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  1. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    I tend to have matching pairs, but that’s just me. I would encourage you to buy and shoot what you like. Life is too short to do what someone else thinks you should do.
  2. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Sheriffs Model SAA

    I just checked Dixie Gun Works a nd they show a Uberti .45 sherriff’s model without the ejector in stock for $495.
  3. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Sheriffs Model SAA

    Years ago, I had an Italian one (it was the actual one Mike Venterino reviewed for G&A). It was a very good and accurate gun. In the 80s I shot it in CAS matches as a pocket pistol. Tons of fun especially with full house BP rounds (I once set a pocket pistol target on fire from the muzzle blast). I sold it on at some point but now have a 3rd gen Colt 44-40/.44 spl. Rules have changed and they are no longer legal for pocket pistol so I don’t get to shoot it much but it is still cool. My old friend, the late Diamond Dick (SASS hall of fame) used to carry an engraved, nickle Sheriff’s model with ivory grips as his duty gun when he was captain of homocide for the Sacramento Sherriffs department. A class act. I have not seen an italian one for sale in a while. For some reason they seem to only make the version with an ejector (a gun that never existed). Colt made some very nice sherriff’s models recently in .45. Not sure if they are still available new, but used ones are around. Expensive, but worth it in my opinion.
  4. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Frustrations loading 56-50 Spencer

    You might do a chamber cast and determine the size of you chamber. The original guns were commonly made with oversized chambers.
  5. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Sorry, I went back and read your original post and I have to say that shooting 44spl on a gun chambered for 44-40 is a really, really bad idea. Best case, accuracy is likely to be poor. Worst case, you could blow the gun, split a case and vent gas in your eye. Oddly, I actually own a Uberti 1866 that someone shot a .44 spl in. It split the case and locked up the gun. The guy who did it sold me the gun for $50 as he thought it was wrecked. I drove the case out with a rod, measured everything, and found out that nothing was actually damaged. I had the gun engraved and nickle plated. It is now a lovely gun. The guy only fired one 44spl in the gun and that was that. Please do do not shoot 44spl in a 44-40. You can buy another gun so you can shoot both calibers. You can’t buy new eyes.
  6. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    This makes no difference. A lathe will cut the magazine of a Henry just fine, though you would need to make some jigging and do part of it between centers.
  7. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Converting a Uberti 1860 Henry from 44-40 to 44 special, how?

    Take the barrel off, cut off the 44-40 chamber, rethread it and chamber it for 44 spl. Or, replace the barrel with a 44spl if they are available.
  8. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Colt SAA second generation inside look

    There was a period where colts were assembled by members of the United Auto Workers, and looked like it. I bought a brand new Colt with ivory grips in the 80s and when I cocked the hammer it stuck back and would not fall. A real mess. None the less, a Colt will always be worth more than a clone and every Colt I have ever owned has gone up in value. I have only sold a few of the Colts I have owned and have regretted the loss of evey one. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Italians make very good guns at a good price and I own a number of them. But, they are not the same as a Colt.
  9. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Real BP or BP sub

    With all due respect, I think you are blowing this out of proportion and putting words in people’s mouths. As you well know from previous posts, I don’t like subs and would be happy if they were banned (especially for long range side matches). But, 1) That is my personal opinion, one I doubt is shared by many. 2) I don’t attack people for using subs. First because it’s a dick move and second because it would drive people away from shooting BP. 3) This all boils down to what the rules are for this sport. People argue for rule changes all the time. Most of them never go anywhere and I doubt seriously that the BP rules are going to change any time soon. In the end, we all get to do what we want and play the game as we like (within the rules). The birds of a feather will flock together and that is just fine. What those flocks think of each other is pretty irrelevant as long as they respect the right of the other flocks to exist. (I think I have tortured that metaphor enough). Again, just my opinion.
  10. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Real BP or BP sub

    I store mine in .50 cal cans in the loading room. A separate outside storage is not really required. Real BP is an explosive rather than a propellant, but you need to take the same precautions as with smokeless. The main one being no sparks!
  11. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Real BP or BP sub

    Well, if you think about it, if ya ain’t using this or you ain’t shooting that, etc, then you actually ain’t this or that... but so what? We all get to do this the way we want. It’s a big tent.
  12. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Real BP or BP sub

    As stated on the other post, I shoot BP and don’t shoot subs. I tried pyrodex but dont like the hard fouling it leaves. I shoot up pyrodex in shotgun shells as the wad from subsequent shots does a fair job of scraping it out. I have not tried any of the other subs. I also load and shoot a lot of smokeless. In fact, i shoot that most of the time. But when BP is called for, only the sacred black will do.
  13. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Not a lesser experience, a different one. And, not superfluous noise, experience and knowledge. As always, they are not for everyone. But, please feel free to tell me all about what SASS is. I have only been shooting it for 30 something years.
  14. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    Couldn’t agree more.
  15. Doc Coles SASS 1188

    Black powder substitutes in SASS sanctioned side matches?

    In BP class. We already have a million classes, have another for subs. Just my opinion.

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