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  1. John Lee

    High Noon at Tusco 2018 *Update*

    If Rye did not sell his DUD hat, can we put on a stage and shoot wholes in it?
  2. John Lee

    Stetson Cordova hat new price SPF

    This would really look good Rye with your Yellow leisure suit . You better keep it. JL
  3. John Lee

    WTB used brass

    Thanks , I found some
  4. John Lee

    WTB used brass

  5. John Lee

    WTB used brass

    I would like some good used 32 HR mag brass
  6. John Lee

    FS-Cimarron 72' Open Tops 44's

    Sent you a PM
  7. John Lee

    Firelands Peacemakers

    Good news Rye, keep up the good work. John Lee

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