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  1. Hello. I joined the forums using the handle Ramblin' Randy before I had my official SASS alias which is Fightin' Chance. Could you please change my user name for me to Fightin' Chance? I would appreciate it.


    Thank you.


    Randy Fletcher alias Fightin' Chance SASS # 108008.

  2. Amber Oakley SASS#88493

    SASS Headquarters- Phones Down

    Phones are back up... but the connection is still horrible! We are still working on this. Thanks everyone!
  3. Amber Oakley SASS#88493

    SASS Headquarters- Phones Down

    Hello Everyone! Our phones are currently down at headquarters. Since last week we had a crazy storm and they haven't been working great. . . and now they are not working at all! We have someone coming in today to work on getting them fixed. Ill update on here when they are back up. In the mean time you can always shoot us an email sass@sassnet.com Thank you for your patience.
  4. Amber Oakley SASS#88493

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Hey Everyone! I would like to do a “People of Cowboy Action Shooting” segment on our SASS Instagram and Facebook page Please Share a photo of yourself Cowboy Action Shooting and Answer the Questions Below. Thank you! SASS Alias: SASS #: Where you are from: How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting:

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