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  1. You already are RO Rank Old
  2. WTB Size 8 Felt Hat

    if you shoot at THSS you must be in the greater Houston area. Check out "The Hat Store" they are an old fashioned hat place, they shape the hat there for you. I bet they can help. http://www.thehatstore.com/ hope to meet you at Trailhead to say "howdy"!
  3. Best way to clean leather belts and holsters

    i generally just put a tad of Ballistol on my leather when its looking dried out. just a drop or 2 on a rag goes a long way.
  4. Posse Determination

    we generally have right around 20 shooters, which is a terrible #. too mnay for 1 posse, and too few for 2! but we split at 20. this is our posse splitting matrix. Splitting posses can be very tricky, especially on-the-fly while last minute folks show up. Club officer 2 TOs (one is club officer) family members then we try to even out buckaroos, slow shooters, non-workers, experienced vs newcomers etc. we also started intentionally splitting up some shooters due to personality issues. we start 1 & 4, and always put the lady who is in charge of lunch on posse 1 so she is closer to the lunch pavilion as the match ends (pavilion is close to stage 6) It aint perfect, but its what we have!

    Finagler, the whole 80 vs 20 thing leaves out that the 80 yr old has skills the 20 yr old doesn't! I took my son to the driving range once. He KNEW he could hit a golf ball further than me. and he probably could, but not straight. if it had stayed in the air long enough it woul have hit him in the back of the head! I ain't 80 yet, but i'm way closer to 80 than I am to 20. and all I can say is what i used to could do all night, now takes me all night to do!

    well, i hope it wasnt naked, backwards!!!! I've never skied, and as long as you have to do i in the snow, and ride one of them ski-lift contraptions, I ain't likely too, but I do appreciate those biathlon competitors who ski. then shoot precision rifle. I can understand that activity, and call it a sport. Ice dancin, not so much!

    Hockey has a "ball" (the puck) boxers, weightlifters, wrestlers, fencers have a finish line...they defeat their opponents. Bull riders sort of have a finish line, they have to stay on for 8 seconds, but its still judged on style points. gymnast and figure skaters, while I would agree are for the most part superb athletes, what they do is more of an art than a sport.

    Curling is pretty silly, but addictive to watch! the costumes/uniforms/outfits or whatever you call the gettup the speed folks wear is interesting. I read a story that the suits are made for each athlete, after doing a laser body scan, to make them skin tight, more aerodynamic. No amount of tailoring is ever going to make me aerodynamic! I dont understand most winter sports. I guess that comes from always having lived in the south. the athletes are certainly dedicated. in my opinion an athlete should only be allowed to compete in one olympic. some of those folks are on their 4th. Sorry figure skaters, but if it doesn't have a ball or a finish line, it ain't a sport.
  9. Proper Etiquette at the Firing Line

    i'm always on call. I ;leave my phone in my cart with ringer off, and check it every stage. it is somewhat annoying to hear a phone ring on the range. (and yes, I have forgotten to silence mine!)
  10. Tang Sights

    yea, I knew I would have to drill & tap another hole. My Lyman works, its just not ideal. Ifn you change your mind let me know.
  11. Tang Sights

    DLD, I have a Lyman tang on my Marlin 1895 (the 2nd one, broke the 1st one, and this one also has issues, the Lyman sights aren't very robust) been considering swapping it out for a Marbles. $90 is a tad high for me, but will offer $60 shipped. let me know. Can mail you a check or PayPal.
  12. Tang Sights

    DLD, is the Marlin sight Marble's #: 009805? and you have the Marlin base and screws?
  13. FS Lg pistol Primers, 45acp brass, and 45 cal bullets

    Dutch, any chance you are coming down to Trailhead next month, or Texas State in April? If so I’ll take 5K of those primers.
  14. Concealed Carry at a Match

    this morning, at work, in the outhouse, my CH fell out of the holster onto the floor. my first thought was UH-OH, MDQ! our range owners decided that Carry at range was OK, but not to the firing line. Seemed like a good compromise. And I'm sure if a LEO really felt uncomfortable without his BUG, as long as it was concealed, who would know?
  15. Good Morning Wire....

    Prayers up Pard.