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  1. Michigan Slim


    A prayer for you and your Nancy brother. I shoot my dad's 94 Winchester on long range every month. I say "We did it Pa!" or "Sorry Pa" every month. I get it.
  2. Michigan Slim

    Gifts for old folks?

    My answer also!
  3. Michigan Slim

    Creamy or Chunky

    Creamy but wont complain if it's chunky.
  4. Michigan Slim

    New to SASS and CAS, lots to learn!

    Welcome from northern Indiana! Have fun! And thank you for your service!
  5. Michigan Slim

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    Build an insulated yard barn Don't lock it and don't leave anything in it. You'll be fine. Wire it for a generator, sink a shallow well. Good to go. Yeah, we've been broke into and lost some stuff. Replaced it, fixed it and moved on. Worth it.
  6. Michigan Slim

    age categories

    If your lucky! I take a ribbing for it but it's pretty cool to see her come off a stage knowing she got me.
  7. Michigan Slim

    review of Traditions Deerstalker

    A flinter with a synthetic stock...…… Why does seem to me to be such a contradiction?
  8. Michigan Slim

    The things you remember from geade school

    Public. Common practice at the time.
  9. Michigan Slim

    age categories

    It's what my daughter wins when we shoot against each other......
  10. Michigan Slim

    age categories

    And some of us thank God for the 49er category! LOL
  11. Michigan Slim

    What do you say?

    I say Michigan Slim. Honestly, I do. When I first met the neighbors one of the kids asked my name. I said "It's Mr. Wilson -get off my fence kid." The parents almost busted a gut.
  12. Michigan Slim

    The things you remember from geade school

    Second grade. Mrs. Merrit. Trying to make me right handed in front of the class. Ah, no. Lefties rule!
  13. Michigan Slim


    I have two. Great shooters if you don't use milsurp ammo.
  14. Michigan Slim

    Warning To Kids

    We were just wrestling!
  15. Michigan Slim

    Cowboy tattoos

    Next time your at the Pass, talk to Flush Draw. Bet he could fix that right up for ya.

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