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  1. grenadier

    A little story about the former Soviet Union

    There are some interesting videos of a guy who grew up in the Soviet Union questioning young college age self-labeled communists on YouTube.
  2. grenadier

    Now don’t get me wrong

  3. grenadier

    Now don’t get me wrong

    Bob, checkout Ripper Street. I would like your opinion of it as a policeman.
  4. grenadier

    What did you get in your stocking?

    Hopefully it’s a fishnet with the seam up the back and it’s filled with my wife!
  5. grenadier

    Book of the Garand by Julian Hatcher

    I don’t mess with the wood on mine either. The bucks, bruises and notches all tell a story. I recently pulled a Type 38 Arisaka out of a corner in Pa and it looks like a road map. All correct but this old warhorse looks like it went from Manchuria to Philippines. Some GI, Marine or Sailor saw fit to leave it alone so I will too.
  6. grenadier

    Thought So

    Maybe they are San Francisco’s 2x4’s?
  7. grenadier

    Fur blanket

    My British Irvin jacket has the fur to the inside and it’s possibly the warmest coat I have ever worn.
  8. grenadier

    SASS/CAS discussion from another site

    I traded my “Franken-15” for a new in the box 1860 Henry and it still makes me smile.
  9. grenadier

    Comparison of US and IJN Forces

    It’s interesting to see how a society that went from a medieval feudal society to world power in less than 80 years that had the ability to stand toe to toe with three world powers.
  10. grenadier

    Armi Sport "Sharps"

    I’ve owned two Armi Sports paper cartridge Sharps and both were real tack drivers. I highly suggest you go over to NSSA forum North South Skirmish Association and datamine there. There is a treasure trove of information buried there. Charlie Hahn sells nitrated paper tubes that work like a charm in these rifles and saves you a tremendous amount of hassle for just a few pennies.
  11. grenadier

    Scool me on Conversion Cylinders

    Is there anyone converting the original cylinder that came with the gun?
  12. grenadier


    i knew a guy who said that Rumbas simply mapped your house and transmitted the layout of your house to the Shadow Gov. Maybe your dogs and cats know something?
  13. grenadier

    guess i can't trade a Garand for a kimber

    Well, that would be highly unusual for an issue Springfield. Normally it’s the other way around, an older receiver with a newer barrel.
  14. grenadier

    India muskets

    I’ve owned and shot them. They are clunky and require lots of woodwork to make them close to historical dimensions. The wood can be difficult to stain/dye, it can be hard to carve and hard to finish with historical methods. The locks can be superior to other makes but they can also be worthy of pulling your hair out over. They are highly controversial in the black powder and the re-enacting community. Some love them others loathe them. I have seen some that were heavily reworked that looked amazing. I was across the field from one that let go and split the length of the barrel about 2/3rds of the way along a very visable seam. After that incident, I won’t shoot one and that was with a blank or blanks.
  15. grenadier

    Question about gun ports

    Who wants a funnel to channel the projectiles in towards the defender? ive been in numerous fortifications that dated from medieval to 18th century and the V has always been inside.

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