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  1. Ethan Cord

    RIP Sidewinder Pete

    I have not forgotten one of our own SASS brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice while saving the lives of others. The twisted followers of Islam brought an ongoing war to American soil on 9/11/2001 and thousands of our fellow citizens died. Amoung them was Lt. Peter Martin from NYFD, Rescue 2 and other members of his team who gave their lives so that others could live. When Pete was on the range, he became Sidewinder Pete, a member of our SASS family. In memory of Lt. Peter Martin Never forget!
  2. Ethan Cord

    NRA Centennial grips wanted

    I have a pair with some minor scratches as seen in the photo. I don't have the screw. $40.00 shipped to your door.
  3. Ethan Cord

    New non-CAS Toy, Ruger 9mm PC Carbine

    You need some 50 and 100 round drum mags Pat!
  4. Ethan Cord

    Non SASS 454 Casull dies and brass

    I’ll take the brass. Please PM address to me so I can send the money.
  5. Ethan Cord

    Pair of 5.5" SS ROAs, 1 NIB 1 LNIB

    Sounds great. Send me a PM with your mailing information and I’ll send you the money. Ethan
  6. Ethan Cord

    Pair of 5.5" SS ROAs, 1 NIB 1 LNIB

    Bill, I am interested in buying the Kirst Konversion if you decide to sell it separately. Ethan
  7. Ethan Cord

    Solar System 2.0 - the helical model

    Only eight planets? Next you'll tell me the Earth is flat!
  8. Ethan Cord

    my holy grail revolver

    Congratulations, that is a fine set. I still miss my .357 although I only owned the 6 inch barrel
  9. Ethan Cord

    Fire lapping a barrel on a Marlin 94 38WCF

    Thanks for sharing the video! 38 WCF is my favorite caliber in cowboy era guns. I also have a ‘94 that could benefit from a barrel liner. Would you mind sharing what the liner and installation of it cost?
  10. Ethan Cord

    Howdy, long time no see

    I know you, and I know all about your purple socks!
  11. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

  12. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

    Or there is this slightly more entertaining, but extremely hard on the components method of bullet pulling.
  13. Ethan Cord

    Looking for a 50 caliber bullet puller

  14. Ethan Cord

    Off Topic WTB Flintlock pistol's

    Hey amigo, did you find what you were looking for? i hope all is well with you.
  15. Ethan Cord

    Why I don't have a tattoo

    If you change your mind and want to get that body art removed, Dr. Turlinton sells just what you need! https://view.yahoo.com/show/saturday-night-live/clip/14706126/turlington-s-lower-back-tattoo-remover

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