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  1. StirrupTrouble

    CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    Gonna miss you guys! Ring some steel for me, and shoot up those cool Texas Stars you have since I can't!!!!
  2. StirrupTrouble

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Thanks, guys. My wife had ongoing leg issues for the last 5 years and wound care the last couple of months was very tough on her. I found out Friday she wasn't eating, so I was giving her protein shakes to get her strength up. Last night I went to bed about 11 and she said she was going to stay up for a little bit. This morning I didn't wake up until 7:30 and I knew something wasn't right because she always wakes me at 6, and I realized she didn't come to bed because her stuffed animal was still on the pillow. I threw on pants an walked into the kitchen to find her sitting in a chair in a pool of blood and she was cold and I couldn't find a pulse. The coroner says an artery ruptured and a clot got to her heart more than likely. I am lost right now, as she was my best friend and partner in crime. Although she didn't come to shoots with me, she heard all the stories and loved all of you. Thank you for your prayers. Right now I am in a fog
  3. StirrupTrouble

    A Barbie Doll Tale

    That there is funny
  4. StirrupTrouble

    The Paint Horse Gun Cart

    Beautiful as always. A true work of art
  5. StirrupTrouble

    Colorado State Shoot

    Wish I could have been there. Gonna try to be healed up enough to join you guys next year at the Buffalo match
  6. StirrupTrouble

    Mr. Squeak and Widder

    Great kid, and fun to shoot with
  7. StirrupTrouble

    2018 RoughRider Roundup - vids

    Glad you came up. I told you it would be a hoot!
  8. StirrupTrouble

    CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    Bulldog, with the way I am hobbling you should beat me, but I love this category
  9. StirrupTrouble

    Need some help with ammo

    Check out Buffalo Arms. Good folks, and their prices are not too bad. I am not familiar with laws in your area, so I am not sure if you can have them shipped to you. Sorry I am not more help
  10. StirrupTrouble

    Nominations for Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootist of the Year

    I vote for Mattie too!! Unrelated to the vote, but it has to do with the classics. Shot for the first time since the stroke this weekend and shot CLASSIC still! I needed that. It was a hoot playing classic again. Glad I can still shoot duelist
  11. StirrupTrouble

    Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl

    I see quite a few out here. Matter of fact, I was at an annual this weekend with only 64 registered shooters, but 6 of us were classics. Last year at my state shoot, I had 13 classic cowboys and one classic cowgirl registered
  12. StirrupTrouble

    Thank you to the Cottonwood Cowboys!

    This weekend I shot for the first time since my stroke. I really wanted to see my Dakota pards again, so after being cleared by the docs to drive again, I decided to head up to the shoot after all. I figured worst case scenario, I can maybe try to shoot a stage or two, spot some, hang out and see good friends. Well, they had other ideas and made sure my weekend was easy and I was able to shoot the whole match! I certainly didn't tear it up, but it felt really good to send some lead downrange for the first time since the stroke. It started when I first got there. They had reserved a camping spot right near the range for me so I had less walking, and as soon as I showed up, I had a whole passle of people helping me get the camper set into place and set up. I didn't have to lift a finger. Throughout the match, a family with young boys were constantly checking on me and bringing me water bottles, as well as staging my long guns for me and moving my long guns around for me so all I had to do was load and shoot, as well as moving my guncart from stage to stage. Another cowboy made sure I used his stool for the weekend. The whole posse was very helpful and encouraging. Then after awards, I had probably a half dozen folks run over to do all the work of hooking up my camper for me so all I had to do was final check and hit the road. This is a fantastic club with great people, and I am so grateful to you all. I have a long road to go to get back, but this weekend did so much for me. I hope God blesses every one of you.
  13. StirrupTrouble

    2019 Nebraska State Championship Entries Now Open

    For those that are coming out to attend the 2019 Nebraska State SASS Championship, if you are looking for hotel accommodations, we now have a host hotel. Boarders Inn and Suites is offering a special rate for our shooters, and in addition, will be donating a portion of every shooters' room fees back to the park as a donation to allow us to continue to expand the shooting sports here in Central Nebraska. For more info, or to book a room, call 308-384-5150 and ask for Pam. Be sure to say that you are coming out for the cowboy shoot to get the best rate. This hotel is also very near the banquet facility
  14. StirrupTrouble

    ~2019~ CLASSIC COWBOY SHOWDOWN ~2019~ **UPDATE 9-12-18**

    Major and his gang always put on a fantastic shoot. Not the biggest in the country, but tons of fun and great folks and a fantastic banquet. This is always my can't miss match of the year!
  15. StirrupTrouble

    2019 Nebraska State Championship Entries Now Open

    We just received word that once again, Hats by Grizz is donating a gift certificate for a hand made custom cowboy hat to one shooter. Good luck, and you will not be disappointed. Love my Grizz hat.

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