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  1. StirrupTrouble

    Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year 2018

    Congratulations to both! I haven't had the honor of shooting with Kay yet, but I shoot with Major quite often and I cannot think of a better choice
  2. StirrupTrouble

    A new shotgun. A tale of gun envy.

    Very nice shotgun my friend
  3. StirrupTrouble

    Actor Ken Berry Passes Away

    I always enjoyed that show
  4. StirrupTrouble

    Rifle tuning/drop-in parts.

    Unless you are skilled, I would highly recommend have a smith do the work. Having a pro do the work will usually give you a gun you are happier with, and it will probably be cheaper in the long run
  5. StirrupTrouble

    Shootout at Pawnee Station, July 5-7 2019, Nunn, CO

    Emy and I are looking forward to it. Obviously, she won't be shooting, but she wants to come camping
  6. StirrupTrouble

    Just finished a gun cart for a good pard.

    Great looking cart! Well done my friend
  7. StirrupTrouble

    sinister conclusion

    That reminds me of a story on the news years ago. Now my wife was raised in Chicago, and had never been around firearms before she met me, but she was still Pro2A. Anyway, we were watching the news and they were talking about the police stopping someone and breathlessly recounting how he had hundreds of rounds of ammo in the vehicle. Out of the blue, my wife looks at me and grins and says, "Huh. Hundreds. How cute." ....that's my girl.
  8. StirrupTrouble

    Rules for classic cowboy

    If you are looking for a club in southern Wisconsin, check out the Western Wisconsin Wild Bunch in Holmen. I am not a member there, but have traveled to a couple of their annuals. Awesome range and great people
  9. StirrupTrouble

    Shootout at Pawnee Station, July 5-7 2019, Nunn, CO

    I really enjoy the Pawnee match, and Briggsdale has been on my list for a few years. Hoping 2019 is the year despite this unexpected life change
  10. StirrupTrouble

    Shootout at Pawnee Station, July 5-7 2019, Nunn, CO

    Fingers crossed my daughter is able to handle hanging out at the range. So, planning on it
  11. StirrupTrouble

    What One Thing Decreased Your Time?

    The biggest thing for me has been transitions. Always have your hands doing something, and carefully plan out where to stage your guns. I am far from a top shooter, and I am shooting slightly faster now that I have better guns, but transition improvements alone has probably cut my after stage times by 20 seconds or more (I was pretty slow and methodical when I started
  12. StirrupTrouble


    Looks like it was a fun match
  13. StirrupTrouble


    Thank you guys so much. Grizz told me what you guys did for me, and it really touched me. This week had been a nightmare, and more stressful because we were never able to get life insurance on Mona due to her ongoing health issues, so what you did really touched me. Thank you seems so weak, but it is all I can say. Tomorrow is the service, and Tuesday is our anniversary
  14. StirrupTrouble

    Prayers needed for a cowboy...

    Yesterday was tough. It would have been her 57th birthday
  15. StirrupTrouble

    CapitalCity Cowboys T-Town Shootout

    Gonna miss you guys! Ring some steel for me, and shoot up those cool Texas Stars you have since I can't!!!!

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