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  1. Sixgun Seamus

    Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year 2018

    Wow. I get to drive Kay to all the matches and load all her bullets. Congrats to my wonderful wife and shooting partner.
  2. Sixgun Seamus

    Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio! Thank you!

    Hey Rye, They're shootin' again on the 27th. You can come then and bring everything you got me for Christmas.
  3. Sixgun Seamus

    Indoor CAS in Niles, Ohio! Thank you!

    A big thanks to Mo, Joe, Hagen and all involved. Always have fun shootin' with all of you. Swiftwater Jack makes a great pot of soup. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
  4. Sixgun Seamus

    Mernickle High Performance HP1 REF1

  5. Sixgun Seamus

    Takeout Thursday

    Nuff said.
  6. Sixgun Seamus

    Indoor CAS! Niles, Ohio Saturday December 8, 2018

    Thanks for the warning.
  7. Sixgun Seamus

    Takeout Thursday

    Watching two grandkids today with oldest one being 4 1/2. Just took a vote, I got outvoted and it looks like happy meals at McD's.
  8. Sixgun Seamus

    Humbly asking for prayers for my Mom

    Mom never wanted to go to a nursing home or assisted living either. She was fiercly independent for her first 92 years. A series of falls and minor strokes made her realize that it was time. We were able to get her into a real nice assisted living. She accepted it pretty quickly after she found out how nice it was to not have to cook, clean, etc. She bounced between the assisted living and nursing home depending on her condition but always wanted to be "home" at the assisted living. Cherish every moment that you still have with her. Visit as often as possible. Our prayers are for her recovery and her acceptance of extended care. It was two years ago yesterday that we lost Mom.
  9. Sixgun Seamus

    Indoor CAS! Niles, Ohio Saturday December 8, 2018

    Count us in.
  10. Sixgun Seamus

    Boomstick Jay

    And my wife's pistols.....
  11. Sixgun Seamus

    Indoor CAS at Niles, Ohio. Thank you!

    This is always a fun shoot. Thanks to everyone there that gives us the opportunity to shoot in the winter.
  12. Sixgun Seamus

    Favorite sweep

    I like the one where you get to shoot 10 times at them steel thingys out there.
  13. Sixgun Seamus

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy T-Day to all. Pretty good day at my sister's with lots of traditional food. Had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, pickled and deviled eggs, cracker dressing, cranberry sauce and way too much to eat. Had a good session on the couch later to check the inside of my eyelids for light leakage. Great day with family.
  14. Sixgun Seamus

    November 22 1963

    Seventh grade, downstairs hall at school working on some project. A girl came down and said, "Did you hear Kennedy was shot?" We all had to go back to our classroom and sit in silence. My teacher (a staunch Democrat) came in quiet and wrote on the chalk board "JFK is dead!" He turned around a walked out of class bawling. Can't remember if they sent us home or not but I do know classes were over for the day.
  15. Sixgun Seamus

    I’m Gonna Be Rich

    Yul's buyin'.

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