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  1. Blue Eyed Drifter


    I would Consider That trash talking alright!!!!
  2. Blue Eyed Drifter


    What no trash Talking ? it been at Least 2 years since the State Shoot has Been There. What a Great Place to Shoot.
  3. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Piqua Ohio shooting sunday

    Wish I could be there with you, But i Stuck on a Job Site in Lancaster PA. Will Be Thinking about you guys . Shoot Well
  4. Blue Eyed Drifter


    Vix-n and I will be their !!!
  5. Blue Eyed Drifter

    WOW talk about Service

    he said he been working in the shop for last 4 weeks. he was hoping for SNOW
  6. Blue Eyed Drifter

    American Cancer Society

    Slim and Ruthie that is a great Thing you doing for a wonderful Cause. Since it Snowing Here in Ohio this Week and Even if the Club was shooting I want be able to Make Because of Work (going to P.A.) Vix-n and I will match you $25 with $40 of our own. Randy since you may want to post your address Do think we Could create a P.O. Box for these Donations Blue eyed Drifter and Vix-n
  7. Blue Eyed Drifter

    WOW talk about Service

    Doing Good Dan. Trying to find a warm place to shoot
  8. Blue Eyed Drifter

    WOW talk about Service

    She Had a Loading Gate that was Sticking when she went to Open it. and the cylinder was not Releasing. But since he had them he went ahead and put a full Race conversion / Short Stroke into them. First time she beats me with Them I am sending them back
  9. Blue Eyed Drifter

    WOW talk about Service

    I Put the Wife's Pistols in the mail to jimmy spurs Last Wednesday the 28th, he got them on Friday Evening and called this morning to say they were done and on they way home. Talk about Quick turn around WOW.
  10. Way to Go Ethan, That would have been a Blast. Enjoyed hooting with you again at Memphis (Team Shoot) (sorry we let you down)
  11. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Outlaw bullets - question answered Thanx!!!

    load up a 1000 of them This Morning. Part of His donation to the American Cancer Society Fund Raiser at Tennessee State Shoot. What a Great Cowboy
  12. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Looking for spur straps

    Murphy Custom Gun Leather - Persimmon Dan Has them in Stock or Can Custom Build you a Set
  13. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink at The Tennessee State Championship?

    GREAT JOB !!!!! and Thanks to everyone who made this Happen !!!!!
  14. Blue Eyed Drifter

    New Officially UNOFFICIAL Steampunk rules for 2019

    Tyrel We will keep that in mind. Bobandwee offered her the use of his 97, she is considering it. But to say a side by Side is not Mechanical is a Little Off. Last time I looked you had to move the Lever to Open it. I think in the Willd willd West Series and the Movie with will Smith the shot gun was a Single Barrel which opens mush the Same way as a double Blue eyed Drifter P.S. Vix-n Loved your Hat
  15. Blue Eyed Drifter

    New Officially UNOFFICIAL Steampunk rules for 2019

    Tyrel you are 100% about doing what ever we Can to Bring More People in to shooting. My Wife Vix-n loves it and has been the Tennessee Lady Steam Punk champ two years in a Row ! (great Job Vix-n) However next year she will not being trying for her 3rd title because the new Rules require her to shot a Gun, she has never Shot ! and One that we don't OWN. ( Being a B Western i Knew the Guns Required going into it ) But to change the guns after one has started does not make sense to me. Blue eyed Drifter

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