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  1. Wimmen That Smell To Good

    We raised our two granddaughters and all "schoolin'" we did was just a waste of effort. When they came back from their mother's from the weekend, they'd bring a duffle bag of shampoos and body washes and cologne. When they finally moved out, our electric bill was cut in half from lowered use of hot water.
  2. Low Hammers for Uberti's

    Just shoot a heavy load and the guns will roll back so you can catch the hammers easily. I started shooting gunfighter with standard hammers. Then got a set of Runnin Irons hammers and installed them. I like them and they make it easier. Then last summer I got a pair of Taylor's Smoke Wagons in 44WCF that came with more or less standard hammers and I shot them ok also. Then I got a pair of Runnin Irons hammers and installed them and I like them also. But I think I can shoot the 51 Navy gunfighter style just as well.
  3. Remington 1858 Colt 51 Navy crossbread?

    First gun I bought was a Remington 1858. That was years before I was old enough to buy a cartridge gun. I shot it a lot. But I never liked how tight it was between the trigger guard and grip frame. It always lumped the back of my finger. With all the radical mods done to cap guns and specifically to Remington cap guns, has anyone cut the grip frame off a 1858 and installed a Colt 51 Navy frame?
  4. DIY grips for Uberti Cattleman

    Not an Hombre. They have color case frame and hammer. Rest of the parts are blue. The grip frames are brass. I got this far on second gun yesterday. Just laid out and first pass of spacing out cuts. Just on one side. I work about 30 minutes and when I start to get impatient or tired, I quit. It takes several passes to deepen the cuts.
  5. Sam Elliott, "I won't back Down"

    From the movie Barnyard where Sam Elliot plays the bull with an udder.
  6. Flyover freeze

    Youngest son lives near Buffalo Minnesota. Yesterday morning it was -4 with wind chill of -12. It was -3 with a wind chill of -19 here. Right now it's 0 here and there but their wind chill is -8, ours -12. We see it this cold every winter but not for weeks on end.
  7. Beatin a Dead Horse 'bout Powder Coating

    I used the "shake n' bake" method. I took fresh cast bullets and dump then in a heavy Ziploc bag and added some Harbor Freight powder coat. Zipped up the bag and tumbled them around a bit. Took twister and placed in expanded metal rack and baked in toaster oven. One key point was to not handle the bullets with your bare hand as it leaves oil on them and powder won't stick.
  8. Why, the special interest in C & B Revolvers ?

    Fingers putting out some smoke and flame at the Owl Creek Raiders Hawaiian match.
  9. A new low in advertising

    One of my early memories was going through the grocery store and seeing, "With artificial color and flavor", in a big banner across the package of gelatin. I thought, why would you advertise artificial color and flavor?
  10. Got my revolvers

    Here is a picture of my Pietta 44 Confederate Navys covered with oil fresh out of the boxs. They too are conservative numbered. The salesmen at Cabelas had to go back and get them and picked consecutive numbers. Nice of him.
  11. Cabin Fever has set in.

    Weather still has us housebound. Blizzard struck yesterday morning and dumped at least an inch of snow. They called off school! Back when I was a kid going to a one-room school, we didn't have snow days. I'd walk to school no matter how deep the snow was, unlock the door and start up the oil fired furnace. (I was 8 years old and I had the job because we lived closest to school - a half mile away.) Other kids would filter in and we'd huddle around the stove to keep a little warm. If the teacher didn't show up by 9:00am, we'd shut down and walk home. None of us had telephones. It wasn't until I was in high school did we listen for cancellation on the radio. -4 this morning with -19 wind chill. But the sun is going to shine!
  12. DIY grips for Uberti Cattleman

    Here is the grips after a coat of Tru-oil. The dark streak through the grip is in the wood. I didn't stain the walnut as this is what walnut naturally looks like that hasn't been steamed.
  13. DIY grips for Uberti Cattleman

    We build a new house in '83. We did a lot of the main construction. We priced drywall and planned to do it ourselves. But then priced getting it done. Their bid was lower than the price of the sheet rock. And they they added metal edges, wrapped window wells, and put a textured hard plaster topcoat.
  14. DIY grips for Uberti Cattleman

    Most everyone agrees. The grip finish on the Uberti Cattleman is slick as snot. I could have stripped the finish off and made a big improvement. But instead I bought pre-inlet grips from Taylor's. It only took a little work to fit them to the frames. But there was a lot of wood to work down to get as thin as Sawmill Mary wanted them. Above, original grip, one fitted to the frames but only starting to take shape, bottom, rough grip from Taylor's. Grip shaped to Sawmill Mary's aproval and borders and master lines being laid out. I transferred dimensions from a Smoke Wagon. Border and master lines laid out. One finished except for Tru-oil finish. I was pretty good at checkering 40 years ago. But not so good now. There are every flaw possible but Sawmill Mary's pleased. That's what counts. One down. One to go.