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  1. Tyrel Cody

    .357 Long Range

    Yes. Page 30 of the shooter's handbook: "Regardless of category or caliber, bullets used in long range and precision rifle matches must be made of pure lead or lead ally having a plain base, gas checked, or paper patched configuration." Long range only though.
  2. Tyrel Cody

    New member/cart project

    Because those wheels suck in gravel. If the gravel is packed down it'll vibrate like crazy as there is NO shock absorbtion. If it's thick and/or loose the weight of the cart paired with that wheel style are really bad to sink down into it. I love your cart so far and really do like that kind of wheel. That said, we're better off using a wheel with at least a rubber tire and even better some type of pneumatic tire.
  3. Tyrel Cody

    Praise for BP shooter

    1. Wad up a paper towel and stuff into each barrel (I stuff into the chambers and then push out through the muzzle). 2. Spray a bit of Windex with Vinegar down both barrels. 3. Let sit for 10 or so minutes. 4. Push the paper towels all the way through the barrel. 5. Spray a little Ballistol* on a shotgun mop. 6. Swab barrel. 7. Wipe off outside of shotgun with a little Ballistol. If you can't stand the smell of Ballistol* pick another BP friendly lube like FrogLube.
  4. Tyrel Cody

    William B. Ruger, Jr..... RIP

    They sent an email on Monday, RIP sir.
  5. Tyrel Cody

    Marlin 94 38WCF - latest rifle rescue project VIDEO added

    I had a conversation with a master flintlock rifle builder a while back about draw filing and he swears by these files: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0038OYL6O?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
  6. Tyrel Cody


    I would LOVE to, but I have a conflict of interest. My anniversary is 9/21 and if I want to keep peace I need to take missus Tyrel to Gatlinburg. I know the answer is to get her to shoot with us, but we're not there yet. Besides, who would keep me straight
  7. Tyrel Cody


    My apologies to everyone, my internet was not to belittle. I've gotten used to having to dig for information and no address isn't a big deal to me.
  8. Tyrel Cody


    Are you going to stay away from that match because you had to search a little extra and find the location?
  9. Tyrel Cody

    Spreadable Whiskey

  10. Tyrel Cody


    or after a trip around the range between a triple and quad tap?
  11. Tyrel Cody

    Wtb 73 reciever

    Original or Uberti?
  12. Tyrel Cody

    Ahoy there Matey! Tomorrow be Talk like a Pirate Day

    It's a shame that Krispy Kreme isn't doing their free donut if you talk like a pirate any more
  13. Tyrel Cody

    Winchester 73

    I bought Papa Dave's last year and it is one sweet shooting little rifle; he either did an action job or had someone do it. As others have stated they have a shorter stroke right out of the box. I let my son shoot it a while back and that was a mistake; he's claiming it now.
  14. Tyrel Cody

    Where are all the fish, then?

  15. Tyrel Cody

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Praying for you, pardner!

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