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  1. Warden Callaway

    Uberti Retractable firing pin

    This video shows the inside parts in motion.
  2. Warden Callaway

    Non CAS: WTB ejector for Webley Mark VI

    Do you keep looking on eBay? I've found some remarkably rare parts by just checking every day. Another source to check is Gun Broker. Lots of parts listed under gun parts. I just checked Webley and didn't fimd the part you need but they had other Webley revolver parts. What's the part look like? Got a picture? Any reasonable chance it can be refurbished or duplicated?
  3. Warden Callaway

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    My opinion also... Guys at the clubs where we shoot buy Winchester Miroku 73s and just shoot them.
  4. Warden Callaway

    Need hammer V springs for Liberty - CZ-USA shotgun - video added

    Maybe Google mainspring vise and find other sources and styles. There are some on eBay but they want inflated prices or are antiques.
  5. Warden Callaway

    Need hammer V springs for Liberty - CZ-USA shotgun - video added

    Probably Track of the Wolf. https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/1038/1/TOOL-VISE Or Dixie Gun Works https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/3836/category_id/354/category_chain/350,351,354/product_name/MT0102+Mainspring+Vise
  6. Warden Callaway

    Need hammer V springs for Liberty - CZ-USA shotgun - video added

    The springs arrived from CZ-USA on Thursday afternoon but I didn't pick up our mail until Friday morning. I installed them Friday afternoon and shot video of the event. It wasn't difficulty but just took time and patience. My spring vice is made for much longer springs so I had to improvise. CZ-USA advised that the springs would need fitting and they required a little. The leg on one spring was a little long so l trimmed it back. The other required that the post diameter be reduced a little. It took some time with the diamond file to reduce it to fit.
  7. Warden Callaway

    Saturday night at the movies - westerns on YouTube

    Pure spaghetti but maybe a bit better than some. Good quality video.
  8. Warden Callaway

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    I needed a couple of springs for my Winchester Miroku that had been butchered by slicker-upper. Had Sawmill Mary call down to Arnald Missouri to the Browning/Winchester service center. The lady walked back to parts storage and pulled parts while talking on the phone and we had them by priority mail in a couple of days.
  9. Warden Callaway

    Hammer mod's

    Hammers have been bent up also.
  10. Warden Callaway

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    I have several matched pairs of pistols. But don't always shoot a matched set. Last August we shot with the Gateway cowboys and I used a Uberti Cattleman 45Colt 5.5 barrel in my left hand and a Cimarron Pietta Eleminator 8 45Colt 4.75 in my right hand. The Eliminator had 60 Army size grips, low hammer and short stroke. At my skill and speed I didn't notice the difference when shooting.
  11. Warden Callaway

    short stroke a Miroku '73

    Here is a Winchester Miroku out of the box above Winchester Miroku with Pioneer short stroke kit. So little to gain for all the expense and trouble.
  12. Warden Callaway

    Advise for a newby on revolvers

    Yeap, if I was going to invest $1,000 +/- in a new pair, they would be Pietta. I've not seen where if you've mentioned caliber. If you want 38/357 or 45Colt, you have a cornucopia of choices. If you want 44WCF or 38WCF or 32WCF or even 44 Special, there are hardly any choices of models, finishes or materials.
  13. Warden Callaway

    CAS with BB guns

    Where will this technology advance to? Can they add a speaker to make a report of a shot? Add a motion sensor to the target to report the clang? Add black powder smoke, smell and sound?
  14. Warden Callaway

    TTN Double dis-assembly

    http://www.slixprings.com/top-spring-ttn.html I bought one to put in original Colt 1878. While trying to install it, it flew off into "parts unknown". I never found it. I said to hell with this and bought some spring wire stock and made one.
  15. Warden Callaway

    TTN Double dis-assembly

    Try Nate Kiwa Jones. I think he's said he has some parts. https://stevesgunz.com/ What parts do you need?

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