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  1. Skb 100 12 ga

    I sent you a message and I'll take it. Thanks, Johnny Meadows
  2. Looking for Uberti 73 octagon 45 barrel only

    I have a customer that has a flawed barrel on his Uberti 73, so I'm looking for a take off barrel, any length at a reasonable price. He is not wanting to pay the price to rechamber it. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  3. Ruger Old Army fixed sight

    I have access to a new pair of Ruger Old Army fixed sight 5.5"barreled revolvers. What are they worth. Thanks, Johnny Meadows
  4. Skb 100 12 ga

    Ralphie, not sure if you got my message. I will take the deal you offered. Thank you, Johnny M
  5. WTB Double Barrel Shotgun

    I have in stock many SxS shotguns. If interested contact me at [email protected] Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  6. Skb 100 12 ga

    Message sent. J.M.
  7. In honer of the great people participating in SASS

    Thank you all for the nice replies. J.M
  8. In honer of the great people participating in SASS

    Hell No!!!!!!!
  9. In honer of the great people participating in SASS

    It is a pleasure to belong to a group of people that have integrity and honesty like the Cowboy Action groups. I have been in competitive shooting sports for 61 years and have never come across a better bunch of people. Thank you all for the great times and pleasant experience that is Cowboy Action shooting. Johnny Meadows
  10. Need Baikal Parts Guns

    Been through EAA and they have a very limited supply of parts that I don't need. Thanks, J.M.
  11. Need Baikal Parts Guns

    Thanks Charlie, I'll check it out. My shoulder replacement went well, hope your doing well also. J.M.
  12. 20 gauge for CAS shotgun?

    I've just come off three of shoulder problems ending with a replacement. During that time I needed to shoot the latest weight guns that I could. I am known for my SKB's and chose a SKB 20ga. It hits the targets hard, is light and they are still affordable. Johnny Meadows
  13. Need Baikal Parts Guns

    The guns are being made but not let into the Country at this time. Parts are very seldom needed, because they have quality steel in them. I make parts that I need but would like to buy some used guns for parts. I do have a few for sale, if interested send me an email at: [email protected] and I can send pics and prices. Thank you, Johnny Meadows
  14. Need Baikal Parts Guns

    The factory pins in a Baikal do not need to be changed out. The steel in a Baikal is very good, replacement pins are hard to find. J.M.
  15. Need Baikal Parts Guns

    I am looking to buy Baikal shotguns for parts or even better guns. Thanks, Johnny Meadows [email protected]