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  1. Sixgun Seamus

    Newbie Question

    Hate to burst your bubble, but nickled guns were popular back in the day. More corrosion resistant not to mention the fact that they were purty. Ask Doc Holliday. Anyway, real cowboys usually didn't even carry guns.
  2. Sixgun Seamus

    APP Shooters -- Question For Ya

    I cleaned all of ours using just a 25% Ballistol and water for both rifles and pistols. That includes stainless and regular steel guns. Never had a problem. Just do a regular cylinder out cleaning for pistols.
  3. Sixgun Seamus

    CAS at Brookfield, Ohio! Saturday July 14, 2018

    Sorry to miss you guys. We can't make it. We'll be at Indiana State. Have fun and shoot straight.
  4. Sixgun Seamus

    Illinois / Indiana STATE championships July 13,14,15

    Headed west towards you folks first thing in the morning.
  5. Sixgun Seamus

    Leather Recpmmendation

    Except for the cows that gave up their leather.
  6. Sixgun Seamus

    Ohio Valley Vigilantes

    Kay and I will be at Great Nor'easter. Have fun folks.
  7. Sixgun Seamus

    Leather Recpmmendation

    I'll add Michigan Rattler. www.michiganrattler.com I have several holsters from him plus many other leather items. Great craftsmanship and quality. I also own several Mernickle and a Rod Kibler. I have several other from two local leather guys.
  8. Sixgun Seamus

    Who Does Engraving On '73 Side Plates?

  9. Sixgun Seamus

    Great Day at Tusco! Thank you

    Jealousy raises it's ugly head Another great day with my cowboy family.
  10. Sixgun Seamus

    Hardpan, clear your mailbox

    We know you're out there.
  11. Sixgun Seamus

    Tusco Long Riders shooting this Saturday

    He ain't kiddin' folks! Mind your manners while passing thru town. They love to give them high speed drivin' awards.
  12. Sixgun Seamus


    Mighty purty country. Haven't been out your way way for a couple years now. Gotta get back out there. Did a lot of the Jeep trails around Ouray, Telluride and Silverton.
  13. Sixgun Seamus

    #6 grandchild

    Might be a while. Oldest grandchild just turned 4 on July 1.
  14. Sixgun Seamus

    Hardpan, clear your mailbox

    Tried to send you am PM and it says you can't receive messages. What, are you on double secret probation or sumthin.
  15. Sixgun Seamus

    Tusco Long Riders shooting this Saturday

    Dawg beat me to it. I just texted directions to you. See you Saturday.

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