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  1. Hoss

    Shooting together

    What I wonder is how did a crusty old coot like you wind up with such a sweet & beautiful granddaughter?
  2. Hoss

    5 and 20 rds REALLY? WA and OR pards chime in

    Wonder if that means I can only buy 1/100 lb of Bullseye per month? And shoot just one stage a month?
  3. Hoss

    1860 Henry

    just takes practice! I always do my reloads over the top in my 66, 73 and my 1860 Henry.
  4. Hoss

    Question on the draw

    ah, I mis-read the OP too! Whats really funny is the first time I read it I thought he wanted to pull left gun, shot 1, reholster, pull right gun shoot one, reholster, pull left and 1 ....... I guess that would not be against the rules, but it wouldf be a lot of work! Shooting like that probably makes a lot of sense for those who can do it. I aint one of em!
  5. Hoss

    New and thanks already

    Welcome to the fire! Great Alias!!
  6. Hoss

    Question on the draw

    What you are describing is double-dualist. Lots of folks do it. Many think it gives you the most options for transitions to other guns.
  7. Hoss

    Pocket pistols

    pm sent
  8. Hoss

    Anyone know how to contact the ATF?

    Wonder if they are considered “essential”?
  9. Hoss

    38-55 Case Guage Checker?

    I’ve hunted high and low for one, even tried a 3D printed one using one of my rounds for a guide, but did not work well as I don’t think it has close enough tolorances to work. If you find one, let me know!
  10. Hoss

    “Iron Cowboy” fun

    I’ve never seen that done, not sure I’d like it. Might be tough on a younger or new Shooter.
  11. Hoss

    “Iron Cowboy” fun

    I think the dualist had more trouble shooting 2 handed than I did dualist’
  12. Hoss

    “Iron Cowboy” fun

    We had our 2nd annual “Iron Cowboy” match today. Lots of fun! stage 1: gunfighter. Stage 2: dualist stage 3: 2 handed stage 4: buckaroo (.410s & .22s) stage 5: outlaw stage 6: Wild bunch It was a blast. Got a chance to try something new. Got laughed at for missing on the outlaw stage. Had fun with the 22 & 410. (I forget how much fun they can be to shoot!) Would not want to do it every month, but once a year on a 5th Saturday match it’s a lot of fun. The shooters who preferred to shoot their regular catagory they could do that as well.
  13. Hoss

    Christmas guns

    New grips!
  14. Hoss

    Full Pistol Reload

    If we start doing a bunch of full pistol reloads I would just have to go buy a Schofield. HMMMMMM.......

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