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  1. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Tennessee State Championship

    I gar n Tea that a flashy Pink Shirt will distarct him.
  2. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Tennessee State Championship

    Randy What we need is to get Widder in PINK !! I would think that would give him at least .7 Second advance over Red Knee
  3. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Tennessee State Championship

    Randy Vix-n and I Finally got our Apps in the Mail on Monday. And Yes we are Having custom Cowboy Statues made Along with Shot gun Shells, this Year for Pinkest Cowboy and Cowgirl. (Everyone will Wish they dressed for this, Because they look like Randy) So Come on Folks Wear your PINK the More the Bettter !!!!! Can't Wait !!!!!!
  4. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Jimmy Spurs

    Well Lets not forget WIDDER he can make a marlin or a Henry run as smooth as Eggs thru a Hen or Gas thru a funnel. +1 on Persimmon Dan SKB's and es i have a pair of Jimmy's Bisleys a;; three make a great Set up. Now if I can just learn to Run them like made to run !!
  5. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Range War--Michigan State Championship

    Slim You missed a Really Great Shoot!!! Posse 8 Rocked and Believe stole the Whole Show.
  6. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Cody-matic questions

    Vix-n's 73 runs Great with 160gr RNFP Crimped in the Crimp Groove.
  7. Blue Eyed Drifter

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    Mary you might be right
  8. Blue Eyed Drifter

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    OKIE When I did that at OVV all I got was MDQ. think i will pass on that this time
  9. Blue Eyed Drifter

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    wonder if Seamus already has his stage Music picked out
  10. Blue Eyed Drifter

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    so is a Chippin Dales Show or a Cowboy Match ?????
  11. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Guns of August

    The four letter word that pays for this fun has me Out of the Town, But Vix-n will be Shooting it !!!! Okie Shoot Straight
  12. Blue Eyed Drifter

    List of shooters Indiana / Illinois State Match July 13,14,15,

    Scralett We Look forward to Seeing you again. Are you Bring Bullets with you?
  13. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Congratulations to Doc. Roy L. Pain Senior Duelist World Champion

    Doc If you had said Something about the Birthday when meet you at the Gas Station on the Trip home, Dan and I would have bought you cupcake with a Candle on it. Any how CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! it was great Meeting you Again
  14. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Illinois / Indiana STATE championships July 13,14,15

    Slim is that your way of saying the Bull is Already Flying ? LOL We Can't Wait to hang out with you and Kaya Again.
  15. Blue Eyed Drifter

    Randy St. Eagle World champ SD

    Congratulations Well Done !!!!!!!

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