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  1. Swedish Cowboy Action Shooter!

    I thought you were going to show a video of Swedish Cowboy. He's a darn quick CAS shooter that happens to be from Sweden originally, but now lives in New Mexico! A real likeable cowboy to posse with!
  2. I'd like to bash a state

    Bravo......Well "STATED"

    Mines on it way this AM! Hope the mail is quicker than last year, when it took 42 days before my overnight delivery arrived !
  4. Showlow Az. CAS dates and time

    The White Mountain Old West Shootist [WMOWS} club shoots outside of St Johns which isn't to far east of Show Low. Their annual match is coming up in May. Good folks up that way, we had a blast shooting there last year!
  5. FS Tony Lama boots

    BTT one more time
  6. Gunsmoke or Bonanza?

    Gunsmoke for me!
  7. my poor chickens

    You might want to do something about your dog problem! I'm not saying that your dogs aren't mannered, but they think its ok to kill the chickens. They can usually be broken of chicken killing depending on the breed....... but not always. What breed of dogs do you have? We have chickens and ducks that roam freely amongst our dogs with no issues. I know that it would be the dogs that would be cowering and whimpering if that nonsense occurs here! My wife refers to our chickens as the little dinosaurs. They kind of grow on you in a way. Good luck with your flock
  8. Loading the 45 Cowboy shells

    If your looking for Cowboy 45 special loads, then light target auto rim loads are a good starting point. I enjoy the lower recoil of the 150- 160 grain loads with Trail Boss in pistols. Ripsaw is right that you don't need the ACP power levels in C45S loads. Just one opinion , having loaded the little cartridge some myself.
  9. FS Tony Lama boots

    BTT.......... with a price reduction!
  10. WTB (testing the waters) 71/72 Open tops 38 or 45

    The forcing cone cracking?? Is that a new boogie man regarding open tops? I thought the most common was the cylinders splitting at the bolt notches? I'm not saying that either hasn't happened, just that its not as prevalent as the ol intent might lead us to believe! The forcing cone area on 1871/ 1872 style guns is very well constructed, similar to the SAA guns that were developed from the 1872 types. the RM style open tops also have sufficient thickness in the forcing cone IMO. Its entirely possible that there have been failures at some point, but if these modern built historical reproductions are shot with standard pressure cowboy loads its a very isolated event. The failures that often get mentioned are usually attributed to higher powered loads which aren't CAS legal from the get go. All my open tops are 45 caliber, and crack free with real gun powder, subs, and smokeless. If your looking for style point... OPEN TOPS will get you noticed! { plus the added excitement of all the flying pieces and parts when your shooting }
  11. FS Tony Lama boots

    PM sent. Looks like China.
  12. Some good thoughts

    BRAVO! Thanks a bunch Bob
  13. WTB (testing the waters) 71/72 Open tops 38 or 45

    I just got me a couple pairs in different calibers and barrel lengths
  14. FS Tony Lama boots

    Wish I could stretch them for myself Fairshake. They are beautiful indeed. BTT
  15. WTB (testing the waters) 71/72 Open tops 38 or 45

    sending you a PM