as a backup. Would you mind telling me what you think of the gun? Overall quality etc.


    Thank You,

    Deputy Gene

    1. Bulldog Brown

      Bulldog Brown

      I think they are alright, for the price, they are not a Stoger or SKB. But will work for someone starting out. I have a gun shop so wanted one to have in it, also some of my Cowboy pards talked about one. Bulldog Brown


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