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  1. grenadier

    Sweetheart Grips

    I have seen these and even bayonets with pics of naked girls.
  2. grenadier

    Scrapple...not Scrabble

    A friend of mine once said that scrapple was made from leftovers sold by the local Mohel for kosher swine.
  3. grenadier

    Scrabble In Europe

    Everyone I know of are printed in Hochdeutsch. There may be some small run or local paper that’s printed in the local dialect. I can ask my Swiss wife if you want.
  4. grenadier

    Funny License Plates or unTruth in Advertising?

    A friend saw Sir Ian McKellan’s cars in London 2 B and Not 2 B
  5. grenadier

    Scrabble In Europe

    Swiss -German is only spoken, with no official recognition for it as a written language. Swiss-Germans will speak and write in official capacity in Hochdeutstsch. There has been some who wish to preserve the uniqueness of Swiss-German dialects and have written it down and preserved it. Every German I know says that Swiss-German is unintelligible to them.
  6. grenadier


    You were at Bunker Hill, Vera Cruz, Chickamagua, Little Big Horn, San Juan Hill, Meuse-Argonne, Normandy, Chosin? You have been around the block!!!!
  7. grenadier

    Scrabble In Europe

    While Germans use this, it is not universal nor do all German speakers use it. For instance, German speaking Swiss have never used it, nor Lichentensteiners.
  8. grenadier


    The occasional fat guy will pop up in period photos of soldiers. I’ve even seen a few that would be called morbidly obese but I have never seen these fat guys in airborne, Spec Forces, Ranger, Waffen SS or other high speed units. More often they are second and third line support guys.
  9. grenadier

    Ban Guns and Violence Will Stop......Right??

    Might be a good time to start that chainmaile business I have always wanted.
  10. grenadier

    Battle of New Orleans - In 1814

    Both of my small sons can sing this song.
  11. grenadier

    Flashy 1858 Remington

    It doesn’t appear to have been shot but it has been played with but well maintained. It is a full steel frame by Pietta, 44 caliber with no improvements.
  12. grenadier

    Flashy 1858 Remington

    Going through my stuff and found this 1858 Remington. Any idea what it’s worth?
  13. grenadier

    Cabela’s ain’t Cabela’s any more.

    I was admiring a beautiful 1873 Winchester at our local Cabelas a few years ago. 44/40 in 85-90% orignal condition and it had a price tag to match. I said the guy “ that’s a dandy rifle and a dandy price” he replied, “ Some yahoo brought it in here and traded it for an AR15.”
  14. grenadier

    Cabela’s ain’t Cabela’s any more.

    The worlds changing
  15. grenadier


    I love the stuff

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