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  1. Michigan Slim

    Farout OT - AR-15 Chainsaw Bayonet

    It's in the little parts box that mounts on the rail...….
  2. Michigan Slim


    bottomless pit
  3. Michigan Slim


  4. Michigan Slim

    Tragedy in Kentucky

    Nightcrawlers ought to be easy to catch for a while around them parts!
  5. Michigan Slim

    I think I'll skip taking the trail today.

    Ah, the power of proper punctuation...
  6. Michigan Slim

    Wonder if there's a way to DISABLE the GPS

    My son put an app on my phone called life 360. It gives a location and speed of anybody invited into your circle. Wife saw my speed while going to the cabin with my brother. Disabled that app pronto. There is an app called WAZE I like very much. Shows road hazards, food, law enforcement, construction, etc. and is updated by the users as these things are seen. Nice to know if theres something over the next hill or bend.
  7. Michigan Slim


    Tequila does that to me too.
  8. Michigan Slim

    A Red Flag? For That?

    Which one was the texter? lol
  9. Michigan Slim

    Repair, replace or? Handguns.

    I can picture you with a set of open tops Matthew.
  10. Michigan Slim

    Repair, replace or? Handguns.

    Matthew probably cleaned them and took all the tolerances out of wack. Once a decade scrubbing?
  11. Michigan Slim

    Prioritizing Primers

    Federal, Winchester. I've used Remington to good effect. Kaya has Jimmy Spurs pistols, very light, and they set off Winchesters just fine.
  12. Michigan Slim

    New EOT Side Match

    Opposite. Around here the State road crews makes bumps out of holes.
  13. Michigan Slim

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    Yeah Dutch, we've covered this before. But I see it like a good refresher. And besides, if we didn't tell the same story twice sometimes we would all be sitting around just staring at each other. LOL
  14. Michigan Slim

    Choosing a Gun Safe.

    All your doing with a safe is buying time. Time for a bungler to get caught or tire and time for your fire department to get the hoses on it.

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