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  1. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

  2. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

    Or there is this slightly more entertaining, but extremely hard on the components method of bullet pulling.
  3. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

  4. Ethan Cord

    Off Topic WTB Flintlock pistol's

    Hey amigo, did you find what you were looking for? i hope all is well with you.
  5. Ethan Cord

    Why I don't have a tattoo

    If you change your mind and want to get that body art removed, Dr. Turlinton sells just what you need! https://view.yahoo.com/show/saturday-night-live/clip/14706126/turlington-s-lower-back-tattoo-remover
  6. Ethan Cord

    Cards you won't see from Hallmark

    Hey Glittery, I’m doing ok al things considered. How are you and Deja doing in Arizona? I hope all is well for you two.
  7. Ethan Cord

    Degaussing a revolver.

    I am pretty sure this gun was previously owned by Doc Peabody, Painless Dentist and Proctologist! His famous Roto-Recta-Rootalator is legendary.
  8. Ethan Cord

    1893 Levi Jeans Sell For $100,000

    "Warner’s jeans had but a single pocket, a button fly and no belt loops -- remember, men favored a good set of suspenders back in the day" The article said the jeans only had one pocket. These pictures show three pockets, which includes the small watch pocket. Either these are not the $100k jeans, or the writer can't count.
  9. Ethan Cord

    Cards you won't see from Hallmark

    Happy Birthday Uncle Dad!
  10. Ethan Cord

    Degaussing a revolver.

    Birdgun, you can only understand amazing engineering principles if you have numerous advanced degrees. This guy will explain it to you:
  11. Ethan Cord

    Retiring selling guns & gear

    Pugilist, I will take the 38 loading strip. Do you have any kind of documentation that goes with the Josey Wales buckle like a note from Andy’s apprentice or similar? If you do I’ll take it for sure. If not, I’m still interested. Ethan
  12. Thank you very much for going out of your way to honor my request! I am a lucky man indeed. Very best regards, Ethan
  13. I just placed an order for the PCC. Feel free to send me the display model shown in your pictures. The serial number 00124 is perfect as my SASS number is 124 (yes I need to update my picture to show off my silver hair). If you have already sold that unit, I understand. I’m looking forward to trying your product on my Ruger Old Army revolvers. Best regards, Ethan
  14. Howdy Kidd, I will take your tool for the price stated. Send me a PM on where to send the funds. Ethan
  15. Ethan Cord

    SPF FS percussion loading tools

    I’ll take them. Please PM payment info including shipping cost to 92544

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