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  1. Worst reloading horror story.

    Let a relative reload once. They triple charged a bunch on .44 mags that were a hot load to begin with. The Super Blackhawk completely exploded. cylinder split nearly clean in two. Top strap bent like tinfoil, both grips shattered,........
  2. Looking for artist

    Thanks all. Aspen Filly is doing the engraving. She needs a drawing to go off of. Jim Downing "The Gun Engraver" is a great guy. But I would feel weird asking him to help with a drawing for another engraver. Both Jim and Aspen did a lot of engraving for us when Shotglass and I ran the Daggers and Derringers Soiled Dove and Parlor House Madam costume contest a few years back. They are great.
  3. Looking for artist

    HI all, I am looking for someone capable of producing line art that can be transferred to a firearm and engraved. I have been unable to find what I want. I can find silhouettes but not any line art. Specifically. I want to put an angel girl and a devil girl, one on each barrel, of my shotgun. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be interested in this project. If successful other projects to follow. Regards, TJD
  4. Spider Target Design Request

    They look awesome. Hoping the leverage the design for my home club......... I love targets that do something.
  5. Spider Target Design Request

    Seeking the design for neat spider targets seen in a video.
  6. Cowboy Airsoft

    I seriously applaud this effort to have other activities that are old west related. This is awesome. I wish you all the best. If numbers are low maybe you could reenact a gunfight like the ok corral.
  7. MISSING COWBOY!!!! John Page a.k.a Jonny Lake

    Heartfelt prayers.
  8. SASS Scoring - Important Notice!

    Hi DM. I see right off we agree the systems produce different answers. And I think we at aligned on nearly everything. But you did ask one question. I have done rank by category analysis and compared it to total time and overall ranking systems. Literally hundreds of matches. Probably 70,000 sample points. . The fundamental problem is that you cannot use it and then get overall winners unless you use a separate scoring system. When you do that all hell breaks lose. For example the person who comes in 3rd using rank by category wins the match overall. Yes, that happened. Also the fundamental question is a match ??? 1) A Nascar race (lap winners and a who crosses the finish line in the end aka Total Time) 2) The world series (who wins the most stages) This is not a math question. It is a philosophy question, a preference question. And the answer was from our shooters A match is a Nascar race Also our shooters have said they want an overall winner. So rank by category fails Yes you can use multiple systems simultaneously. When you do that you get different answers. I am in China now. Holler at me next week if you would like to talk on the phone about it. Happy to do so. I too am an Engineer, We analyze everything I think. I prefer to look at pretty girls and analyze curves. Enjoy your vacation.
  9. Bullets hittig sideways

    Happened to me. Sharps .45-70 with a 525 grain Lyman bullet, sized 0.459. Problem was not enough powder. I had mis-measured.
  10. Why?

    Why am I a Cowboy Action Shooter? Here's why. Nothing else really matters in the end. She does. How about the rest of you?
  11. SASS Scoring - Important Notice!

    There is no decision here. Only an interesting discussion. While PWB pointed out there was a tie in total time at a match as far as CD Tom was able to report he has never seen a tie in total time. So one tie in hundreds of thousands of scores isn't enough to worry about. Dogmeat Dad..... Yeah it was funny
  12. SASS Scoring - Important Notice!

    Hi GCK, Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of that.
  13. Cease Fire, Cold Range!

    Cease Fire is used to call an immediate cease fire. Like someone is hurt or is in danger. Downrange is used to allow the shooter to finish the course of fire proceed to the unloading table. While I understand pointing guns upward when the LT and UT face the range. There is a risk of further accident if the gun is in your hands. “Yellow Flag.” On ranges where multiple stages are run in parallel using a common firing line with no separating berms, it is sometimes necessary to go down range to repair broken or malfunctioning targets. Once the ―Yellow Flag‖ command has been given, each stage affected will allow any shooter already engaged in that stage to complete the course of fire. As shooting finishes on each stage, all in-use guns are laid down at the loading and/or unloading tables and the competitors will ―stand back.‖ Once the firearms are secure, each stage will signal compliance by showing its own ―Yellow Flag.‖ Once all affected stages are displaying their ―Yellow Flag,‖ the initiating Range Officer may advance down range. When the offending targets have been fixed and the Range Officer is behind the firing line, an “All Clear‖ command will be given, the Yellow Flags withdrawn, and normal range operations can resume. "Red Flag" means “Cease Fire!” As in ―Yellow Flag‖ above, flags are often used and generally accompanied by a horn, whistle, or shout (―Cease Fire!‖). All shooting must immediately stop, and firearms must be laid down or otherwise made safe. Once the ceasefire condition is resolved, an “All Clear” command is given, the Red Flags withdrawn, and normal range operations resumed. Any shooter stopped while shooting a stage is given a reshoot.
  14. SASS Scoring - Important Notice!

    Dear CD Tom, I might suggest to break a total time tie (I know of only one in 30 years) that: 1. Fewest misses and procedurals 2. A shoot off 3. Have co-winners (It isn't like we are trying to solve world hunger....) I also suggest a maximum time per stage and those with DNF, SDQ, gun malfunction, etc. all get the max time. The max time being (i.e. (24 x 5) + 30) varies by round count. For what it is worth whatever the method : If I have a gun malfunction, SDQ or whatever I don't plan on winning If I tie for first then somebody better know CPR.
  15. Shooting strategy with new scoring method

    Hi Cheyenne Ranger, Example of a 10 stage match. You are shooting about 30 seconds a stage. 10 stages is 300 seconds. The worst shooter at the match is shooting 50 seconds a stage. 10 stages is 500 seconds You get 1 SDQ you now have 999 + (9x30) = 1,269 seconds. You cannot recover from the SDQ. A SDQ now look like a MDQ every time. Would cause people to quit with 1 SDQ or not show up at all.