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  1. Gonna be a Grandpa!

    Congrats Grandpa. I have 5 all under the age of 4 and one more due in July. Here is a picture of what you can look forward to.
  2. Tusco/Brown Twp. SASS RO Classes

    FYI If you plug that address into your GPS, it will put you about 2 miles down the road. Go to www.browntownshipregulators.com for directions and a Google map.
  3. Brown Township Regulators Saturday Shoot

    We'll pards, it's that time to get the 2018 shooting season started with the Brown Township Regulators. We will be shooting Saturday April 28th. Kitchen opens at 8am and stays open through the shoot. Registration at 8:45, safety meeting at 10 with some fast and fun shootin' ta start directly after. We shoot six stages and weather looks to be on our side this time so come join us. More info and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com. Hope to see ya there.
  4. Update on Tex, SASS #4

    Prayers going up for Tex and Cat.
  5. Contacting the Media

    I have a friend who is one of the principal photographer for our local paper. We were talking about my participation in Cowboy action. He thought that would be a great idea for a local interest story. I invited him to our next match and thought he would show up with a reporter. There was a major national mass shooting story soon after and I think the whole idea got dropped because it was politically incorrect to promote a shooting sport at that time. He never got back to me about it.
  6. Landrun the SW Regional was incredible!

    Ditto to the previous comments. Really a fun match even if it was a 2200 mile round trip. OK, maybe it got a little damp on Saturday but forget about that and remember the great weather on Thursday and Friday. Met a lot of great new "old friends"and got to meet a few here from the wire. Stages were well written, fast and fun. The banquet was top shelf and at the premier cowboy location in the world. Thanks to Okie and your entire crew for a great match. P.S. If anyone finds any of my fingers that fell off Saturday from the cold and rain, please send them back to me.
  7. Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    OK, maybe it's not a YouTube video that everybody expects now, but this info is available already....... It's called the "Shooters Handbook". People just have to read it.
  8. Jim No Horse

    Sorry to hear this. Prayers going up for him and his family. RIP
  9. Newcomer

    Two things. 1. Get yerself on over to the SASS page and download the shooters handbook. This will answer most of your questions but create many more. Anything else, feel free to ASK QUESTIONS here. Just remember, we were all "newcomers" at one time. 2. Get yerself on over to the SASS page and find a local club. Call the contact person listed and get out to an actual match then ASK QUESTIONS. A whole bunch of cowboys will be there to help you along. We is a good bunch of folks.
  10. 2 shotgun front sights permitted?

    Ya mean kinda like this?
  11. Tent Hammock

    Your old bones will be off the ground for sure in a hammock but I will warn you that a least for me, overnight in a hammock is not very comfortable. Sleeping in the "slung" (if that is even a word) kills my back. I have tried a Hennessy and they seem very comfortable when trying them out, but I would suggest possibly buying an inexpensive backpacking hammock to try for several nights before investing in the Hennessy. I have used a hammock with the stated results. I have always used a self inflating foam pad like a Thermarest. I use a 3/4 length ultralight for backpacking and a thicker full length model for "regular" camping. These do a great job of insulating you against the ground. This is my opinion that's comes from hundreds of nights backpacking and sleeping on the ground in all kinds of conditions. I've slept on uneven, rocky and less than desirale locations many times. The foam pad takes some of the bite out of it. YMMV
  12. R Lee Ermey RIP

    Got to meet him several years ago. What a great guy. Would talk to you like you were the only person there. The lines at the NRA Conventions to meet him were always the longest of almost any celebrity there. He will be missed.
  13. Logan’s Ferry Regulators Shoots this Saturday, April 14th

    Great Day and even better weather. Finally some warm weather to shoot in. Ditto the Dawg and thanks to everyone at Logan's Ferry for a great time.
  14. Excited for tomorrow!

    That's really a great first timer strategy for a shoot. Start shooting....drop pants.....spotters start laughing......spotters don't see misses.....great idea. Blaze away.

    This is one giant BUMMER!! This is a great club with a lot of fine folks. Had a lot of great times and laughs with them and I hope to have more somewhere down the trail. Best of luck moving forward.

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