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  1. Captain Clark

    American Women Code Breakers

    Isn't this how the ROC arrives with WTC rulings? Seriously... A wonderful representation of the Greatest Generation
  2. Captain Clark

    Where are all the fish, then?

    Ocotillo Annie would tell you ... When it comes to fishing, I AM that guy I'm not able to find a fish in the frozen foods isle at Walmart
  3. Captain Clark

    Not all Brand Loyal folks are all that bright...

    That was applied that way so in case of a rollover, all 1st responder's would recover the right firearms at the scene
  4. Captain Clark

    How can you shoot this?

    only 10 pages.........WOWSER! { Reminds me of politicians at this point! } God help us if this discussion was related to what is, is
  5. I'd cancel that gun you mentioned your inquiring about, and find a more hospitable location to shoot IMO tell them Adios.......
  6. Captain Clark

    Guns for Sale

    is the original lever available for the Marlin?
  7. Captain Clark

    The Last WWII Quonset Hut?

    I hope those fellas save the Quonset hut that was hiding in the OP.
  8. Captain Clark

    The Last WWII Quonset Hut?

    Now I REALLY want to go! Bet they serve a mean chili burger...YUM YUM
  9. Captain Clark

    The Last WWII Quonset Hut?

    Looks good Now I want to go to Missouri
  10. Captain Clark

    A Tribute To Burt

    East bound and down................
  11. Captain Clark

    The Last WWII Quonset Hut?

    Very interesting story. There are about 10+ Quonset huts still in use at the Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds outside of Las Cruces, NM. They are in much better condition due to the dry weather and county maintenance of the fairgrounds.... { I was a board member for the fair} The fairgrounds was a POW camp for Germans? during WWII I've always been told. I hope those folks can save their Quonset hut!
  12. Captain Clark

    Reloading experience

    Wowser! Glad your ok. My Lyman kinetic puller has the primer isolated outside the body of the puller, many hundreds or more with no such results here.
  13. Captain Clark

    Glad to be back.....

    Hey I remember you........ The fella with the tongue twister name! Welcome back FKCGG
  14. Captain Clark

    SOLD Dillon Square Deal 45acp tool head and dies

    Thanks for the reply, and you made a good buy Mack Hacker
  15. Captain Clark

    SOLD Dillon Square Deal 45acp tool head and dies

    PM sent your way

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