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  1. Michigan Slim

    30 30 brass

    If I didn't have 400 cases already I would jump on it
  2. Michigan Slim

    high school time frame juvenile record

    I just made sure any witnesses ended up being as wasted as I was. Not on purpose though. It's just what happened.
  3. Michigan Slim

    RV downsizing...

    I have a 19' Forrest River that fits our needs nicely. Bunks in back. Kaya got the top bunk and the bottom makes great storage. Of course, Mrs. Slim would like a 24'er now......
  4. Michigan Slim

    Dueling Marlins at Gunsmoke 2018.

    Deuce let me handle a 73 worked over by Carty a couple months ago. OhmyGawd
  5. Michigan Slim


    Growing up on Lake Michigan as a kid, we knew the big boys were coming into port well before you could see them. My small boat would almost hum from the vibration. We fished for perch in the shipping channel. You had almost an hour to move once you first felt the thrum of the engine
  6. Michigan Slim

    For those with more money than sense...

    Nope! And that spur would guarantee that it was only shot once by the owner EVER
  7. Oh, wait. It's Alpo...... Carry on
  8. Oh please. PLEASE! Don't try to make sense of the Blues Brothers movie!
  9. Michigan Slim

    Winchester 73

    Best rifle in my safe.
  10. Michigan Slim

    Deuce Stevens wins Gunsmoke

  11. Michigan Slim

    Glad to be back.....

    Nope. It's long gone. And it has just become right again. All cool now.
  12. Michigan Slim

    Glad to be back.....

  13. Michigan Slim

    Reloading experience

    Never before. First time I've heard of it. Always thought it could happen tho
  14. Michigan Slim

    He Hung Up On Me

    I get one weekly that the warrentee on my truck is about to expire and I get one more chance to renew. It has 190,000 miles on it...……..
  15. Michigan Slim

    I know the politically correct answer is ZERO

    My son was hit on his cycle by a drunk stripper that had been thrown out of the club she worked at. Happened right in front of an officer who got it all, including her immediately driving away, on video. She was 0.16 where Joe's buddy caught her and again at the jail. Just had 7 felonies dismissed and got off Scott free. We understand the issue thoroughly. He had a broken femur, destroyed knee and traumatic brain injury. Doing better now after two years but gets tremendous headaches every day. God kept the bike but gave us our son back!

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