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  1. WTB Burgess rifle - found one !

    I love your Black Powder Matters pic.
  2. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Heck, looks like I don’t have any of these near as I can tell. Please PM the total amount and I’ll get the money out to you. Outlaw Gambler, if I do end up with duplicates I’ll send you a message. Ethan
  3. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Yes, The package arrived. Thanks. I will I’ll look at the ones you sent, plus the ones Heck sent and check the few I already had tonight to make sure I don’t buy duplicates. Meant to check everything this this past weekend but I had a wedding Saturday and spent all day Sunday at the emergency vet with one of my doxies. Ethan
  4. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Heck Know, I will check your list against the ones I already have tonight and will let you know. Ethan
  5. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    Howdy Heck, yes i I am interested. What titles do you have?
  6. Pair of 38WCF Colts on Calguns

  7. Pair of 38WCF Colts on Calguns

    Not my guns either, but here is a pic of the US mark on the frame. Appears to have been refinished, probably when it was converted to 38 WCF. :-(
  8. SOLD Uberti 45ACP cylinder

    Thanks Mudflat! My .38-40 cylinder measures 1.676 at the widest point so it appears to an Uberti product. It also has a number stamped on the side 1428. My Colt (.41 Long Colt) cylinder is 1.643 at the widest spot.
  9. SOLD Uberti 45ACP cylinder

    Mudflat, Would you mind measuring the outside of the cylinder? I have a 38-40 cylinder I thought was for a Colt SAA but it has a slightly larger diameter. I sure would like to know what it fits. Thank you!
  10. Colt SAA engraved SOLD

    Was the engraving done by the Colt factory?
  11. Tom Petty Has Died

    RIP Tom.
  12. Louis L'amour audio books All are sold

    PM sent. I'll take these and am interested in the "More to come" if they are by Louie.
  13. Songs that get stuck in your head...

    This one has a way of sticking with me. I think it has something to do with the gun play..............
  14. Songs that get stuck in your head...

    At least you didn't come back with this theme song stuck in your head: https://youtu.be/Qksz72Xtpwc
  15. A photographic study

    Very nice, great subject matter. Bottles, I'll have what UB's is drinking.