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  1. Hoss

    What would you rather see?

    MH for sure! I have one in 38SW. Cool gun!
  2. Hoss

    WTC,,, decocking while reloading on the line?

    Thanks! and I’ll confess, I have de-cocked my rifle while reloading. No reason to, should just close the lever, stuff one in the gate, lever and shoot. I usually close the lever, try to load one over the top, then open the lever, try to put one in the loading gate. Usually do this 2-3 times before I get it right!!!! i finally decided to go with over the top exclusively. I even try to (gulp) practice it. While it is more frought with potential for mid-haps, it is a little quicker, and with practice, is not that hard to do.
  3. Hoss

    WTC,,, decocking while reloading on the line?

    so, different scenario. shooter shoots 5, cocks revolver, click cocks again, TO says revolver empty. Shooter decocks. penalty or no? I've always thought that was a penalty as rule book says no de-cocking without TO instruction/permission. I think we even had a WTC thread on that a couple of months ago (I could not find it but i'm not very "search savvy") and, i'm not arguing a call, i'm just trying to get it right.
  4. Hoss

    WTC,,, decocking while reloading on the line?

    Not sure rule apply to only loaded firearms.
  5. Hoss

    WTC,,, decocking while reloading on the line?

    interesting thread. there are 2 different areas in the rule book that mention de-cocking. shooters HB page 14 firearm conventions. - No firearm may be de-cocked on the firing line to avoid a penalty if cocked at the wrong time, position or location once a round has gone downrange. Once a revolver is cocked, the round must be expended (shot). However, if a round has not gone downrange, and under the direction and supervision of the CRO/TO, the revolver may be decocked. This requires a positive indication/acknowledgement from the TO for the shooter to do so. shooters HB page 22 STAGE DQ penalties De-cocking a revolver, rifle, or hammered shotgun without positive direction to do so from the CRO/TO. in the OP, shooter is not de-cocking to avoid a penalty, so gets to de-cock without penalty, even with no RO permission?
  6. Hoss

    Out come of Harvey. Dues Got Paid Thanks.

    PBT, anytime you want to shoot a match come on down to the Texas Riviera Pistoleros in George West. 2nd and 5th Saturday’s. I’d be honored to have you as my guest, will supply guns, ammo etc. you might have to scrounge up some leather, I think my gun belt would go around you twice! Hope to see you soon.
  7. Hoss

    Old Iver Johnson 32 cal

    Shoot it! BP only. I have 1 first model Iver Johnson. Single latch. These were really cheaply made. I think it was an IJ that was used to assassinate president McKinley.
  8. Hoss

    Out come of Harvey. Dues Got Paid Thanks.

    Verdadero and I were talking about you just the other day! Harvey sure did a number on a lot of folks. Hope to see you down down the trail one of these days.
  9. Hoss

    Reloading 38 special ammo

    I have a lee Classic Turret that I load 32SW, 38SW, 44-40, 45-70, &38-55 on. I also have a Dillon 650 for 38sp. If I could only have one press it would be the Lee Classic Turret. they are relatively inexpensive, and they work! I like Bullseye powder for my 38SP. I use a lot of Unique in my 45-70 & 38-55. Unique is a good powder. (I think its Ole Lumpy puts it in his grits!)
  10. Hoss

    But is it a pocket pistol?

    if you ever want to sell it, I'm your Huckleberry!
  11. Hoss


    None of the ranges I regularly shoot at have a "plant & poke" rule (that will change next month when I make my first trip to Badlands Bar 3, can't wait!!!!) that being said, in general, While I will pull my shells, I normally don,\'t insert them until I am at firing position, or within a step of it. Having once tripped over my own feet and fell with a shotgun, (a 97) I know its easy to do. and I've seen other shooters slip and fall or trip and fall. I don't move with finger in trigger guard either, but falling can cause all sorts of things to happen that we don't intend.
  12. Hoss

    But is it a pocket pistol?

    Looks cool. I’d buy it too! Likely not pocket pistol legal, but who knows! The term small frame is kinda subjective! Is it a 5 shot? Does it have a place to rest the hammer? Would it be main match legal?
  13. not a whole lot of reporting when a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/florida-armed-bystander-stops-gunman-at-crowded-back-to-school-event-at-park-police-say/ar-BBLyY8a?li=BBnbfcL
  14. Hoss

    What is fanning?

    I've seen the derringer where they use 2 separate fingers to sweep the hammer. In my mind thats fanning. Looking forward to seeing the "official" definitions.
  15. For 99% of my brass, I use a vibratory tumbler. I did have an issue with some BP brass, having residue inside, then when I shot smokeless it sometimes caused a problem. Not really a squib as much as a delayed or really light fire, leaving unburned powder in the case. I think some of the crud, after sizing, fell into bottom of case, not allowing the fresh powder to sit directly on the primer. I started wet tumbling all BP brass. it is a lot more work, but it does get the cases shining like a diamond in a goats behind! For dry vibartory I have a Dillon tumbler, and use crushed walnut media i get at Harbor Freight. (cheap!) for wet tumbling I use a Thumblers Tumbler, bought it used on the SASS wire. with SS pins, a shot of dawn and a pinch of LemiShine. The Thumblers Tumbler certainly works, but the lid is kind of a pain. if I had it to do over with I would likely go with the Lyman set-up as the lid screws on, verses a rubber seal with a hose clamp.

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