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  1. Roger Rapid

    Loosening up a new SxS???

    Cholla...I would urge taking the shotgun apart to see where the action binds (rather than globally smearing lapping compound everywhere). Remove the foregrip and see if the action opens more easily without the foregrip in place. If it does, check how tightly the concave-end of the foregrip contacts the curved part of the receiver that it bears against (this is typically the “tight” issue). You might be able relieve pressure there by carefully adjusting how far back the lock tab on the barrel assembly pushes the fore grip's lock mechanism - and thus the foregrip against the receiver. With most s/s you might want to consider changing the opening lever’s spring so that the action breaks open with an easy thumb push, as well as lightning the hammer springs to simplify cocking. RR
  2. Roger Rapid

    Stage diagrams

    Rainmaker - thanks. We're talking about making our Clipbook public in the near future. I'll post to this site if and when we do. RR
  3. Roger Rapid

    Stage diagrams

    We use Adobe Illustrator to prepare the target diagrams (top photo). The images are then copied using Apple's "Capture" application which captures a cropped screen image and creates a TIFF file. We then take the TIFF file into Adobe Photoshop and save them as JPG files. From there they are CPOY-d and PASTE-d into our "Target Clipbook" which is a Microsoft WORD document, broken down into four sections or chapters; Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Props. This Clipbook is made available to any of our folks who want to prepare a scenario. Images from the Clipbook are easily COPY-d and PASTE-d into our scenario pages (bottom photo). We now have about 200-225 different targets in the Clipbook and it is constantly growing. RR
  4. Roger Rapid

    Stage diagrams

    Do you mean of the stages (facades) or of the target sets? RR
  5. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    I've been asked about a schedule for the 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut. Here you go... RR
  6. Roger Rapid

    Hanging Dummy

    We have a "Woody" doll at PRVC at Lazy Arrow that we hang on sticks from a steel support (the attached image is what we use on our scenarios and shows a post). The doll is about 24" long or so. The sticks are usually 36" long and are 3/8" square and cut from pine so they shatter easily. We clip Woody to the bottom end of the stick with a small spring clamp, and use a similar clamp to attach the top of the stick to the top of the support. Goal is to shatter stick so Woody drops to safety (hitting Woody its a "P"!). Target is usually positioned about 15'-18' from the stage, and most of our shooters are able to drop woody to safety by the fourth or fifth shot. Very fun! RR
  7. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Cowpokes… If you’re coming to shoot with us for the first time - or are just plain curious - and would like to know a bit more about our range and the Camatta Ranch, there a video on our web site on the History of PRVC at Lazy Arrow you might enjoy. The video is 15 minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee, sit comfy, and CLICK HERE or just copy-and-paste the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVKI4S3_4Rs&t=1s Come shoot with us! RR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVKI4S3_4Rs&t=1s
  8. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    No, no, no, Snakebite. Make no doubt about it. That's a "Tall Tale Contest" not a "Liar's Contest!" As a "Tall Tale Contest" (during our complimentary to all Match Director's dinner on Friday night) it gives everyone the legal SASS-approved right to lie through their stinking' teeth - or however they do it. Regarding "qualified entries" I'm not so sure any of us are duly qualified! But... As to the "tall tale" - I did one (which Snakebite witnessed) at the 5-Dogs "Shebang" match (Bakersfield, CA) in January - a very fun match hosted by all the cowgirl shooters and lady members - in which I told the story of me being the grandson of Wyatt Earp. I supported my chat with posters with time lines that showed the link of my mom being Wyatt and Sarah "Sadie" Marcus's daughter, and so on. To which I pointed out why our dog's name is "Sadie." I read a [fake] paragraph from Casey Tefertiller's book Wyatt Earp that talked about Wyatt and Sadie having a daughter named "Ruth." I then produced a wood case - which I blew the dust off of - that held Wyatt's Buntline which I carefully withdrew wearing cotton gloves. When it was all over, one of the elder shooters came over to me and wanted to shake my hand, was very appreciative of meeting Wyatt's grandson, excited that the 5 Dogs club invited me to attend and speak, and so on. He was dead serious - and I felt SO bad, and I had trouble breaking the news to him. So, in this one case you are wrong Snakebite, I was a very qualified liar! RR
  9. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - camping/trailers

    Just got an email inquiring about local trailer parks with full-hook-up sites. There is a KOA about 40-45 minutes away from the Ranch with full-hook-ups, and they are "Santa Margarita KOA" and their number is 800-562-5619. Since it is Memorial Day weekend, and the KOA is near a popular lake, I'd urge making reservations sooner than later. For those of you looking for motels, we are about 35 minutes from the town of Atascadero, and there are several motels there. Lastly, to give you a basic idea of our whereabouts, if you've been to the SASS Western Regional (held on the Chorro Valley Regulators range), our range is about 35-40 miles due east - as the crow flys - from CVR. Come shoot with us! RR
  10. Roger Rapid


    From a little spark grew such a raging fire! I LOVE all these ideas guys - keep 'em coming! RR
  11. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - camping/trailers

    Ooops - forgot to add that tent camping is fine, but tents must be able to fully close and food must be kept in your car or very secure containers or cooler chests. A reminder that we are out on a 32,000 working ranch and wildlife abounds. As you may have learned from our video, there are hot/cold showers and flush toilets in the campground (range has flush toilet, too), and campground has fresh well water that you can either fill from when you come in, or daisy-chain to once you are settled. (There are pictures of our campsite on our website (www.PRVCatLazyArrow.com) under the "Campground" tab.) Generators are okay from 7:00a to 10:00p. Campground is about 300' from the range. Evening events (pot lucks, Poker Tournament, Friday night dinner (courtesy of Match Directors), are in camping area. No drinking of alcoholic beverages during lunch or dinner on Friday for anyone shooting the Sheriff Wil Katchum's Black Powder Night Shoot. RR
  12. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Even though Sidewinder Bill is my Match Co-Director - and aside from the fact that our new steel is AR500, not AR15 - I can only offer this response:
  13. Roger Rapid


    Snakebite: Thanks for starting this great post, and to all of you for the input that followed. In Snakebite’s last post he used the word “fun.” I don’t think any of us would be involved in this sport if it wasn’t fun. We sure wouldn’t dress cowboy if it wasn’t fun. And we wouldn’t drive down rickety roads to the range or shoot in the rain if it wasn’t fun. I think “fun” is core to what this is all about. We are all different, and we have different needs, and different stimuli that satisfy us. To this end, I don’t think there is any one stage or target-set that can satisfy everyone. Seems to me that the fast shooters have as much fun shooting the gimmicky stages as they do the stand-and-deliver ones. But I’m not sure sure the opposite can be said. By definition, the fast shooters - the Top 10 - are small percentage of the rest of us, and that speaks to not leaving behind the fun-seeking cowboys and cowgirls to the benefit of the fast shooters. Those of you who don’t live in California, probably have not been to Fort Miller - the annual match at the Kings River Regulator’s range in Clovis, CA. So, many of you many know of Snakebite through SASS events, or this site, but you may not have experienced his scenarios - which are the heart and soul of Fort Miller. One thing I find at Fort Miller, that I see at only a few other events, is a smile on every face. Folks fast and slow are having fun. And I think it is the “fun” - not the awards list - that makes this event a stimulating and must-do match. In addressing what we do at PRVC at Lazy Arrow, I’ve stolen the secret sauce from Snakebite (and I’ve told him this - and I’m forever indebted) and apply the essence of his creativity to our scenarios and stages. Our regular matches consist of an occassional stand-and-deliver stage, a few hold-the-chicken-and-face-the-shooters stages, and a few oddity stages thrown in for good measure. In the spirit of sharing, here are some of things we do to stiumulate interest at our range: we host several theme matches each year; a James Gang match in March, a Custer’s Last Stand match in July, and an O.K. Corral match in October. And we provide our shooters with a “Self-Evaluation Training Video” event in August. Our goal it to provide a rich cowboy experience for our members and guests, all geared to them having fun. We work hard at it. My fellow Deputies Bushy Blonco and Sidewinder Bill and I review and edit and rework each month’s scenarios, and we meet often to discuss whether we are fufilling out goal of delivering a rich experience to all of our attendees. We have found that cultivating their Wild West experiences at PRVC at Lazy Arrow, and providing a fun and comfortable place to be a cowboy or cowgirl - even for a day - leads to them bringing out new people. RR
  14. Cowboys and cowgirls… If you are thinking about attending the 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut (Santa Margarita, CA., May 24-26, 2019) - and we hope you are - but don’t have a trailer, here are two local trailer-rental services who can rent you one: Craig Hanson Getaway RV Rentals [email protected] www.getawayrvrentals.net 805.801.3698 Jared RV Rentals of the Central Coast [email protected] 805.675.1685 I’d urge reserving a trailer sooner than later since our event is on Memorial Day weekend and trailer rentals will go fast. And… if you are coming by car with limited space, we do have some loaner gun carts. Please PM me if you want to reserve one - we have a limited supply. For more information about the match, please visit: www.PRVCatLazyArrow.com Best, Roger
  15. Roger Rapid

    4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut - video

    Snakebite! Are you really serious? Randolph Scott auditioned for our movie THREE times and was rejected each time!!! Errr aaahhh.. RR

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