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  1. Sixgun Seamus

    Brown Township Regulators Day-Night Shoot

    Howdy All, The Brown Township Regulators will be holding their annual Day-Night Shoot "Shootout on the Sandy Creek" on Saturday September 29, 2018 at the Brown Township Sportsman's Club in Malvern, OH. We do this shoot at a different time. Kitchen opens at noon till 2:00 pm for a lite lunch. Signup from noon till 1:45 pm. Safety Meeting at 1:45 pm and we start shooting the afternoon match at 2pm. We shoot four stages, break for a picnic lunch then turn on the lights and shoot the last four stages starting about 6:00 pm. Bring your best fire belchin" loads and help us light up the night. Awards directly after shooting. Picnic dinner will be by donation. Come on out and shoot 8 fast & fun stages. Shoot in the cool of the evening when the smoke hangs in the valley. More info and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com
  2. Sixgun Seamus

    The cocked hammer sdq penalty has NOT gone away

  3. Sixgun Seamus

    Good Luck to Roxy West! Moving On.

    Had the opportunity to work with her at 5 NRA Conventions. Great gal. Good luck in your next chapter. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Sixgun Seamus

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    Well......It's not a generator.
  5. Sixgun Seamus

    Firelands Peacemakers

    Always a fun match at Firelands with great people.
  6. Sixgun Seamus

    Firelands Peacemakers

    I'll be bringing your purdy new buckle. Have them guns and gunbelt shined up fer'em.
  7. Sixgun Seamus

    Ever dream of a certain gun for years

    My wife shoots a pair of these all the time. They were massaged by Boomstick Jay. Sweet.
  8. Sixgun Seamus

    Stone Colder

    +1 on Scarlett. She has the bullets you want and you get a hug with every purchase.
  9. Sixgun Seamus

    OVV monthly fun shoot this Wednesday

    !!!! A PROCLAMATION !!! Be it heretofore noted, acknowledged, and duly recorded, "Thunder Creek Kid is a Sick Man" I mean....come on.... Who wrote those stages anyway? No really, it was a great way to spend a day shooting with some of your best friends. There were a lot of new and fun things in the stages. A real fun day. P.S. Thunder Creek is still a sick sick man......but then.....I like that in a person, so thanks again TCK for a great day. Also thanks to RS Dancer, John Reid, and Roscoe Ranger for your help.
  10. Sixgun Seamus

    Range War--Michigan State Championship

    Third year for us at MI. Always a fun shoot. Banquet is one of the best in CAS. Fast and fun stages. Camping area and camaraderie are tops. Thanks to RJ, Duece, Hombre and all who made this happen. If you've never shot here, it's a must on your bucket list.
  11. Sixgun Seamus

    1875 Outlaw (Remington) new Cowboy toy

    All these guns you're buyin' lately.......jes remember....... my birthday is in two weeks.
  12. Sixgun Seamus

    Brown Township Regulators Saturday August 25

    Thanks to all who came out to shoot with us today. The weather man was kind to us for once. Congratulations to Dirty Dale and Cayenne Kay, our top overall male and female shooters. Thanks to all who helped set up and tear down. It is a tremendous help. Hope to see all of you at our annual Day-Night shoot next month. More details to follow. Scores are up on website. Now if I could only get my left hand to do what my brain wants it to do.
  13. Sixgun Seamus

    RE: Mernickle Cotton Canvas Elastic Loop

    I have a full belt model and the wife uses an 8 shotshell holder. They both have been through more than 100 matches since we bought them. Love them. Both 3+ years old.
  14. Sixgun Seamus

    Brown Township Regulators Saturday August 25

    We'll take you anytime Rye. Weather is looking better all the time.
  15. Hoping the weather guessers are off again. Brown Township Regulators will be shooting this Saturday. Kitchen opens at 8am and stays open through the shoot for lunch. Registration at 8:45 with safety meeting at 10 am and shooting directly after. We will shoot 6 stages as always so come on out and join us for some cowboy shooting fun. Hope to see you there. Info and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com.

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