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  1. Duster Tom

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

    Amen to that.
  2. Duster Tom

    Sheriffs Model SAA

    I have a Colt in 44-40 with a spare .44 Special cylinder. Great gun. There are also shopkeepers model around with a slightly longer barrel.
  3. Duster Tom

    merwin Hulbert expert needed.

    Wonder if he'll see his shadow this year?
  4. Duster Tom

    Marlin Owners Beware

    Just ordered one for my 1895 from Midway. Thanks for the Heads Up. We'll see how this goes.
  5. Duster Tom

    SlickMagic Parts for Marlin 1894C

    I guess the Marbles rear Bullseye sights would be less than legal.
  6. Duster Tom

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    If I see a democrat with his hands in his own pockets then it's too cold.
  7. Duster Tom

    44-40 on a progressive press?

    Have loaded 38-40 on a Dillon 550 using Lee dies, including the crimp die. Gearing up soon to load 44-40 using Lee dies also.
  8. Duster Tom

    Interarms Rossi 92

    How were the Interarms Rossi 92’s? I wasn’t looking, but have someone offering me a 20” Carbine in .45 LC with low mileage for $450. Supposed to be a 90’s gun. SN: AM022XXX
  9. Duster Tom


    Matt’s Bullets has them. http://www.mattsbullets.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=72&zenid=lv3sbvg5lsgiplme5o4t7ho3j7
  10. Duster Tom

    FS S&W Performance Center Schofields SPF

    I have a pair myself. Love them.
  11. Duster Tom

    Need help deciding on holsters for my Schofields.

    Slim Jims.
  12. Duster Tom

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Duster Tom SASS #: 25420 Where you are from: New Bedford, Mass. How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 1994
  13. Duster Tom

    Coach gun measurement for gun cart?

    Folds up. Metal supports are what you see if you look up at a utility pole supporting cross arms.
  14. Duster Tom

    Dillon Charge Bar w/ Trail Boss

    When I used the regular one I was getting powder falling down after charging the case. Which led me to believe the regular bar was too small for 5.5 Gr. Of TB.
  15. Duster Tom

    Dillon Charge Bar w/ Trail Boss

    Tried both again today. The large is throwing more consistent than the regular one.

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