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  1. grenadier

    American Rifleman came today

    If you were close to Hatfield and McCoy land I would offer you a chance
  2. grenadier


    It’s pronounced “ ten years/10,000 fine”
  3. grenadier

    Civilians with assimilated rank

    My friends grandfather told a story of being “drafted” by the US Army in 1945 and sent to Germany. He was head of a research program for Union Carbide during the war and Uncle Sam needed him and his team to identify processes the Nutzees were suing not for alternative fuels and polymers. He said they were all issued Army uniforms with a patch and armband that stated they were civilians working for the Army. He was dressed down for passing a generals car and not saluting while driving. He said they were chased down and threatened by the General for not saluting. He said he told him to go pound sand, since he was a civilian and not obligated to salute. Don’t know it is true or not but it made for a good story.
  4. grenadier

    Shots fired!

    I am torn on this. I see the need and appreciate the final result but where did all of those fired rounds end up? It appears they were traveling through residential areas at one point. I certainly do not want anyone firing a firearm while driving a vehicle through my neighborhood.
  5. grenadier

    American Rifleman came today

    I have found that the 1917 platform is quicker to aim and easier to learn how to shoot. The 1903 while sleek, beautiful and a joy to handle is more difficult to learn how to shoot. While I love both of these hybrid American designs, I prefer my Norwegian designed and American tinkered Krag. She is just a pleasure to shoot.
  6. grenadier

    American Rifleman came today

    1917 is a workhorse for combat and the 1903 is like a beautiful girl that you want to hold.
  7. grenadier

    Round Nose projectiles in tube magazine

    I once saw an 1886 Lebel with the from part of the forearm missing due to someone smacking the butt on the ground while loaded with spritzer bullets.
  8. grenadier

    I Made A New Friend Today

    THAT! That is what America is about.
  9. grenadier

    Consequences, aftermath, some hope

    Watched my beloved mother rot because of cigarettes. I don’t wish that on anyone.
  10. grenadier

    Kidnapping Is Easy In Texas

    Not in West Virginia
  11. grenadier

    Tragic Morning

    French Press is the only way to drink coffee
  12. grenadier

    WTB-cowboy holster for Walker Revolver

    I have a Slim Jim holster for one. Drop me an email [email protected]
  13. grenadier

    What does Independence Day mean to you?

    It means I can shoot my No1MkIII SMLE and not have to answer to the Queen or her servants.
  14. grenadier

    It's Monday alrite.....

    Traveling on I-81 thru rural Virginia one morning about 02:00 and hit a swarm of wat looked like May flies. They were so thick the headlights dimmed and there were huge rivlets of slime and insect carcasses on the windshield. Started to get to the point we couldn’t see while driving and we were beginning over worried. Suddenly, we spotted a gas station. There must have been at least 25 cars waiting to clean their windshields. I remember one girl puking from the nastiness. We finally got to the squeegee and the bucket was empty of window cleaner but full of bug slime and carcasses. I almost puked at that point not from the sight but the pungent musk like smell. my friend commented that it was out of The Old Testament! I have never seen or heard of anything like this since.

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