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  1. Hoss

    cocke hammer

    Loaded and open Shotgun is ok under the rules.
  2. Hoss

    cocke hammer

    I'm not disagreeing with you that 99.999999999999% of the time its the shooter forgot to lower the hammer. But I think there should be some penalty for it. If I move with a cocked shotgun or pistol loaded or empty there is a penalty. What I really don't like is to see at a match, (and I've seen this at large annual matches) a shooter comes to line with cocked rifle, lays it down. TO sees hammer back and reaches over and de-cocks rifle. No call made. This is hugely unfair to a shooter on another posse who made the same mistake and took the SDQ. I guess what I'm saying is their needs to be consistency within our rule/penalty structure. Which obviously lays with the TO and their training and understanding/knowledge of the rules.
  3. Hoss

    cocke hammer

    AA, I agree with you. I think what I dont care for is the inconsistency of moving with a cocked gun. And I do think that there should be some penalty for coming to the line with a cocked gun, even if nothing in chamber. A MSV would be the only penalty left. We could all do a better job at the Loading Table. there are very few dedicated LT officers at any match I go to.
  4. Hoss

    cocke hammer

    I have mixed feelings about doing away with the penalty. As much as I hate to call a SDQ, I worry more about somebody absentmindedly levering a Rifle while waiting at the loading table. Especially if there is a delay. I’d hate to think of somebody walking around with s cocked loaded rifle.
  5. Hoss

    Got my Colt Lightning revolver!!!

    Thanks PWB. That’s pretty much what I figured. But I’m happy enough with my pistol! I’m certainly not going to saw an inch off!
  6. Hoss

    Got my Colt Lightning revolver!!!

    Well, actually the rules say barrel length 4” or less. I measured mine. I suspect it’s 4 1/2. But might be 3 7/8. Depends on how one measures. The A measure is 4 1/2 C is 3 7/8 im not sure what is official. Nor am I going to ask. either way, I’m not disappointed in my purchase. It’s not going to win a PP side match. My Lemom squeezers, Iver Johnson’s, H&Rs & Merwin-Hulbert are faster. It is a nice addition to my collection. And while I’m sure I will shoot it at a PP match, I won’t accept an award if I were to be fortunate enough to win.
  7. I recent thread about pocket pistols got me wanting a Lightning. Went to gun show today and found one. Traded a CZ 10 that I won and some cash for it. Locks up tight, bore good, Brown patina, good grips. appears to function perfectly. Serial # dates to 1903. Seller said he got it at an estate sale, they said was grandpas gun been in a cabinet for the last 40 years. I’m looking forward to shooting it at a side match soon! My first colt collectible. Likely not my last. Now to find/make some ammo. Seems like I heard you can shoot 38sw in these, but not vice versa???
  8. Hoss


    Any interest in a CZ 10P brand new in box, never been fired.
  9. Hoss

    WTB 45-60 brass

    guy I bought the gun from included 55 trimmed 45-70 cases in the deal. they all cycle just fine. But if I run into a problem i'll look into machining the bolt. And i'm going to keep hunting 45-60 brass as well.
  10. Hoss

    WTB 45-60 brass

    Yes, but all I could find was loaded ammo. Really just want the brass. But thanks for pointing it out! i did find a guy that 3D prints a jig for trimming 45-70 brass to 45-60. Uses a $35 mini chop saw from Harbor Freight. I’ll go that route until I find some real 45-60 brass.
  11. Hoss


    If you dont have your leather let me know. We have a loaner set, I bet we can fix you up!
  12. Hoss


    nothing worse than waiting on a gun or gear.
  13. Hoss


    Burley Jack,, I know you will appreciate the gear you jet from J-M leather. Now I expect you at a match soon! if you want to shoot this Saturday (we rained out of our normal 2nd Saturday match) let me know, we will fix you up.

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