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  1. Captain Clark


    Nancy's looking over yer shoulder and helping you aim my friend. Hope you enjoy being out with yer daughter today !
  2. Captain Clark

    What are "western spurs"?

    Actually had a fellow B Western shooter tell me this earlier this year that mine weren't really legal cause they didn't jingle!.....Honest
  3. Captain Clark

    Reloading Horror Stories

    As a teenager I "blew up" my moms vacuum cleaner while she swept the house. Seems it didn't like digesting percussion caps and primers that were lurking in the deep pile carpet in the doorway of my brother and mines room! Dad bought mom a new sweeper..... And banished all reloading to the barn after that.
  4. Captain Clark

    45LC reloading question

    Which head stamp are the 20% that won't fit in the shell holder? What brand of shell holder are you using? I haven't ever run into this, but I've only been loading 45 Colt since The 70's
  5. Captain Clark

    You might be a redneck if...

    Belt buckle???? I would whip out my SASS badge
  6. Captain Clark

    New to SASS and CAS

    Welcome Marshall Jedediah Cooper. There are some great shooters in the Albuquerque area that will help you along the way. Get to the Rio Grande Renegades or Buffalo Range Riders and introduce yourself. Several Cowboys from that area post on here often. When you get a chance come on down south to the Picacho Posse or the Gila Rangers and we'll be happy to offer a few pointers as well!
  7. Captain Clark

    New to SASS and CAS, lots to learn!

    OLG speaks powerful words! Welcome to the game, now hang on for the ride cause it only gets to be more fun as you go
  8. Captain Clark

    WTC, Are These Boots Legal?

    If you've ever met or shot with Half A Hand Henri, then all this talk of footwear is pointless. The lady shots BAREFOOT....period! How she does it is beyond my "tough" level! Plus the fact the gal has a boat load of buckles and such.....I say its an unfair advantage
  9. Captain Clark

    age categories

    Jeesh..... I didn't accuse anybody personally of anything, just the IDEA of some specialized super overall category which in the end just dilutes the competitive experience for all IMO. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and we get to meet up some time out there. Take care cowboy
  10. Captain Clark

    age categories

    Im just not onboard with the whole "open" category mindset that seems to be in vogue currently. I listened to this being discussed during the TG meeting this year at EOT, and it seemed like a solution to a problem that few if any knew existed! Its not a negative reflection on those hyper competitive shooters, but on the surface appears to be an elistest category which doesn't appear to offer any positive impact on our sport. The comarade aspect is a large part of why many of us play the game IMO. I'm of the opinion that offering an " open" category actually would have the opposite effect for some shooters. I want to regularly compete with the known top competitors in my state / region in my chosen category to keep them on their toes and in the process I too gain additional experience! Sometimes I've had my backside kicked pretty good, and a few times I was the cowboy that did the kickin, either way I experienced some great competition and made some new friends in the end. I guess that's what I am referring to about the Cowboy Way PS.. We don't need another category
  11. Captain Clark

    age categories

    They already are competing for "overall" whether in an age category or not when these ego's shooters participate, so what's the gain? .... That doesn't seem much of the "Cowboy way" IMO
  12. Captain Clark

    Utah Bob - Lost and Found

    Can I get a Halleluiah
  13. Captain Clark

    FS Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga double barrel

    Have the chambers and forcing cones been honed for todays 2 3/4" shells? A very nice classic IMO
  14. Captain Clark

    Anyone know how to contact the ATF?

    Let Google be your friend and show you the way!
  15. Captain Clark

    Station bans "Baby It's Cold Outside"!

    EEWWWHH ! Now I need some brain bleach before bedtime tonight

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