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  1. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    45 lead

    Got a pic of the bullet? Might help.
  2. Springfield Slim SASS #24733


    That's why I split it with other BP shooters, helps defray the cost of shipping and Haz-Mat.
  3. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    Need help deciding on holsters for my Schofields.

    How long are the barrels? Slim Jim holsters look better with long barrelled guns.
  4. Springfield Slim SASS #24733


    OK, you may be right. When I order BP it always comes in 25 lb boxes. Never needed to buy more than that, not enough people here to split it with.
  5. Springfield Slim SASS #24733


    Not really, just order more of the 2 lb containers, as Haz-Mat is per container, up to 25 lbs/container.
  6. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    Need cut down 73 stock

    I have a straight grip one with a LOP of 10 1/2", measured along the bottom edge. I don't remember where I got it, was probably going to use it for my kids but never did and now they are teenagers and don't need it. 25.00 shipped?
  7. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    Colt grip panel crack repair.

    I always use fuel hose cut to length to prevent such happenings.
  8. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    Using wood for a lead mould?

    Use a muffin tin and don't fill them up all the way. Easy and repeatable.
  9. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    storing dillon toolheads

    I like your set-up, Bob. I could fill that up and still need another row. I may have to copy that, right now they are all on a shelf, makes it difficult to get to the ones in the back.
  10. Good Morning, I've been looking for a rig for my Colt Navy BP pistols. On the belt I would like loops for 8 12ga shells. I'm new to CAS, and I'm open to ideas/styles.


    Feel free to call/txt me at 812-369-8284


    Many thanks!

  11. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    In Defense of Food

    Doesn't matter what the guidelines are if you don't follow them. And who does that all the time?
  12. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    Kits available to make holster?

    Carl: I'll send you 150 pieces of 45 Colt brass with your other package. My wife switched to 45CS so I have a bunch I will probably never need as both the kids and I shoot 44-40.
  13. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    What does she do in her spare time?

    My tabby just likes to follow along. Just naturally nosy, I guess, plus he gets along well with the dog. Can't say that about the other 3 cats, kinda hit and miss.
  14. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

    What does she do in her spare time?

    My tabby doesn't need a leash, he just goes where the dog goes when we take a walk. The dog doesn't need a leash either.
  15. I'll take this one,please. 356-120-TC Thanks, Slim

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