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  1. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    CAS guns you would like to own/ try

    Now that would be nice. I remember about 2001, when T-Bone first started his infamous adventure into CAS, he shot Schofields (clones of course). He thought they were so cool at unloading table. I would say in less than a year he got bit by "competitive bug" and realized there was more to tickle his fancy than being cool at unloading table in CAS. But then T-Bone is most always cool.
  2. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    Like that 100, I don't see those with the limited engraving on them to often, It is one of those that I recently had plated by APW. Had barrel done with Cerakote finish. Need to get a few pics posted. Sure changed looks of the 100. Nice brace of pistols (signs of Jimmy Spur) and nice 73. BTW, Your Inbox is full again.
  3. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    CAS guns you would like to own/ try

    for Colts? possibly. 73s yes, but I am not sure about my desire on them..$$
  4. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    CAS guns you would like to own/ try

    We have had a nice thread on what different shooters consider the best to have and noted gunsmiths for jobs. What CAS gun & smith would you like if the chance? I have stated in another thread those I or Sassy favor and are very satisfied with, but I still have a few on "the list" that I would like to own or at least try if the $$ and opportunity. 73s...a Harlan Wolf for sure , followed by a Jimmy Spur, Palo Verde, or Lefty Wheeler 73 shotgun...a Doc Noper SKB..if he does half the job on SKB as he does leather, then YES The competition in smithing is heavy among those I list above and others mentioned on the "best to buy" thread. Revolvers, no real list here, I like my FAs and in last year or so I have tried Jimmy Spur SS NMV with Bisley hammers, Snake Oil George SS & low profiled SBH hammers, and Boomstick SS & SBH hammers. All so smooth and nice, however I keep coming back to my FAs, they just feel better. Due to arthritis in thumbs, I think lowering hammer spur would make even the FA more comfortable in my right hand. (Another project to consider.) What's your "dream list" like? Something I would like to see and actually have "on the drawing board" with a machinist, is Ruger main/hammer spring set-up for flat spring guns like my FAs, and Colt & Colt clones. The longevity of Rugers hammer spring system versus flat springs is so superior, and easier to work to point of satisfaction (replacing spring to desired weight). As a shooter such as myself, weakening the flat spring to allow more comfortable cocking, yet 100% primer ignition, I/we open our-self to more chance of flat spring fatigue and breakage.
  5. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Ruger Montado/Vacquero Work?

    And something to think about is whether you want full cock for the smoothness (Jimmy Spur, my choice) or short stroke which is less rearward travel of hammer, but IMO, can often yield lack of smoothness versus full cock due to the need of more hammer tension(size of hands could be factor in desire). As Boggus mentions many smiths to cover both action work. My choice in SS would be Snake Oil George (if still doing CAS smithing), Boomstick, and of course, Boogie (I have little experience with Boogie guns but know many who choose him over others, same true with Lassiter.) I know many do both jobs well, just mentioning those i am most familiar with due to owning or have owned or tried.. Good luck on your project...appears you are successful in your research.
  6. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    Ithaca/SKBs and Brownings have proved most dependable in quality/craftsmanship, & longevity...and there are a number of fine shotgunsmiths that can tune (and repair) them to a CAS competitors desire. 10 or so years ago Baikal and Stoeger were in the mix with some smiths who could tune them well, however their lasting reliability (parts/metal) proved to deteriorate thru the years. I'm sure there are still a few good ones out there, but not sure how long they would hold up to a serious competitors use. I, personally, do not mention Browning much because they are heavier than I like, but excellent doubles for game, especially when smithed to "race gun" options. I believe newer SKBs (not Ithaca marked) are on the scene these days also, I have not shot one, nor seen to many. . IMO, Ith/SKB , and probably Browning, are top choice because a proper smith can maintain replacement parts, especially springs, for repair. Yes, they can require repair if you run them hard and long.
  7. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator


    No doubt in that second or so when I drawed , cocked, and fired right gun WHILE HOLDING THE COCKED LEFT, I did indeed have two loaded guns out at same time so OOC=P. If I had just left right gun holstered and went to unloading table with loaded round in it, I would have received a miss for loaded round in gun ( hammer on empty). All according to how written and you might be right that I could have finished with right gun after firing left, I just do not remember now how it was written...I believe there were five targets and the start was on #2 (Pea Patch sweep, I believe it was called). This probably where I "derailed" in thinking. Even if continuous sweep, idea of finishing with the one live round left in holstered right gun would have possibly been legal.
  8. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator


    do that often...as long as muzzle is touching table/prop, no P, but as DD, shooter has to be careful that he/she does not lift that muzzle from surface until fifth shot of first revolver is fired.
  9. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator


    CC. I like the "you have until the second pistol is cocked before incurring the P for out of category" statement, but where is it referenced in SHB? Do we interpret "out" as barrel pointed down range or barrel "out of halo". or does it matter as long as not cocked before correcting to holster? Personally, I would agree with your call on P for not holstering the loaded 2nd revolver, but truthfully can not quote exact place to find in SHB . I have been called for the SOOC at a WR, but I had cocked second revolver (shooting double duelist). Dumb part was I had holstered first revolver, heard the "one more" statement as I was drawing and cocking second revolver. There I stood with left cocked and I draw the right revolver back out of holster and fire. Yep, should have took miss. As it was, I took P, plus the confusion time. Note....CC, You be right. I found correspondence with PWB in April 2018 on RO Forum that explains this, as you mention. Heck, post was even to me and I forgot about it....getting old has its" flaws". I have not found it in SHB yet, but it may be there and I overlooked it..
  10. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    I actually still shoot some Shotgunner SKBs, I believe he taught art to Dirt and Goatneck...Dirt passed on to Eddie. great guys. I had account back then with Briley so would have them do some of the work on the barrels and Shotgunner's his expertise. Although guns have probably had a spring or two replaced, the Briley barrels are still my favorites. 19-21" and open bored (no choke). Tuff out of it now? I believe he trained some at my place (yep, he traveled a ways)...no, not me teaching, Handlebar Doc. Your Inbox is full.
  11. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Whats the Best and Whyyy???

    Doubt anyone in the know could argue with that list. Actually, I am not a Ruger man (partial to my FAs), but Sassy would not take for her JS NMVs, and I agree to their excellence, so smooth. HW 73, wow, I'd like one, but find Jim Bowie's suits me well, as Cody's and Lefty W's work, and got to admit Sassy's back up 73 with C&I 5th gen by Boomstick is a honey to run . Tough to beat Eddie on SKB's, Sassy has that, and I like my Goatneck work also....Boomstick is on the list too. Sort of a fan of much of Snake Oil George's work also, although retiring from most CAS work.....I just got couple of his new modification on one-piece firing pin systems (73) and anxious to give them a try when returning from WR. So many good'ens out there...the list can go on and on, but CBB, you got one heck of a list.
  12. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    Yeks, I'd forgot about that little bottleneck. and right there in such a scenic strip.
  13. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    What's a smart phone? O'yea, what Sassy has and is on so much, especially now that retired. I still have flip...but do have a tablet just in case I need to text in a more speedy manner..
  14. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    Thanks all. Hoping to at least equal time of straight thru on I10 and, for sure, cut on frustration/anxiety. In the times of oilfield boom,, I watch timing of trip to avoid needing diesel or place to stay from Midland to Pecos. Sounds as though TransMountain might need avoided especially pulling my little trailer. Leaving after work Wednesday hoping to get within hour of Abilene which will put us around seven hours to Las Cruces then four more to Tombstone. Anxious to get to Tombstone to "chill out" ( have a few at Big Nose Kate's and about) and hopefully, depending on weather, to get in couple of days of warm up shooting. Friends already there having fun without Sassy and I.
  15. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    Time for yearly trip to Winter Range via Tombstone....and, my dread of the pass thru El Paso. Anyone tried the Loop to north on 375? I know there are some mountainous miles and we will have a small two-wheel trailer, but considering it takes about an hour to get from east side to west side, and generally construction to add to misery, is the Loop worth it?

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