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  1. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    Wheel Weights For Casting?

    I've been casting for years. The alloy will vary from weight to weight. With cowboy bullets other than round ball it doesn't really matter. Regards
  2. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    Wtt marlin 32 h&r for a set of ruger 32s

    Darksider, I may have what you want. Please call me. Regards Smokie hp 4177599114 ce 4178944208
  3. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    Branson Triple Classic was a Hoot

    OK, finally the scores are posted at www.btc-sass.com. Sorry for the delay but the webmaster was out of town. Happy Trails Smokie
  4. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    Branson Triple Classic was a Hoot

    Sent to the web-master Sunday afternoon. Hopefully she'll get them up soon. Thanks to all!! Smokie
  5. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    SOLD Longmire Books

    I'll take them. Let me know where to send the funds. Regards Smokie 417-759-9114 [email protected]
  6. What's the bottom $$ on that '73 carbine?  Did Pioneer do the action job?


  7. Yes, I will ship two bags, Flat rate small priority box. two bags will fit. Shipping is $7.20 for a total of $67.20.

    Email me your address, I only accept Postal money orders.


    [email protected] 

    My address will be on your acceptance reply, E-mail


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