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  1. WTB - .38 Special brass

    I have made deals on the brass that I need. Thanks to everyone who replied. Buxton
  2. WTB - .38 Special brass

    Hamley, I have replied to your PM. Thanks. Buxton.
  3. WTB - .38 Special brass

    Hamley, What would you need for your 2K of brass. I am looking for about that many. Buxton.
  4. WTB - .38 Special brass

    I seem to be running low on .38 brass. If all the .38 shooters in the family used the same load, I would be ok, but having to inventory several versions, I am getting low. Let me know if you have any extra brass laying around. Buxton Lookout
  5. Shooting glasses recommendation

    I would recommend Rudy Project Shooting Kit. It comes with 5 different colors of shields and can accommodate Rx inserts. I have had mine for several years and they are great. http://www.e-rudy.com/en/products/detail/SN790306S5 Buxton Lookout
  6. SKB with very light load do they work

    Bullett, I shoot AA 'featherlite' loads in my SKB - it was worked over by Goatneck Clem. I have never had a problem with reset. If you want to try your loads in my shotgun, I plan to shoot at Albany on the 26th. This is going to be my next opportunity to shoot this month. Buxton Lookout

    I'm nearly at the bottom, depending on which map you're looking at. I'm located in Butte country near Chico, California. I would be VERY interested in looking at some pictures. Please send them to me at <[email protected]>. What are you asking for the rig?


    Are you talking about Albany Oregon, or Albany California in the Bay Area? Spent a couple of years as a kid growing up in Corvallis.....LOVED IT THERE. Unfortunately family moved back to SoCal were my father was a teacher. Corvallis was always one of my fondest memories.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Dr. Ironbeard