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  1. Moose Wesson

    Gun Cart for Sale

    You're in the right County..............but, the wrong dang state.
  2. Moose Wesson

    SOLD Dillon Square Deal B .38

    Do you know if it is complete?
  3. Moose Wesson

    20 year membership pin

    me too!
  4. Moose Wesson

    Original Vaqueros for Sale-SOLD

    If they are still available, please email pics to moosewesson at gmail dot com. Thanks, Moose
  5. Moose Wesson

    Sold -- THANKS

    Are you sure both are 24"? The 66 looks shorter in those pics.
  6. Moose Wesson


    You must be in a time warp. It's still Nov. 14, on this planet.
  7. Moose, 



    November 11, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Delivery Attempted - No Access to Delivery Location

    MONROE, NY 10950 

    Please contact me @ "E" [email protected], Moose, your mail box is full and we need to talk. QDG/Mike

  8. Moose Wesson

    F/S Cowboy Hat size 7 5/8

    it says 6 7/8
  9. Moose Wesson

    SOLD TO MOOSE; 8 inch SS Chip point Skinner W/Sheath

    I'll take it, where do I send the gold dust? Thanks, Moose
  10. Moose Wesson

    SOLD TO MOOSE; 8 inch SS Chip point Skinner W/Sheath

    Can I see a pic of the back of the sheath, please?
  11. Moose Wesson

    Baikal Double Coach Gun 12 Ga

    Double trigger, see first photo.
  12. Moose Wesson

    Another Non-Renewal Notice?

    Relax folks, they're on it. Chill.
  13. Moose Wesson

    Wish me luck

    Prayers up.
  14. Moose Wesson

    My Hero is Gone

    Prayers up, for you, and for Him. May His soul rest in peace.

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