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  1. Michigan Slim

    Primer explosion

    My wife got a live primer in our Kirby. It popped but no Ill effects to the vacuum. Almost was to me however.
  2. Michigan Slim

    CAS guns you would like to own/ try

    I just want a good quality 97 that I can trust. And to be able to afford one right now.
  3. Michigan Slim

    Load data for Trail Boss

    Same for me. Upped to 3.5 and they got mucho gooder.
  4. Michigan Slim

    Hang Fire vs. Light Hammer Strike

    I've had one hang fire in my life. My .50 TC rifle. It was damp out and foggy. The cap popped them about 3 seconds later it went off. I was getting ready to recap it but still had it shouldered, resting on the window sill of my blind. Missed the deer.....
  5. Michigan Slim

    Well I Got My Wish - Snow

    The job of using a splitter is best left to teenagers. I could watch them do that all day.
  6. Michigan Slim

    Hey...a gal has to stretch her legs sometime!

    If birds had legs like that I'd stop shooting turkeys!
  7. Michigan Slim

    Well I Got My Wish - Snow

    My sister sent me this. It's at my cabin in northern Michigan. Made me homesick so we are leaving Friday night. Some trees down from the wind but the county cleared the road going in. We lose a lot of pine limbs when the snow at the top lets go and builds up going down. Nice fire in the spring when we clear the woods out around the place. Wish we were closer Allie. I like cutting wood. For a while. Then I don't.
  8. Michigan Slim

    Maybe I'll see the light now!

    Sure is a switch from the norm
  9. Michigan Slim

    How do I clean my hat brim?

    I wear a leather kepi that's all seasoned up from sweat stains. Gave up trying to clean it long ago.
  10. Michigan Slim

    INDIANA State Shoot Set ===========July=====

    I celebrated my 50th birthday here last year. They tell me I had a real good time! It's just before my b-day this year. Early celebration!
  11. Michigan Slim


    A gift that keeps on giving?
  12. Michigan Slim


    I've got a bushel basket of once used shot wads. Mostly 12s but some 20s mixed in as a free bonus. I even raked them up for you. I can get most in a large flat rate box if I pack them down with a brick. 100.00 and you pay shipping.
  13. Michigan Slim

    Arming teachers

    Thank God some of my teachers didn't have guns.
  14. Michigan Slim

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    I started on the 550B on the advise of a trusted friend. He didn't let me down! Now we have two. I read the manual. WOW! I know, right?! Built my bench to a good height, mounted the press and set it up. I loaded up some ammo, tried it, like it, made a crap ton of it. The machine paid for itself in a day or two. Now that I cast our bullets too we are almost loading for free. Go Dillon. Don't look back. Thank us later when your smile fades enough to talk coherently. Forgot to say: I had never reloaded before or even seen it done. Why did I wait so long?!
  15. Michigan Slim

    New Miroku 1873 - Defective (Advice Needed)

    Tens of thousands of rounds across Kaya's and I's guns. Never a hiccup. This is the first issue I've ever heard of.

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