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  1. Captain Clark

    EOT has been a blast

    Not the match I shot. It was straight forward, no glaring P traps and directional friendly left or right for the most part. There were options for the shooter regarding shooting positions and firearms order. Guess I had more fun, less trouble
  2. Captain Clark

    EOT has been a blast

    Congratulations to all of posse 33, it was fun bunch of top Cowboys and Cowgirls from all across the country and Australia. They were some top folks to shoot with! Max Montana ran a great crew. YEEEEHAAW HAAAA
  3. Captain Clark

    WTS Cimarron Open top pair, Scofields added

    BTT once more before we pull out tomorrow from EOT! The match was great, posse 33 had multiple clean shooters.
  4. Captain Clark

    WTS Cimarron Open top pair, Scofields added

    These will be at EOT tomorrow if anybody wants to look me up. I'm also bringing along another pair of R Mason conversion style 5.5" in 45 Scofield that I'm going to sell. Am asking $650 FTF at EOT.
  5. Captain Clark

    First oil change

    Good for you Country Wildman! Your teaching life lessons that many parents themselves don't have these days. Both of my boys had to change oil and perform repairs on their vehicles as teenagers. My oldest learned quick that its easier to take care of your equipment than to spend time fixing stuff. Today he lives 1,500 miles away and is in the corporate world, and wont ever get suckered due to his experience in his younger years. My younger son turned out to be a top hand around a car, I'm guessing that's cause he had a bit of experience putting them back together a few times. Heck, he rolled his first truck at 13. I had him drive it for a bit when he got his license later on. Today he keeps his truck and car spotless and respects them. It ought to be taught to every driver before they get on the road! I bet dad sleeps better knowing she's capable and prepared! Good job
  6. Captain Clark

    Who’s Goin To EOT?????

    Heading out early Tuesday.
  7. Captain Clark

    Another hero down the tubes.......

    You ought to check this thing called YouTube ! Ya might find something interesting there about Justified and Deadwood
  8. Captain Clark

    Western ammo

    That was top of the line ammunition in its day! ( Most likely still good to go ) Having said that, I wouldn't shoot the ammo or damage the boxes whatsoever as they may be quite collectible from the appearance in the photos especially if they are full boxes . Western was the predecessor of Olin which owned Winchester starting in the early 1930's and manufactures Winchester ammunition to this day. From the photos you posted, my guess those boxes are possibly from the 1960 era. Old ammo boxes have some value. I HAD an old Savage Arms cartridge box with the Indian warrior and marked 300 Savage..... I was stunned when we discovered the box is worth well over $100 to Savage collectors, Nowdays its with my WIFES other "old" ammo boxes displayed in our house. Heck, I'd trade you a box of 45 Colt factory Black Hills cowboy loads for that box of 45 Colt if you need practice ammo Nice Americana you got there !!!
  9. Captain Clark

    WTS Cimarron Open top pair, Scofields added

    BTT for the weekend. Surely somebody needs a set of nice open tops
  10. Captain Clark

    EoT posts from Misty, for those who aren't on FB

    So this EOT post has left the main track ?
  11. Captain Clark

    WTS Cimarron Open top pair, Scofields added

    Like I mentioned in the OP, their cylinder barrel gaps were corrected, and one had the barrel face trued up as it was not square to the forcing cone. They have had some stone work on the hammers to remove the rough edges left over from manufacture, nothing more than that. Hope that helps..... CC
  12. Captain Clark

    SPF- WTS Cimarron SAA 45 -

    That works for me Jax T. I be camped there as well. PM sent
  13. Captain Clark

    SPF- WTS Cimarron SAA 45 -

    This pistol is an Uberti built Cimarron with the traditional style firing pin mounted in the hammer and no safety rod device like the newest production guns. It's 45 Colt chambered with a 4 3/4" barrel, very good condition grips, splashy CCH on the frame with a slight amount of wear on the muzzle as shown in the pictures. It has always been a loner without a match since I bought it new several years ago. It was used as main match gun for about a year until a matched pair replaced the mismatched stuff. It is a nice gun but gathering dust these days. I'm asking $450 shipped to your FFL in the lower 47 and California if your FFL explains the California thing to me beforehand. I will be at EOT $400 FTF if you want to pick it up there. Thanks.... CC

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