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  1. Cowboy Junky

    357 magnum 130gr RNFP light load

    I've had two of those and they should feed a 38 with no issues. I know Deuce did a out-of-the-box test on one and I bet a dime to a dollar he used his 38 loads too. I'd make sure your bullets are at least 1.42 and then go from there. It should feed them with no issues. If you and your wife are shooting it'll be a lot more expensive to shoot 357 brass and it shouldn't be necessary. You are covering up a problem by switching to longer bullets.
  2. Cowboy Junky

    WTC 10+1 Rifle stage

    These questions are why I come to the WTC's. They are great tools for how to write good stages and learn the rules. Like others have said it "should" have been in the stage instructions and hopefully it was. Anytime after the beep, after the 10th shot, at any time, etc are some examples. If it wasn't I don't know of any conventions for that (there may be) but I would think it's wide open if not stated.
  3. Cowboy Junky

    Advice from a new shooter

    Lol.....you might have even done that on purpose...….
  4. Cowboy Junky

    End of Trail

    The end of the trial is over.....they found El Chapo guilty on all accounts. Sorry I had too...…..
  5. Cowboy Junky

    Lightest/Cheapest 12G Shotgun Ammo...?

    Lighter and cheaper don't seem to go together...….lol. All the light stuff costs more than standard loads.
  6. Cowboy Junky

    Help with 73

    Look at that bolt tab close. Many times they bend down and when they go back in the frame (where you felt the stick) the bend back the other way. This will cause fatigue and the bolt tab will break off. Look for cracks or damage. If it is the old type bolt there are many gunsmiths that can add a new tab to it or mill in the slot for the new removeable tabs. Of you could get a new bolt and fit it.
  7. Cowboy Junky

    Advice from a new shooter

    He's a great guy and new to SASS. He has shot other disciplines and is an accomplished shooter and he really fell for the sport as many of us have. He's trying to help bring in new shooters and I applaud him for that. I wish we had 20 more like him!
  8. Cowboy Junky

    Chamber modifications.

    I was at a match were someone tried really hard to shoot 45 LC through a 30-30......would that count?
  9. Cowboy Junky

    73 Roller Coil Main Spring

    IMHO you are replacing a perfectly working system with another.
  10. Cowboy Junky

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    I bought a lot of my stuff 20 years ago and added a better press 10 years ago so it wasn't a big hit all at once. If I figured out how much money I have saved loading for all I have shot since then...…..it's well worth it for me. Plus when people couldn't find ammo I was still up & running...…..that's a hidden jewel.
  11. Cowboy Junky

    Trail Boss vs Clays

    Maybe your crimp is too light? I was using 3.9 grains of Clays in my 44 spl for years....when I still thought light loads were beneficial. I even put them in the freezer over night and shot them to see if that would matter and it didn't. That was a 180 grain bullet. The mag cartridges are gonna' make it worse.....more case vol.
  12. Cowboy Junky

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    I always hunted and loved lever guns & westerns so it was an easy transition for me. I had two 94 Marlins in 44mag and my dad had a Hy Hunter 44 Mag that was the talk of the town back in the 60's. I still remember his friends coming over to shoot a 44 mag…….lol. So I bought a Ruger Vaquero in 44 mag when they first came out...…….not near as much fun to shoot with 300 grain factory loads as my 629 classic (actually NOT fun at all) but really fun with a 200 grain SASS load.
  13. Cowboy Junky

    Pistol Weight

    +1 Lightest I ever felt and the hammers are right there.
  14. Cowboy Junky

    New Category

    Just one more thing.....I think the biggest mistake we make is telling folks to buy their stuff and come join us. I try to get them to shoot a stage using ours guns or shoot the match using others guns. They can shoot in blue jeans & tennis shoes if that's why they walked up in. Once they get a taste they'll find the money if they like it......but we gotta' set the hook rather than send them away thinking they need to drop 4K to play right away.
  15. Cowboy Junky

    New Category

    IMHO that's just what they say when they aren't committed, intimidated by competition or are being nice and don't want to tell you they aren't sure if they like it enough to start. I have had people tell me that all the time and then later in the conversation they tell me about their AR15 in 300blk with a suppressor, the AR 10, the two Glocks, three 1911's and then the 5 hunting rifles they have as well. Then we start talking about 4 wheelers, bass boats and every other money pit we hold so dearly. Then I wave to them as they drive away in an 2018 F250 supercab……...lol. I like to tell em'...…...yeah I had a safe full I guns I never used too. Some I literally never shot, some I did once in a while and some I wasn't even sure of...……..lol. Then I joined SASS and I have shot my SASS guns more times in a couple years than every other gun I have owned in my life combined (excluding my first bb gun). I really think it's an excuse or at least a priority issue for most that say it. I didn't have money to burn when I started but I sold things I wasn't using to buy things I wanted to use.

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