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  1. Cimarron Firearms ad

  2. Next project - Stevens 250

    This project started a couple of years ago when we stopped in at one of our favorite toy stores. The owner greeted us then soon said, "I got something for you.", and went back to back room and returned the business part of a Stevens 250. It was a bit messed up. Someone had assembled it with a couple of screws swapped and had the action all bound up. The forend and buttstock were missing. The old gun had set in my bone pile until Tuesday. Our son Chris was down from Minnesota and wanted to go to Macon Gunstock Compan in Warsaw Missouri to buy a semi-finished stock for his 03 Springfield project. I had watched for a used buttstock for the 250 for 2 years with no luck. It's a strange and rare bird. It has side locks but has a through draw bolt like a box lock. So, I took the action along to see if they has anything like this. I showed Bryan Macon the action and he rolled it around and looked it over. "This looks really familiar.", he says. Then concluded it was the same model as one he was working on for himself. We got a tour of his family ran business and he showed me his Stevens 250 he had yet to make a new buttstock for. The original buttstock was busted and patched back together. Bryan and I hit it off well. He has a collection of old shotguns also. We were comparing notes on various models. It'll be a couple of weeks before my son's rifle stock and the Stevens 250 buttstock are done. The forend in the picture is borrowed from a Stevens 225. I'll contnue to look for a forend hanger iron for the 250 so I can return this one to the 225. Missouri Life did a profile of Macon Gunstock Company. It starts about 2.5 minutes. Great family business.
  3. Shotshell slide - what's your impression of this one?

    I think I've only shot stages with a maximum of 6 knockdowns a couple times a season but have used all 8 a couple of times. My slide had double loops for 8 and open at the bottom. If I think of it, I'll push the shells up in the loops when I'm getting ready to shoot. (Maybe that makes me a gamer!)
  4. Stage design - likes and dislikes

    Yes! The old 90/10 rule. 90% of the work is done by 10% of the people. I take it as it comes but moan when faced with convoluted sweeps and especially split pistol mostly because I shoot gunfighter and it just makes it more of a mental challenge or I resort to shooting double dullest. When our club was moved, we lost the targets that were used at the old range. Someone found some targets donated by another range. They were mostly shapes of cards, coffee pots, skillets, Evil Roy, buffalo, coffins, etc. We have retired all the smaller shaped targets and added large rectangular targets. We still use some of the big buffalo targets Eval Roy. An odd shape target is handy with some sweeps like the anchor sweep. Into my 5th year and I've only shot two stages that required a rifle reload on the clock. I'd never practiced doing a reload and was shooting the new to me Winchester 73. I just watched how others did it and picked a way that made sense and I did fine.
  5. .45 Cowboy Special. Load Data

    Fortunecookie45lc has put up 8 videos on loading the C45S. Unfortunately, his efforts are directed at making loads at higher end of performance rather than loads we'd typically want for CAS. In any case, lots of info.
  6. Wednesday movie matinee - Bob Wills westerns

    https://youtu.be/h0cTcd1MkVg You'll have to click on link to watch this video - Blazing the Western Trail. Charles Starrett, Bob Wills (I) and The Texas Playboys in Blazing the Western Trail (1945)
  7. Worst Western Ever

    It has EVERYTHING needed for a great western except a cattle stamped and am Indian uprisings.
  8. Loading BP on Dillon 550

    I load BlackMZ on the 550 but use a Lyman 55 black powder measure setting on top of a Lee expander/powder through die. Obviously, the powder measure is worked manually.
  9. Loading BP on Dillon 550

  10. Winchester 1897 Chamber Question

    Not a problem, shoot Outlaw!
  11. Pedersolli Doc Holliday Revolver

    Thanks for the calcification. I have a pair of Uberti Cemerron Lighting in 32WCF and 32H&R. I've not shot them with black powder or my favorite sub - BlackMZ. I find the grips a little small for a comfortable one hand grip. I have shot my Cattleman in 45 Colt and 44WCF with black and BlackMZ with no problems.
  12. Land Run posse 9 videos

    I think there is about 60 videos. Pretty big red clay puddles. I wonder how much brass is in the bottom? Could have had a Missouri Boat ride!
  13. Snapping brass in my uberti 1873

    My two cents guesses; Brass reloaded too many times but usually they split before they separate. Chamber oversized. Chamber rough and or dirty. Pictures of cases would probably help see what's going on. As a Marlin man, I really have a problem cleaning a Winchester from the muzzle and not being able to clean and inspect the chamber as I can with the Marlin. I have a Winchester Miroku 73 in 44WCF I bought used. I took a worn out bore brush and bent it about 60° and used it on the chamber. I got all kinds of crud out of the chamber of what looked to be an otherwise clean gun.
  14. Land Run posse 9 videos

    Thanks for putting these up. Looked like you needed to wipe the rain off'n the camera lense in a few of the videos!

    Thanks for the link! Wild Bunch scores?

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