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  1. grenadier

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    It’s ok, Pat. That’s why I predicated the statement by saying I think it’s wrong to judge on clothing and hairstyles. It’s wrong in my view of the world and possibly not wrong in yours and that’s fine. I have been judged because of my appearance and or hairstyle at the time and I was not a bad person nor was I gay for having a ponytail as some suggested. My barber has a “man bun” and he is a hard working and decent guy. He works 8-10 hours a day on his feet all day six days a week to provide for his family. I judge him by his actions, not his choice of hairstyle. But you know, that’s whats great about this country or at least this forum. We can agree to disagree and still share our love for this hobby and the things associated with it.
  2. grenadier

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

    I personally think that judging a person for their choice of hairstyles and clothing is wrong. I’m sure a few of us let our grandfathers down by wearing a ponytail when we were younger. Just makes me wonder if there’s an age limit in us males that we reach age that we think we have the right to question younger males manliness, sexuality or right to be who they want to be. I can certainly remember my WW2 veteran assistant Scoutmaster questioning my and a fellow scouts orientation, simply because we had ponytails. He wanted us to have a haircut like a “real man” when we had our Eagle ceremony. Needless to say, we did not cut our hair, nor did we like boys.
  3. grenadier

    Ever dream of a certain gun for years

    1941 Johnson rifle but I’ll have to be really lucky to find one I can afford
  4. grenadier


    Who do you want to contact, I can get info for you. That place is largely a ghost to n these days:
  5. grenadier

    MAN-BUNS! Time to shame them out of existence...

  6. grenadier

    Arguments on the Wire

    My friend calls is Nerd Blackface and finds it offensive
  7. grenadier

    Dragnet - Daniel Boone

    Friday actually never said that.
  8. grenadier

    Good License Plate

  9. grenadier

    Dragnet - Daniel Boone

    I’m rather obsessed with Dragnet and I have watched all of the second series and now starting with the orignal series from the 1950’s. I am amazed at how many of the actors from the original series we’re recycled and used a decade later. Watched one last night and Friday is talking with a patrolman and I immediately recognized the voice, it was a very young Fess Parker.
  10. grenadier

    Teutonic Tater Masher Turned In!

    Country the size of TX has required most of the Western World put it back into those Texas sized borders twice in just a generation.
  11. grenadier

    What is this Commie weapon??

    I once owned a DP-28 and it was a fun rifle to own. I was taking to a Herman Goering Division veteran once and he served as a machine gunner on Eastern Front. He referred to the DP-28 as that Russian gun that looked like a record player.
  12. grenadier

    Anyone from Helena MT?

    Wife will be accepting a job offer in Helena and I was curious if anyone here lives in Helena, so I can ask a few questions.
  13. grenadier

    1927 penny

    I have a business associate that carries $200 in $2 at gunshow a just for reactions. I once saw him counting the $2 when a young boy walks up and asks “ what Are those mister” my associate responded “ They are rare $2 bills” and the kid asks “ how much are they? He replied “ they are $5! The kid proceeded to take out his wallet and hand over a $5 bill. The associate hands one over and said “ Gunshows are the worst place to believe someone kid, take this and get your arse out of here!”
  14. grenadier

    Hate to go

    Is there no possible way you can still enjoy shooting from a sitting position?

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