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  1. WTB - .38 Special brass

    I have made deals on the brass that I need. Thanks to everyone who replied. Buxton
  2. WTB - .38 Special brass

    Hamley, I have replied to your PM. Thanks. Buxton.
  3. WTB - .38 Special brass

    Hamley, What would you need for your 2K of brass. I am looking for about that many. Buxton.
  4. WTB - .38 Special brass

    I seem to be running low on .38 brass. If all the .38 shooters in the family used the same load, I would be ok, but having to inventory several versions, I am getting low. Let me know if you have any extra brass laying around. Buxton Lookout
  5. Shooting glasses recommendation

    I would recommend Rudy Project Shooting Kit. It comes with 5 different colors of shields and can accommodate Rx inserts. I have had mine for several years and they are great. http://www.e-rudy.com/en/products/detail/SN790306S5 Buxton Lookout
  6. SKB with very light load do they work

    Bullett, I shoot AA 'featherlite' loads in my SKB - it was worked over by Goatneck Clem. I have never had a problem with reset. If you want to try your loads in my shotgun, I plan to shoot at Albany on the 26th. This is going to be my next opportunity to shoot this month. Buxton Lookout
  7. EuroArms '73 Clone - Whats your experience

    Local gun store had a used Euroarms 73 on the shelf. .357 / .38 spl Saddle Ring Carbine. I have grand children coming up to shooting age and could use another 73. I don't know anything about the Euroarms so I am asking the wire what you all think. Do short stroke kits work or are they different than Ubertis? If you have had some experience with them I would like to hear about it. Thanks, Buxton Lookout
  8. FS Uberti '66 44-40 Saddle Ring Carbine

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  9. SOLD -FS Marlin Cowboy Ltd. .45 Colt

    Moose, I am not looking for anything particular right now, sorry.
  10. FS Uberti '66 44-40 Saddle Ring Carbine

    This rifle has seen very little use. It is in very good to excellent condition - it doesn't appear to have been modified in any way. It is an early EMF import, per the date code it was made in 1977. Short stroke kits may not be compatible with these older guns. This would be great for shooting Black Powder. I am asking $700.00 + shipping to your FFL. Thanks for looking Buxton Lookout
  11. SOLD -FS Marlin Cowboy Ltd. .45 Colt

    Totally Stock CB Ltd. 20 in Octagon barrel. This rifle has hardly been used - it looks like new. It has apparently never been used for CAS because it still has the white diamond on the sight. Asking $900.00 plus shipping. This is a JM marked rifle. I think it was made in 2009. Thanks, Buxton Lookout
  12. Bullet feeder

    Can a hornady bullet feeder be made to work with a Dillon 650xl. I found one on markdown. Thanks, Buxton Lookout
  13. 1873 Bolt / Lower Tab Question

    It was Federal brass that seems to be very squared off on the rear of the rim. one piece in particular would stop the bolt completely other Federals would slightly hang up. I will re-profile the tab to make sure it will cycle any kind of brass. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. Buxton
  14. 1873 Bolt / Lower Tab Question

    Should the lower tab be square or have a bevel/chamfer? The problem is that some .38 spl cases have a very square rim profile and the bolt does not go into battery (square tab hitting the square cartridge rim). I think if I chamfered the edge of the tab it would slide. Would that be the right thing to do or is there something else going on here? Any Ideas would be helpful. Buxton Lookout
  15. THANKS BA,

    I'm nearly at the bottom, depending on which map you're looking at. I'm located in Butte country near Chico, California. I would be VERY interested in looking at some pictures. Please send them to me at <[email protected]>. What are you asking for the rig?


    Are you talking about Albany Oregon, or Albany California in the Bay Area? Spent a couple of years as a kid growing up in Corvallis.....LOVED IT THERE. Unfortunately family moved back to SoCal were my father was a teacher. Corvallis was always one of my fondest memories.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Dr. Ironbeard