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  1. Tyrel Cody

    Big congrats to Dodge City Dixie, World champ LS

  2. Tyrel Cody

    Randy St. Eagle World champ SD

  3. Tyrel Cody

    Knob Creek Gunfighters?

    I think that's the club @Shaddai Vaquero, SASS #69779runs. You might try sending him a PM here.
  4. Tyrel Cody

    Shipping pistol costs

    Can't or won't?
  5. Tyrel Cody

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    If you live close to Graf's you can: https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/72805
  6. Tyrel Cody

    What's with this @ and #?

    @Alpo, I did that here because I wanted to acknowledge publicly that I appreciate you answering that question and wanted you to get a notification. I tend to use it when I want to ask someone specific a question, but don't mind if others chime in; it just happens to be that notifications get sent on this forum which is really cool. For example: Hey @The Original Lumpy Gritz or anyone else) I need a .45-70 load(High Wall) using a 385 gr bullet and Unique powder; can you pm me anything?
  7. Tyrel Cody

    For Sale Browning 1885 High Wall 45-70

    One more time around.
  8. Tyrel Cody

    Wonder if there's a way to DISABLE the GPS

    If it's an Android you might be able to go into App Settings and disable Location Sevices and GPS Notifier.
  9. Tyrel Cody

    Shipping antique guns via usps

    @Alpo Thank you for clarifying, I'll be bookmarking that for future reference.
  10. Tyrel Cody

    changing alias

    Call the SASS headquarters next week(maybe week after next due to EOT), I think there is a $10-15 charge.
  11. Tyrel Cody

    Repair, replace or? Handguns.

    +10000000000000000000 Ruger make excellent guns but they aren't for everyone.
  12. Tyrel Cody

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    And never put more than one Cap&Ball revolver in the same safe; they breed.

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