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  1. Flash


    The extractor is the only part that comes in contact with the dust cover so it must be jammed in some way. If you took the screw out on the dust cover it should move because that is what holds the part that the extractor hits.
  2. Flash

    73 cycling problem

    Is this a new gun?
  3. Flash

    73 cycling problem

    If it has been shot a lot you can clean the mag tube.
  4. Flash

    73 cycling problem

    It may be a problem with the magazine spring and follower
  5. Flash

    Uberti Short Rifle In 44wcf

    No, removing material from the carrier lifter arm that contacts the lever will retard the carrier.
  6. Flash

    WTC 10+1 Rifle stage

    What is the exact wording of the instructions?
  7. Flash

    Wire Slowdown update

    Everything SASS has been going slow for a week.
  8. Flash

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    There is no rule that says you have to have matching pistols or even pistols the same size. They can have different barrel lengths and whatever grip you want, it is totally up to you. If you shoot gunfighter or duelist it may be an advantage to shoot something different with your weak hand. It is your game play it the way you want to.
  9. Flash

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Ha Ha that is a good one!
  10. Flash

    Loading the shotgun from a bandolier?

    Don't know of any instructional videos but I just started using one a few months ago after watching Smokestack use one. In my opinion there is only one that really works. It is called the Tupelo bandolier. The main thing to know is that the shot shells don't go in far because the loops are tapered and you don't pull on them you twist them out at like a 90 degree angle to the loop. Works good unless you forget to twist and start pulling on them. The only thing I had a little trouble with was the bandolier got in the way a little when I shoulder my rifle. You have a piece of leather there when you have a bando on. Hope this helps!
  11. Flash

    ‘73 ejection problem

    This thread was about the same problem you are having. Ejection Problem
  12. Flash

    How do I change my icon?

    You got it. Boy this site is SLOW!
  13. Flash

    ‘73 ejection problem

    New to that gun?
  14. Flash

    How do I change my icon?

    Click your name the top right of the page then Profile, then click the icon in the Green R on the left and upload your picture.
  15. Flash

    ‘73 ejection problem

    Does the gun have new parts?

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