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  1. Roger Rapid

    Taurus Thunderbolt?

    Thanks CRP - if .44-40 they should have run really well. Bummer.. ..RR
  2. Roger Rapid

    Taurus Thunderbolt?

    Crooked River Pete... What caliber was your USFA? If it was .357, were you running .38s or .357s in it? RR
  3. Roger Rapid

    Taurus Thunderbolt?

    The Lightning replicas from each of the makers are typically too tight out of the box for CAS and they all need work to run smoothly. The three shown here are (top to bottom) Pedersoli, Taurus, and Uberti, and while they appear to be close to the original Colt design, each maker has their unique internal workings that presents an array of advantages and disadvantages. (Look at little details like trigger design, one or two screws in the shell-guides / ejection plates, hammer shape, etc.) The Taurus will slam-fire out of the box. The Uberti can be made to slam fire by a simple adjustment to the safety lever on the hammer. A lot has to be done to the Pedersoli to get it to slam fire. (I'm providing slam-fire info because folks are usually curious about it - but I don’t personally recommend slam firing a Lightning for CAS). The Pedersoli features a foregrip release mechanism (“rocker arm”) that prevents the foregrip from coming back until the hammer strikes the firing pin (a very nice feature if you like to pull the rifle into your shoulder when aiming). The foregrip on the Taurus and Uberti can be pulled back and action opened while the rifle is cocked. Uberti version is loaded with safeties that make the action stiff unless you remove some of the safeties. It also makes the action not as smooth to run as the Taurus or Pedersolil. A ball-check on the Uberti's carriage (slide) helps to keep the action in a fully closed / foregrip-forward position - but it also puts a lot of drag on the slide's movement. The wood and stock's finish is good on the Pedersoli and Uberti and pretty poor on the Taurus (the stock and foregrips on the Pedersoli shown here are mine). IMHO, the Pedersoli is the best overall made and best internal workings. The Uberti is second, and the Taurus is third. The Taurus has a dust cover (as on the original 1884 Colt Lightnings), other versions do not. Typically, the “.357" versions run better in .357 than they do with .38 SPEC cartridges (the 1.60” OAL is important for the .357 version). All three versions generally load and run better with .44-40, .38-40, and .45LC rounds (what the medium frame Colt Lightning was originally designed for) than they do with either the smaller diameter .357s or .38s. For staying on point of aim, the 26” barrel versions - while heavier - are steadier than the 20” carbine versions. === With some work, a bit of know-how, and attention to detail, these rifles can be made to run as fast and reliably as any lever gun. My favorite Lightning is a Pedersoli with an octogon 26” barrell in .45LC. I regularly shoot three matches a month - plus regionals, etc., - and very rarely have my Pedersoli misfunction on me. When a misfunction happens, it is me misfunctioning on the rifle!! RR
  4. Roger Rapid

    Clean Match Pins

    Chuckaroo is still making badges, not sure about "pins." High Spade.... about a month or so ago there was a post about Clean Match pins. Search for it - lots of nice pin ideas. RR
  5. Roger Rapid

    Guess Who's Coming?

    Well, you don’t have to guess any more. Our 2018 Who’s Coming list is now posted on our website and you’ll find it here: https://chorrovalleyregulators.com/content/cvso-xxiv-whos-coming-1.pdf Want your name on the list? Register now for the 24th Annual Chorro Valley ShootOut / 2018 SASS Western Regional, Aug 8-12, 2018. Just go to www.chorrovalleyregulators.com and click on the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY box to process your match registration and camping reservation on-line. If you want to see who is camping next to your desired site before you register, click “RV MAP” in the header to go to the campsite map. Green sites are available, yellow sites are reserved (but not yet paid for), and red sites are assigned and paid. If you move your cursor over a yellow or red space, you’ll see who has reserved that site. This is the time of the year that sites begin to fill quickly, so go on line now and register! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to PM mew Look forward to shooting with you in August! Roger Rapid
  6. Roger, could I get a copy of your Pedersoli rifle manual? I just bought one ans will receive this week. Thanks for any information.

  7. Roger Rapid

    2018 SASS Western Regional - CAMPING

    Cowboys and Cowgirls… There are three camping options for you at the 2018 SASS Western Regional / 24th Annual Chorro Valley ShootOut at CVR (Aug 8-12, 2018): TRAILER CAMPING: We have a little over 170 RV sites at our range. The campground is a level, mowed, field and it is dry camping. Water is available for you to fill up as you enter the range. Our RV/tenting area is immediately adjacent to our main tent (which is adjacent to our range). Sites are beginning to fill up so I’d recommend that you go to our web site and process your registration and camping reservation now. You can see available campsites by going to our home page – www.chorrovalleyregulators.com – and clicking on the “RV Map” link at the very top of the page. Your entire match and camping registration can then be done on line. TENT CAMPING: We have a dedicated tent camping area, and we can provide electricity for medical needs only - CPAP, etc. (Good idea to bring an extension.) Evening temperatures in August are about 55° to 60° so tent camping is comfortable. There is no charge for tent camping, but we still need you to register for tent camping, which you can do when processing your on-line registration – www.chorrovalleyregulators.com. TRAILER RENTAL: If you don’t own a trailer but would like to stay on site, we’ve made arrangements with two trailer rental companies who will deliver a trailer to your reserved site in our campground. (However, you still need to Register in our on-line system and reserve an RV site so we can tell them where the trailer goes.) In order to get the special rental discount for our event, please tell them it is for the “SASS Western Regional.” (We're finding that trailer rentals are less expensive than local motels.) The RV rental companies are: Jared RV Rentals of the Central Coast [email protected] 805.674.1685 Craig Get Away RV Rentals www.getawayrvrentals.net [email protected] 805.801.3968 And, of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to PM me. Hope to see you in August! Roger Rapid
  8. Roger Rapid

    Rifle Barrel Length An Issue?

    Pack Hunter - Welcome to SASS and cowboy action shooting! For our rather close shooting distances,. it is less a question of accuracy and more a question of stability, and many feel that longer barrels provide greater stability. It would be a valuable experience for you to test similar rifles that have different barrel lengths to see which gives you the greatest stability and accuracy when working the action quickly. Key to this is also experience and strength, and more specifically how comfortable you are hefting a 26" octagonal barrel compared to a 20" round-barrel carbine, for example. RR
  9. Roger Rapid

    Tumbling Brass vs Lead Levels

    For those of you interested in following the reports on blood-lead levels, a new study was reported in The Lancet Public Health in February, and it speaks of lower BLL than we've been discussing in these posts. These levels sound almost impossible to achieve for us shooters, but at least it's something to evaluate. You'll find it here: https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/12/health/lead-exposure-cardiovascular-disease-study/index.html RR
  10. Roger Rapid

    Cell phone use in the Old West?

    That's ridiculous! Everyone knows that the old west cow boys would have had their cell phones on SILENT mode during a gunfight! RR
  11. Roger Rapid

    thunderbolt question

    Typically, on the Lightning rifles from any of the makers, the so called "feeding problem" occurs when shooters want to use .38Spec rounds in a .357 rifle. Yes, it can chamber and fire the .38Spec but because of the designed of the angled lifter and the two side guides, the .357 models require a bullet close to the intended .357 length - 1.60". But most .357 and .45LC versions will run very well when properly set up. RR
  12. Cowboys and cowgirls… If you're beginning to plan your summer vacation time around the 2018 SASS Western Regional / 24th Chorro Valley ShootOut (Aug. 8-12), I thought I'd offer a list of things you or family members might enjoy prior to, or following the match: PLACES TO VISIT: Hearst Castle: The elegant mountaintop home of William Randolph Hearst - and incredible place to visit and enjoy. Tours are available and you can register for them at: hearstcastle.org - You need to book tickets ahead of time. (The trip to Hearst Castle is a beautiful drive along the California coast and is 36 miles north of our range.) Cambria: Here's a great artsy village to visit. Lots of wonderful restaurants, antique shops, and stores of all types. (Cambria is 22 miles north of our range). Elephant Seals: Hundreds of elephant seals - young and old - call a stretch of beach their home. The site is about 10 miles north of the town of Cambria and it well worth the trip to see them in the wild. Wine Tasting: California’s Central Coast is very well known for its great wines. San Luis Obispo county has over 280 wineries (www.visitsanluisobispocounty.com/wine-country range). San Luis Obispo: Here's an incredible town to visit. Great for sightseeing, walking, shopping, eating, and taking a visit to our local Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, founded in 1772. San Luis Obispo is also host to Cal Poly University, so the town caters to young folks as well as tourists. Thursday night is Farmer's Market night and exceeds the typical farm produce to also include music, food, crafts, and lots of fun. San Luis Obispo is 10 miles south of our range. === Our schedule of events is posted and you can find it at: www.chorrovalleyregulators.com. Click on the blue “Click here to register today” tab and it will first take you to the schedule page. Lastly, if this is your first time with us, please attend the Wednesday evening “First Time Attendees Welcome” dinner event (burgers, etc). Hope to see you in August... Best, RR
  13. Roger Rapid

    Pedersoli lightning

    Lost Vaquero... Yes, a push stick is really helpful. I use a small piece of antler with the end rounded and keep it in a loop in my gun belt. While the design of the cartridge retaining lever allows the Lightning to accept a range of bullet lengths, it is ideal to stay as close to the intended OAL as possible. The .357 version was designed for a cartridge OAL of 1.60˝ - and you can load a bit shorter than that. However, while it is generally accepted that a "... .357 gun will also shoot .38 ...", proper feeding and positioning on the lifter - at speed - depends on the cartridge properly fitting the length of the lifter, and seating properly under the two side guides. .38SPEC rounds with short bullets (like 96g) can slide forward and either stove-pipe or get its rim hung up between the lifter the side guides. Note also that Pedersoli's Lightning is stamped ".357." and not ".357/38". So, it is best to load .357s, or .38s with heavier lead - like 125g - and keep the length as close to 1.60˝ as possible (with a good crimp, of course). Set up right, these are great rifles! ...RR
  14. Roger Rapid

    Pedersoli lightning

    Hi John White - be glad to send it. Please PM me your email address - the document is 5.6M and 27 pages long. Best, Roger
  15. Roger Rapid

    Clean Match Pins

    Hillbilly Drifter - fun idea! RR

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