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  1. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L


    I'd be interested, except I see you took out all the girlie magazines.
  2. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Truck Vaults

    I looked at a lot of them and went with the Better Built SUV unit, mainly because I was afraid if I had one that went all across the bed of my truck I wouldn't be able to lift my guncart high enough to get it in. If I put them in gunsocks I can get 11 long guns in it. For matches with long range I get 7 long guns and 3 sets of handguns. Works for me. I didn't pay near this much for it. 3 years ago. Downside is no way to bolt it down, so I riveted some handles on one side and chained it to the tie down spots in my truck. Roll over image to zoom in Better Built 76217118 Drawer Box by Better Built 3.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review | 4 answered questions Price: $793.04 & FREE Shipping Get $70 off instantly: Pay $723.04 upon approval for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. Note: Not eligible for Amazon Prime. Heavy-duty aluminum construction Silver powder-coat finish › See more product details Compare with similar items New (5) from $599.99 + $106.30 shipping
  3. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Shooting wadcutters in 44sp or 44/40

    It's right out of the manual, 4.9 grains with Missouri Bullets #12 165 gr bullets
  4. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Shooting wadcutters in 44sp or 44/40

    I load 165 grn bullets in my wife's 44's. I use Trail Boss, don't have the load in front of me, but if you're interested I can look it up tomorrow.
  5. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    0411 0414 2019 Nebraska State SASS Championships

    Wish we could make it there, but we're still in AZ mid April.
  6. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Thinking about B-Western..

    My wife buys most of her B Western outfits at Goodwill or Salvation Army, she's gotten some great stuff there.
  7. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Tractor Supply

    I REALLY miss Fleet Farm
  8. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Winter Range 2019 Long Range announcement

    Excellent, looking forward to it.
  9. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Your favorite 12ga load for CAS.

    12.3 gr Red Dot 3/4 oz 7 1/2 shot, grey claybusters, red AA hulls. Can't tell it from Winchester Low Noise Low Recoil.
  10. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Texas Star In Main Match Stage

    I'd enjoy it.
  11. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Ladies Champion

    Wish we could have been there to see it. Way to go cowgirl.
  12. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Wolverine Boots

    I had 2 pair that did the same thing, the heel literally fell apart, like I had dipped them in acid. I contacted Wolverine about the first pair and they declined to do anything. I just threw both pair away.
  13. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Funnel Checked Your Ammo?

    Yep, even hard of hearing old farts like me can hear it. Granny Kathy taught me that last year after a similar episode with my wife's ammo.
  14. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    12g 960FPS shotshell load info

    Winchester printed the load data on their AA Lite powder to replicate the Low Recoil/Low Noise 980 fps "Featherlites", but stopped selling the powder a few years ago.
  15. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Chiappa 1887

    You have to lever the 87's like you stole it to get them to eject and load the next round smoothly. Length of pull is critical on them since the lever throw is so long. Check with Lassiter https://www.guntrustdepot.com/FFL-Dealers/ViewDealer?id=15735 for info the Chiappa's 87's

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