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  1. Hoss

    prayers for my daughter

    prayers up
  2. Hoss

    Texas BP State match

    Just good clean living.........
  3. Hoss

    Texas BP State match

    Enjoyed the match. always love shooting at the fort, especially long range out of the blockhouse. That's just a treat! Only question I still have is how in the world did a crusty old coot like you wind up with such a beautiful granddaughter?
  4. Hoss


    Shooter comes to line with 97 action closed, hammer down. As he is staging it I notice, have hm open action. Shotgun is empty. Hammer was definitely fully down. Rule book says shotguns are staged open & empty. Rule book also says shotgun are safe to move with hammer fully down on expended round or empty chamber Safety & Handling Conventions – Shotguns - Shotguns are always staged open and empty and are loaded on the clock unless the stage begins with the shotgun in the shooter’s hands. - Mule eared shotguns can be cocked at the beginning of a scenario, whether staged or in the shooters hands. - Shotgun targets may be re-engaged until down, unless otherwise specified by the stage description. - Shotgun shells may be removed without penalty to return the firearm to a safe condition. - Shotguns will be cleared and discarded with their barrels pointing in a safe direction. If the action closes after being cleared, the shooter will, at the conclusion of the stage, show it to be clear to the CRO/TO. No person other than the competitor may handle the gun prior to opening the action and showing it to be clear. Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire – Shotguns A shotgun is considered SAFE to leave the shooter’s hands in the following condition only: - Empty. A shotgun is considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while moving through a stage in the following condition only: - Action open, round in chamber or on carrier. - Hammer(s) fully down on an empty chamber(s) or expended round(s), action closed. After discussion, it was decided a no-call. did I get it right?
  5. Hoss

    Dillon - lee case feeder

    Jackaroo, send me one! I sent you a PM
  6. Hoss

    Dillon - lee case feeder

    My problem is towards the rear of my bench, the front has plenty of room. I think.... the Lee case collator will work if I can get it hooked up. And save $239!
  7. Hoss

    Dillon - lee case feeder

    a while back somebody posted about a way to use a Lee case collator on a Dillon 650. I searched, but no luck. Seemed like it was a pretty regular poster. Anyways, I bought a Dillon, but I don't have the overhead space for the case feeder where I currently have my press. I'm going to try to make the Lee case collator/feeder work, I found a guy that 3D prints some sort of adapter, but was hoping for more info Anybody have any info????
  8. Hoss

    Spotters and the .36

    Lorelei, hope to see you next week!
  9. Hoss

    Spotters and the .36

    My favorite all time miss call was shooting Cody-Dixon 45-70 rifle. one shot was on a chicken suspended from a bar with chains. A hit with a 45-70 would put the chicken to swinging pretty hard on the chains. Shot stage clean. When done one counter had 1 miss. I asked what did I miss, she answerd "the Chicken" I told her to look at it as it was still swinging from the hit. she still thought I missed it. fortunatly the other counters had it right. My personal practice when counting is I need only 1 positive thing for a hit, see it hit or hear it hit. it takes at least 2 negatives to call it a miss. See it dig up dirt, & not hear it. if I see it dig dirt and no ding, I look for the trajectory to see if an edger was possible. If i'm not 100% sure it was a miss, then ITS A HIT.
  10. Hoss


    Thought you guys might be interested. This is a picture taken about 1/2 mile from my dock in Ingleside Texas. Our MV Brown Water VI is tailing out an offshore tug from a dock in Ingleside to the Gulf of Mexico. We will break loose from them at the jettiies, and the offshore tug will tak the barge with the structures down to Jamacia.
  11. Hoss

    Do presses get jealous?

    Well, I pulled the trigger. Ordered the 650. Last night, loading on Loadmaster , 250 rounds, had 5 missing primers, one with primer upside down, 1 with primer sideways. I figured it was an omen! I’ll likely keep the LM, use it for loading BP subs, and maybe 38-55.
  12. Hoss


    progressive, or Lawrence Welk 1,22,333,4444
  13. Hoss


    in short, yes. this particular stage area is very congested, and I was first shooter. Lots going on.. I think a lot of us are in a hurry to get the gear off after the last stage of the day. I intend to mention it at our match this Saturday. hope to take a learning experience, with a chance to turn it into a teaching experience, along with my SDQ!
  14. Hoss


    yes, I agree (write this down folks, I agreed with Phantom!!!!) and to make matters worse, one had to draw a card before starting the stage, which dictated which color you shot first. The whole match was this way. On some (most) stages it really did not matter, but on a couple of them there was a definite advantage to starting with one color over the other. In short, not everybody shot the same match. Not a good idea. plus, there were lots of "P"s, as people would forget which color to start on. And to make matter worse (and this one was 100% on me) after shooting the last stage, I went to my gun cart, dropped off my long guns & pistols in cart holsters, and was 1/2 way back to the line to relieve somebody before I realized I had not cleared my guns. SDQ.
  15. Hoss


    We had a “must fall in order” Shotgun sequence last week. Not a big deal, but I prefer to engage in order, make up anytime as is mist normal at a SASS match.

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