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  1. Ruger auto pistol assembly

    Check out Brownells.
  2. WTB Colt 3rd Gen SAA Barrel

    Thanks, Moose
  3. WTB Colt 3rd Gen SAA Barrel

    Thanks for the lead. Moose
  4. WTB Colt 3rd Gen SAA Barrel

    WTB Colt SAA 3rd gen, 45 LC barrel 4 3/4". Watcha got? moosewesson at gmail .com Thanks, Moose
  5. Sold - WTS 1892 Stainless Hartford Arms

    Please send pics to moosewesson at gmail dotcom. Thanks
  6. Two Shot PB Derringer

    It is a Muzzle loader.
  7. Tumors...Yeehaw...Prayers Please!!!

    Prayers up! Pard
  8. Rossi Carbine 357/38 Stainless-SPF

    Still available?
  9. Safe Queens for Sale/Lower Price

    Bump for a good pard. Some good deals here. Moose
  10. Oh well, maybe next time.
  11. pic of the back, and couple of detail close-ups.
  12. Is this rig lined? More pics?
  13. Safe Queens for Sale/Lower Price

    PM sent on Marlin 357. Moose
  14. SPF- Dillon 650-SPF

    Somebody's gonna git a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Deal!
  15. rifle,and,shotgun for sale

    You click on his alias, and send him a PM(private msg).