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  1. Sold F/S Pair of Blued ROAs Price Lowered

    Sorry these have been sold.
  2. FS 7.5 Old Armies fixed sights and Conversion Cylinders

    What's not to like, they be mighty purdy. Free bump, fer dem purdy shootin' irons.
  3. Small compact Hunting Knife

    They are beautiful. Moose
  4. Small compact Hunting Knife

    Well, don't just brag on 'em. Lets see some pics, please.
  5. Rio Bravo Coat

    I told ya Chicken Parm is less fattenin' than Peppers n Eggz. Just look at me, I ain't out growed nuttin'. Moose
  6. More militaria.

    Looks good to me, I like it. Moose
  7. Bobcat Photo

    I'd be a lot more concerned about having a sidearm, than a camera.
  8. 38 special load question

    Whats the bullet weight, style, and material?
  9. Well I did it. Bring on the pain!

    Prayers up, for you Grizz. I hope it all works out, and you get back to normal soon. Moose
  10. Non SASS, bench bags

    There ya go, a winner.
  11. WTS S&W 38spl SPF

    BTW that's a model 442. nice gun, fair price. Moose
  12. Blue Koolaid

    2 550's and a SDB, here. Went Blue about 18 years ago. Never been let down, yet. Moose
  13. Delete I will keep

  14. First Clean Match

    Congrats to you. I wish you many more. Moose