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  1. Roger Rapid

    Blood lead level

    Chase Ramsay... Might be good to double check with your doctor about "39 to 42 being good." I've interviewed three hemotologists (blood specialists) who all agreed that anything above 10mg/dl is not safe. My doctor wants me under 8mg/dl. A retired neurologist friend said that while he is not sure of the low threshold number, he knows that anything above 20mg/dl poses a severe permanent neurological threat (and he has had patients with neurological problems and BLL above 20mg/dl). The U.S. Deportment of Health and Human Services considers anything above 10m,g/cl to be "dangerous." The Health and Human Services Agency of the State of California states that "an adult in the United States who does not work with lead typically should have a BLL less than 2mg/dl." OSHA is the only agency who has a broader threshold. They say that "workers who have been removed from lead exposure can return to work when their BLL falls below 40mg/dl". RR
  2. Roger Rapid

    Blood lead level

    There are several posts on the SASSnet on causes of increased BLL, and how to control it. If you keep back issues of the Cowboy Chronicle, I wrote a detailed article for March 2017 issue that describes causes and solutions. (If you don't have a copy of that issue, I prepared a separate white paper from that article and am happy to share it - just PM me with your email addr.) Getting BLL under 10mg/dl is important if you cherish a healthy life. Cilantro works, but Spirulina - especially the Hawaiian variety - works much better. My BLL was 18mg/dl before taking a teaspoon of Spirulina every day - now it's 10mg/dl, and I shoot four to five matches a month. There are five shooters in our club (CVR) who had raised BLL - one at 22mg/dl - and went on Spirulina and now they are ALL at reduced levels. Being careful of not touching food or water-bottle mouths with your hand while shooting is VERY important - touch wrappers only. Washing hands with D-Lead soap or using D-Lead wipes after shooting is very important. The highest exposure to lead particulate is when shooting, especially when TO-ing and standing in a cloud of lead particulate for extended periods. Wearing a dust mask would be very helpful, but not really "cowboy dress." Two years ago, for a period of six months (between blood tests), I pulled my bandana up over my mouth and nose while shooting, and did the same when running the clock. That appeared to make the biggest difference in a noticeable drop in my BLL. I still wear my bandana from time to time and none of the other shooters every razz's me about it. I'm happier being healthy. Don't treat it lightly - increased BLL can be a real problem. RR
  3. Roger Rapid

    Last Call - SASS Western Regional - Aug 8-12

    I've been asked by several folks if there is a "Who's Coming" list. Yes, there is. Go to our web site - www.chorrovalleyregulators.com - click on blue "Click Here to Register Today" tab, and look down the page to "WHO'S COMING..." link. There is also a link to the Costume Contest Rules, info about our ROI and ROII classes, and info about participating in our Last Chance Saloon. Come out and shoot with us! RR
  4. Roger Rapid

    Last Call - SASS Western Regional - Aug 8-12

    Excited you cowpokes are coming! Yul - we got an owner of one of your amazing carts who's looking forward to shaking your hand! ...RR
  5. Cowboy and Cowgirls... If you are planning on saddling up and making your way to the 24th Annual Chorro Valley ShootOut / 2018 SASS Western Regional, August 8-12 (San Luis Obispo, CA) our last call for on-line Registration is August 2, 2018! We have another action-packed match in store for you on a fantastic range, with incredible weather (just 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean), followed by CVR's highly-touted 5-Star Dinner. It's a match you don't want to miss. You can go on-line to easily process your camping and shooter Registration at: www.chorrovalleyregulators.com Our schedule of events is also posted there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM me. We look forward to having you shoot with us! Roger Rapid
  6. Roger Rapid

    Lightening Problem

    I don't know who made the AWA Lightnings, but the bolt block in the Uberti, Taurus, and Pedersoli bolt blocks are all different and not interchangeable with each other without modifications. RR
  7. Roger Rapid

    SASS Western Regional - Welcome event

    Dear Cowpokes… Hope you’re loading up and getting ready for the 24th Annual Chorro Valley ShootOut / 2018 SASS Western Regional August 8-12 at the Chorro Valley Regulators' range in San Luis Obispo, CA - just four weeks away! If this is your first time to CVR and to the SASS Western Regional, we’d like to invite you to our First Timer’s Welcome on Wednesday night, Aug 8th, at 6:00 PM at our Sheriff’s office. We’d like to say “hello”, introduce you to our range and staff, and make you welcome. A light meal will be provided. If this is your first time with us and you DO plan to attend the First Timer's Welcome, please PM or email me -roger[at]siminoff.net - so that we have a headcount. And… if you have not registered, this is the time - especially if you have a “posse-with” request. Registrations and trailer-site reservations can be done easily and quickly with our on-line registration system - you’ll find it at: www.chorrovalleyregulators.com and click on the blue CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY! button. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this great match, please don’t hesitate to email or PM me - or just post 'em here: Hope to see you in August! Roger Rapid
  8. Roger Rapid

    Hammered SxS

    Nickel City Dude... Yes, I think they are all a bit too tight out-of-the-box, and hammer springs are much too heavy - as is the break-open spring - for CAS. But once lightened, both hammers can easily be cocked with the right thumb (if you cock 'em that way). Also, I worked my "cam" so that the break-open angle is about 4° to 5° wider which enables easier chucking out empties and loading new ones. ...RR
  9. Roger Rapid

    Hammered SxS

    The most comfortable s/s (for me) is the Pedersoli "Wyatt Earp" s/s hammered 12ga coach gun. If you have the $$$, the Pedersoli is beautifully made, has a very comfortable checkered grip, un-checkered but comfortable foregrip, a very solid and reliable action, and it can be ordered without the "Wyatt Earp" name on the right lockplate, RR
  10. Hi Cowboys and Cowgirls… Are you gearing up for the 24th Chorro Valley ShootOut / 2018 SASS Western Regional August 8-12 at the CVR range in San Luis Obispo, CA.? The match is only eight weeks away and we hope you have registered, selected your campsites, and are ready to shoot a great match with us. We want to update you on our expanded food services for 2018 so you can plan your meals, as well as your shopping lists as you ready your trailers. Our new food vendor will be serving: Breakfast will be served from 7:00am – 2:00pm from Wednesday, Aug. 8th to Sunday Aug. 12th. (Eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, croissant breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito, yogurt, etc.) Lunches will be served from 10:00am – 2:00pm Wednesday Aug. 8th to Saturday Aug. 11th. (Hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, chicken club sandwich, salad, rancher’s burrito, tacos, California quesadilla, side dishes, etc.) Dinners will be served from 4:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday Aug. 8th to Friday August 10th. (Same menu as lunch menu plus a few added goodies.) Saturday Dinner: We know you don’t want to miss CVR's reknowned 5-Star Dinner on Saturday, August 11th. ===== We’re going through our first blush of setting up posse lists - if you have not yet registered, now is the time! And, signing up is easy with CVR’s unique on-line Registration system where you can register for the match and grab your desired camping spot - and it can all be done on-line. To register, please visit: www.chorrovalleyregulators.com. We’re looking forward to seeing you in August and having you spend an incredible weekend of Cowboy Action Shooting™ with us here on California’s beautiful Central Coast. Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to PM me. Best, Roger Rapid Roger Rapid • SASS #96080 PR, Marketing, and Vendor Relations Chorro Valley Regulators (CVR) / SASS Western Regional
  11. Roger Rapid

    Don't drink (water) at a match

    And... I was just reminded by one of our Deputies that during the 3rd Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut, two of our staff (Buckshot Bev and Ruthless Rose) went around to the posses twice each day with protein bars and D-Lead wipes - along with their instructions to "use the wipes before handling food!" ...RR
  12. Roger Rapid

    Don't drink (water) at a match

    Esca-Tech makes D-Lead soap in small packets and they have D-Lead wipes in single packets (photos below). We keep a gallon bottle of D-Lead soap (with a pumper) at our sink at the range, and during our posse meetings, we try to remind shooters to wash with D-Lead soap before lunch. Fast Enuff is correct that ingestion (vs inhalation or absorption) is the quickest way to increase BLL. Another issue with lead on the mouth of water bottles is that we typically open them three or four times before they're empty. RR
  13. Roger Rapid

    Don't drink (water) at a match

    Don’t drink water at a match - at least not from the new Crystal Geyser filp-top bottles! At our 3rd Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut last weekend, we went through several cases of water that featured Crystal Geyser's new flip-top bottles unaware of any harm they might cause. Watching both myself and other shooters drinking from these new bottles, I noticed that your finger rubs on the mouth of the bottle as you open it - especially if you are using your thumb to push up the cap. It dawned on me that opening the bottle this way presented a huge possibility to get lead contaminate from your hands onto the mouth of the bottle, especially since rubbing your finger on the mouth of the bottle will scrape more residue from your finger than just touching the mouth of the bottle. So, on a lark, I took some empty bottles home and tested the mouth of the bottle for lead. Sure enough they tested positive for lead particulate! There have been several posts about Blood Lead Levels (BLL) on this site, and I wrote an article about the importance of controlling BLL for Cowboy Action shooters™, that appeared in the March 2015 issue of the Cowboy Chronicle. It's an important topic. It’s one thing to be in the presence of lead particulate when we are shooting, but unkonwingly ingesting lead is a very bad idea to say the least. (If you didn’t see the article, you can download a white-paper version from the Documents section of our website at: http://www.prvcatlazyarrow.com/prvcatylazyarrow.com/Documents_Papers.html I’m sure Crystal Geyser's intensions were well founded in preventing removable caps from causing waste problems, and I assume the company is not aware of this hazard. I plan to communicate with Crystal Geyser, but in the meantime, I urge that you buy the screw-top bottles and not the flip-top version - especially when your hands are dirty with lead!. Be safe! RR
  14. Roger Rapid

    Pedersoli lightning

    2 Barrels Bob... On it's way to your email - enjoy! RR
  15. Roger Rapid

    Taurus Thunderbolt?

    Thanks CRP - if .44-40 they should have run really well. Bummer.. ..RR

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