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  1. Prayer posse

    He will be in my prayers. John Lee
  2. WTB Birdshead Gunfighter Grips

    Thanks I will check it out . John Lee
  3. Looking for two pair of Birdshead Gunfighter Grips, or someone who makes them. Thonks John Lee
  4. WANTED: new cowboy seeking gun leather and such.

    I have three pair of pants that will fit you. Two brown stripe an one is light brown. Two are new. I want $20 each. I have three shirts, red, blue and white size large. $10 each. Used items in very good condition. John Jee
  5. For sale a pair of uberti cattleman

    Russ, Thanks, see then. John Lee
  6. For sale a pair of uberti cattleman

    I will meet you at Firelands this month. Will you hold them for me until then ? Thanks Joh Lee
  7. For sale a pair of uberti cattleman

    I'am interested. I leave in Aurora OH. How close to me do you live ? John Lee
  8. 44 spl 73

    I have a model 66 in 44 spl with a pioneer standard short kit. I used it maybe four times as a back up when I shot CC. I would like to sell it. I want $950.00 plus shipping. I will include some loaded ammo. You can e-mail me at John_lee [email protected] yahoo .com if interested. John lee
  9. Great alias idea.

    Try to find a relative from your past. My handle is -John Lee- . He is my grandfather, 1769-1840 a Methodist preacher. John Lee