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  1. my derringer build

    Cool lookin' pistola. I like derringers, too. Moose
  2. Prayer posse

    Prayers up.
  3. Some neat toys for us grown-ups

  4. Does SASS Help Keep You Young?

    What is that odd looking animal? The one without the Cowboy hat. Moose
  5. Stuff for free!

    and again...
  6. F/S Pair of Blued ROAs Price Lowered

    New price $1050, shipped CONUS, Moose
  7. Sanitized non-political Post

    Molon Labe
  8. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that's a Cat 15!
  9. Non-SASS, CrossBreed Super Tuck holster

    Yes, the 42 is slimmer than the 43.
  10. Non-SASS, CrossBreed Super Tuck holster

    Negative on that interchange, 43 & 42 glocks will not fit. Either or, but not both. Moose
  11. Las Vegas Shooting

  12. SOLD: Marlin 1894 Carbine .357

    Any interest in trades. Moose
  13. Hand priming tool recommendations please

    I like the old ones, but they are getting hard to find. If you buy the set of shell holders , you'll have all that you need. Lee was always good to get extra parts from, when I needed them. Now I load on Dillon 550s. Moose
  14. Hand priming tool recommendations please

    Lee auto prime.
  15. Retiring my Starline brass

    I hope y'all ain't tossin' it in the trash. Take that stuff to the scrap yard, n git paid for it! Moose