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  1. Moose Wesson

    My Dog Charlie Died This Afternoon

    So sorry, Prayers up, for Y'all. Moose
  2. Moose Wesson

    FS Deluxe Smoke Wagons

    Got any pics? Looking for any trades? Moose
  3. Moose Wesson

    Prayer posse for Stirrup Trouble he's in the hospital

    Prayers up fer ya, Pard. Moose
  4. Moose Wesson

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    There are no "weapons" used in CAS, just "firearms".
  5. Moose Wesson

    CrackShot Bev

    Prayers up. Moose
  6. Moose Wesson

    Costuming Question

    https://www.greatgreenapple.com/machuy/cotton/mens/index.shtml Try this.
  7. Moose Wesson

    looking for s&w N frame grips

  8. Moose Wesson

    Ruger wood grip maker?

  9. Moose Wesson

    2018 World Champion Ladies 49r Spinning Sally

  10. Moose Wesson

    WTB Scary Black Gun in 9mm

  11. I will take all 4 guns, as per our PMs. Please let me know where to send the gold dust. Moose
  12. Moose Wesson


    CLASSIFIEDS FORUM GUIDELINES: Members that are interested in posting an item for sale (non-commercially) can utilize the SASS Wire Classifieds section. Item sale posts are limited to the Wire Classifieds section. - You must be a registered member to post in the Classifieds. (no Guests) - All items posted for sale must include a price. This is NOT an Auction/bidding site, and linking to offsite auctions is prohibited. “Make me an offer” with no posted base price is prohibited. If you are looking for a specific item in trade, then the item/items being sought must be listed in the post. - If your item has sold, or a deal is pending, please edit or delete your post to reflect this. For sale threads older than 60 days without reply or bump will be removed. - All person-to-person sales must comply with all applicable city, county, state and federal rules and restrictions. - Firearm sales of any kind IF the seller holds a current FFL (Why? Because determining the difference between a personal sale and a business sale is impossible)
  13. Moose Wesson

    Prayers for Little Doggie

    Prayers up. Moose

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