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  1. Warden Callaway

    Target Distance Question

    "You can't miss fast enough to win a gunfight." I thought it was Jeff Cooper that said that but I'm finding it credited to Wyatt Earp.
  2. Warden Callaway

    What guns to buy? Uberti vs Miroku 73's

    I don't know about Uberti loading gate but the one on the Winchester Miroku looks very robust. I bought a mainspring for my Winchester Miroku. And the lady on the phone walked back to inventory and pulled it out and put it in an envelope while visiting with Sawmill Mary on the phone. http://www.browning.com/support/parts-service.html
  3. Warden Callaway

    What guns to buy? Uberti vs Miroku 73's

    Have you ever tried a Wider Marlin? Sawmill Mary has one in 44WCF that Wider laid his hands on and did his magic. I'm sure she's more attached to it than to me! At one of the matches I showed it to a couple of guys. I was later notified that it wasn't appropriate to show her Widermatic to others. She won't shoot my Winchester 73. Although I have the Winchester Miroku 73, an original Winchester 73 and an original Winchester 92, I still like Marlins better.
  4. Warden Callaway

    Man Hugs

    Beside the topic of man hugs, the tradition of a handshake has slipped. A few years back I sold an acre of land to a neighbor that fit well with his lot. We came to an agreement on price and he asked if we needed to go see a real estate agent or lawyers, get a contract, etc. I extended my hand and he, by confused reaction, took my hand and we shook hands. Before I let go, I told him that was all the contrast we needed. Sawmill Mary went in to the recorder and made registered the transfer and had a copy sent to them. Done. It turned out, the neighbors sold their home in July. I met the new neighbor last week. He has three sons and a daughter. His two middle sons, I'm guessing 8 and 10 were outside also. He called each over and had them introduced themselves. Each stepped up and shook my hand as respectful as you could expect. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Warden Callaway

    What guns to buy? Uberti vs Miroku 73's

    The Winchester Miroku 73s has taken over at the clubs we shoot at when new 73s are bought. There was initially a shortage of them available and prices ran higher than Uberti. But that has changed. There are many new configurations and grades now and prices fall in with those of Uberti. A local gun shop has a new Winchester Miroku 92 and 73 for $900. I have no experience with Uberti 73s. But I get inside a lot of guns and I'm very impressed with the quality of Winchester Miroku. Now, short stroke.... I don't know if it's necessary on the Winchester and if it's even successfully been done. I hear rumors that those who were doing it quit.
  6. Warden Callaway

    Man Hugs

    I'm not a hugger. Just Sawmill Mary in affection and our granddaughters whom we raised. I just dreaded my parent's funerals when all the old women (usually stinky with perfumes) insisted on giving me hard hugs and prolonged embrace at the visitation. I can usually fend off hugs but sometimes it can't be avoided. At a recent funeral of a neighbor, I worked the reception line with just a handshake until I got to the men's son. He pulled me in and we had a short conversation about our dads. Has dad was a veteran of the Korean Conflict and saw a lot of combat action. My dad was a veteran or WII European Theater. Besides being neighbors, they shared some bond that I wasn't aware of until dad was getting well up in years. Apparently, his son was aware of this respect the two had for each other and wanted to let me know. He was emotional about it.
  7. Warden Callaway

    Target Distance Question

    At our club it depends on who gets there first and sets out the targets. Old timers will set targets out further than the guys wanting to shoot the fastest times. Out further 10 steps on pistol and shotgun and 20 on rifle. Up close, near half that distance. Are targets are a mix of buffalo and Evil Roy shapes and migration to rectangular shapes. Rectangular, from 16x16 to 20x30. We recently added a falling plate rack with 5 8" plates. Set at maybe 7 steps. Objective was to clear 5 plates with 10 shots then dump. Although you did have to aim, I didn't see anyone leave a plate standing. We had 4 clean marches out of 29 shooters - three first time - so targets plenty close and big.
  8. Warden Callaway

    Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

    Back in the day's when theaters were segregated, all types of movies were made for specific audiences. They can't make them like they use to.
  9. Warden Callaway

    Remington 1889

    I've had the chambers recut on several Stevens and Hopkins and Allen hammer doubles, a Stevens 311 and a 1897 Winchester pump. I've not done it to the older Remington 1889 although it would also be a viable candidate. I roll crimp load all my BlackMZ loads anyway.
  10. Warden Callaway

    Remington 1889

    My 12 gauge also is of late manufacture with steel barrels and was advertised as proofed for nitro. But the load were different in 1900. I don't shoot factory load fold crimp shells in mine. The chamber dimensions are not made for modern ammo.
  11. Warden Callaway

    Remington 1889

    I have one in 12 and 10 gauge. I load with BladkMZ and suggest cutting the powder under equal volume to shot.
  12. Warden Callaway

    Pietta Cimarron Eleminator 8 - inside story

    I couldn't find this gun on Cimarron website until I had the product code. On their website, you have to scroll down to the bottom and select "completion". https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/products/competition-models/eliminator-series/eliminator-8/eliminator-8-4-3-4-45lc.html Comes in 357 also. We're getting to the point were we won't buy unless we are able to inspect the actual gun.
  13. Warden Callaway

    Pietta Cimarron Eleminator 8 - inside story

    It's Cimarron's version of EMF's Alchimista III except for the Fleur-de'lis checkeing, best I can tell. Cimarron's online catalog is difficult to navigate and tells lots of nothing important.
  14. Warden Callaway

    Pietta Cimarron Eleminator 8 - inside story

    I've been a Uberti man for nearly 50 years. I've always been very pleased with them. But the last two sets I've not been so lucky. Then Thursday one of our best toy stores got in a NIB Cimarron Eliminator 8 in 45Colt. The price was just too tempting. Sawmill Mary went to look and ended up buying it. This morning I took it apart to see what was inside and I liked what I found. I found a hammer overtravel stop. I found that the cam on the hammer was replaceable. I found a firing pin bushing. I found a reduced power hammer spring. The parts nicely polished with the exception of the bolt and I polished the sides of it and checked the fit in the cylinder notches. It was about a force fit so I stoned down the sides a bit more and broke the trailing edge of the top of the bolt. The hand spring setup is a plunger and coil spring more like Ruger. While I had it apart, I cropped the base pin to eliminate the stupid two position safety. Since I had the base pin in the lathe, I used rubbing compound to burnish in the base pin and bushing. So far, I like what I see.

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