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    44 and windy today. Bluebirds on the feeder all day.
  2. Interesting Request From My Daughter

    Where do we send it Doc. Be glad to.
  3. Porky Pine

    Nope! Saw a couple on the farm this weekend. And the mama bear had her cubs out of the den. Saw lots of tracks.
  4. The 94 Winchester

    I got my Pa's .30-30 94 when he passed away in 02. He shot a lot of deer with it. I hope to shoot a few more. Great guns for sure.
  5. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Very quick turns. The ones we have will fly at high speed across the yard then at the last second turn at the corner of the shed and pluck a bird off the feeder or from the air. Turn on a dime. Sometimes they will get into the bushes to flush a bird too.
  6. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Had to tell my wife "well, it IS a bird feeder! Your just feeding hawks too!"
  7. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    We have a pair that nest in the neighbors yard. It looks like an animal graveyard gone bad under the nest. Bones of every small critter you can imagine. They are fond of our birdfeeders!
  8. Every State Described by a Single Sarcastic Line

    Michigan: If we aint got it, a man don't need it.
  9. Every State Described by a Single Sarcastic Line

    .45. Because shooting twice is just silly. No..... wait.... wrong topic..... sorry
  10. Happy Birthday Prairie Dawg!!!

    And a very happy b-day to you Pard!
  11. Interesting Request From My Daughter

    Go for it! One subject at a time and cover it as many times as needed. Make it serious but fun.