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  1. A Problem Created By POP

    Maybe loan it to Ivory Jack. He said one of his grandkids needed a deer rifle.
  2. Would you pay $70 for this cap gun?

    The cylinder and parts would cost more than $70. Mike did a 5 part video on steps he took to build this Remington Bulldog.
  3. Why are there no post numbers anymore?

    Poke the time when the post was posted, select share, paste in your new post.
  4. RESOLVED! Failure to Fire Issue .38 special

    Another suggestion - I've had several revolvers with failure to fire when new. I traced the problem down to an extra strong spring leg on the bolt that rides over the cam on the hammer. A combination of strong spring leg, burrs and rough cam on hammer causes a lot of drag on the hammer as it falls. You won't notice it as it doesn't drag when you cock the hammer and then you won't notice it when the hammer falls. This drag is putting the brakes on the hammer fall. The test... take the hammer spring out but keep the rest of the action assembled. Cock the gun and then lower the hammer manually. You will notice a drag about half way down on the hammer fall. The drag is the leg of the bolt sliding over the cam on the hammer. There has to be some drag but if it's very noticeable, then look for burrs inside the frame, on bolt, and on cam on hammer. Depending on your confidence level, try polishing the burrs off the inside of frame, bolt where it rubs against the frame, and bolt leg where it slides over the cam. Polish the cam face. Take care not to change any profile of the leg of the bolt or cam on hammer as this will change the timing. Try the test again without hammer spring and see if the drag is reduced. It may be enough.
  5. 10 gauge practice rounds

    I don't know of a source for store bought snap caps for 10 gauge. In case you are forced to make your own, here is how I made some 12 gauge dummy rounds. Lots of different ways.
  6. RESOLVED! Failure to Fire Issue .38 special

    It's been my observation that every cartridge that fires shows a clear primer firing pin strike because the case recoils back against the primer. Double check that the primers are fully seated to the bottom of the pocket. Just flush may not mean the primer is fully seated.
  7. Lots of flame - black powder shotgun loads

    That's also my 10 gauge load!
  8. Lots of flame - black powder shotgun loads

    Last Saturday's match - 7 shots to knock down 5 shotgun targets in 27 seconds. Lots of flame and smoke make the effort worth it. Shotgun shells loaded with 1oz shot and about square load of Grafs Reenactor. No breeze and overcast. The smoke was still thick even after the next shooter was done.
  9. Need at TTN/Cimmaron 1878 Hammer 12ga. buttstock. Where?

    Someone on the Wire here not long ago had a 1878 that popped a rib loose in the first few shots. If I remember right, Cimarron replaced the whole gun. What means, unless they destroyed the whole gun, they could have a used one in stock. It one time, I was working with Cimarron to get a dammed gun for parts. They talked like it was possible but we never got around to getting the right deal made.
  10. Favorite Primers?

    Nothing but Winchester. I am even using up an old stock of Winchester small rifle primers in 38 Special practice loads.
  11. As a student of Elmer Keith, I smile when I see these mods that many think are new innovations. If you read Elmer's book Sixguns, you'll find all kinds of modified single actions including short stroke, lowered hammers, wide hammers and triggers, and slip hammer guns. The "Last Word" Keith #5
  12. Miroku parts

    If that's the number for Browning and Winchester service center in Arnold Missouri, we had 100% success in getting hammer spring and screws for my 73. The lady even went back to the parts bins and pulled the parts and bagged them while Mary was on the phone with her.