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  1. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Sooooo ... Any Yuma Results??

    ???? I don't see them.
  2. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    From the Shooters Handbook. BLACKPOWDER SHOOTING CATEGORIES Blackpowder category contestants are expected to understand they will contend with smoke obscured targets. To ensure this, all shotgun, revolver, and rifle powder charges must produce smoke at least equivalent to a baseline load of 15 grains by volume (1 cc) of blackpowder (see Blackpowder – Testing section for additional requirements). I believe this was the issue.
  3. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    It was loose and jammed up his pistloe. so I was gonna take it out and locktite it.
  4. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    Yeah, I picked at it with my smallest pick and it didn't budge. He's gonna use them this weekend and I'll try to get it back and work on it some more. I told him I needed to see the other one for comparison to see if the bushing looks the same. Thanks
  5. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    It looks like a security type bit would work, but one side of the slot is either tapered (angled) or there is something jammed in it.
  6. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    I'll try to get one today, but am scrambling to get ready for the Territorial Breakout at Yuma this weekend.
  7. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    That just might do the trick. Thanks. Funny thing is I looked at a set like that but it didn't have any flat blade tips. I'll check out my local hardware or Harbor Freight.
  8. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    Yep, thanks
  9. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    It's a P and has the screw in bushing. I made one out of a screw driver, but was hoping there was something better.
  10. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Firing pin bushing tool

    Working on a friends Cimarron revolver and need to find a firing pin bushing tool. Any sources for one? I made one that will work temporarily, but would like to get the real thing. Thanks
  11. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Hell On Wheels June 27-30, 2019

    Looking forward to it again. Are you shooting Long Range side matches again?
  12. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L


    You missed some of the best stages that Cantankerous Jeb used to write at the Crow River Rangers.
  13. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L

    Christmas guns

    Got this Single Six Colorado Centennial in .22/.22 mag from my wife and bought myself this Lemon Squeezer in .38 S&W
  14. Claw and link to claw is broken among other friggin things.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SouthwestShooter


      It's a sizemaster model 62.

      Does that help?

      Will bring it to acsa.


      love n kisses as always



    3. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L
    4. SouthwestShooter


      That's why you're my favorite.

      (Besides Jan of course)



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