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  1. grenadier

    Does Pietta still make a 36 Remington?

    Not particularly hard to find but they seem to come and go in spurts. About a year ago, I went looking for one and could never find one. I think Murphy in all his glory of preventing me from finding one must have disrupted the entire time continuum
  2. grenadier

    Catasaurus Rex

    All this talk of shaved cats ..............
  3. grenadier

    8mm Mauser vs 30-06

    The US government converted 1000s of Type 99 Arisaka rifles to 30.06 for use by the South Korean military.
  4. grenadier

    8mm Mauser vs 30-06

    I don’t believe 8mm would even chamber in 30/06.
  5. grenadier

    We've Had It Wrong!

    Didn’t H&K have a rifle that fired ammunition just like this? A caseless ammunition design that was a modern take on the 19th century concept.
  6. grenadier

    Challenger-33 years ago

    I was watching it with my seventh grade science class. I can remember Mr. Smith mumbling “That’s not supposed to happen!”
  7. grenadier

    We've Had It Wrong!

    I just received a 24 ban for violating community standards for asking if anyone had a Civil War cartridge box for sale!!!
  8. grenadier

    WTB trapdoor carbine

    I’m interested in the rifle
  9. grenadier

    Uberti Henry in .44 Rimfire

    I read somewhere that .44 RF was being produced in Brazil still.
  10. grenadier

    Somebody Paid Attention to "Castaway"

    Hmmmm... just saw a pair of skates st the thrift shop!
  11. grenadier

    A BAR walks into a couple Germans...

    Love mine
  12. grenadier

    My dentist has famous old west famly history

    Isn’t that a myth that he killed himself with a Schofield?
  13. grenadier

    Kits available to make holster?

    I can cut a blank out for you.
  14. Ha! That’s a great little set up there, J Bar!
  15. grenadier

    UFO's...again on History Channel

    I love this stuff and I have since I was a child but The History Channel has become nothing more than televised Enquirer.
  16. grenadier

    Twilight Zone

    I’ve watched every episode multiple times and they never get old. I have introduced them to my two sons and they both love the show.
  17. grenadier

    weyersberg kirschbaum & co solingen bayonet

    Interesting that it has been converted to fire spritzer 7.92 but does not have the notched receiver
  18. grenadier

    weyersberg kirschbaum & co solingen bayonet

    It looks like the correct 71/84 bayonet but the scabbard does not appear to be the correct scabbard for a German used bayonet. Look on the spine of the blade just in front of the muzzlering. Being beat the most Hades suggests to me this saw service with someone other than Germany, more than likely Turkey or South American This model bayonet was exported widely before WW1. Please post pics of your rifle.
  19. grenadier

    Twilight Zone: A Western episode with...

    One of the best!
  20. grenadier

    WTB M1880 Knife

    There’s a seller on eBay who sells a god repro. Keep an eye out there
  21. grenadier

    Sumpin' Ain't Right

    Brazzers is a porn site so I assume this is innuendo
  22. grenadier

    WTS/WTT Winchester 97 $380

    Email sent
  23. grenadier

    WTB/WTT Arisakas

    Been bit by the Japanese bug and want to expand my horde. like to find a Type 38 carbine but open to other models. I have $$ but also some nice cap and ball revolvers.
  24. grenadier

    WTB/WTT Arisakas

    Tried to send you a message but says you are unable to receive
  25. grenadier

    WTB/WTT Arisakas

    Thanks gentlemen, I am only interested in unmolested examples.

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