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  1. beaver john

    Anything to sell at Cimon'at Cha

    I have 8 1lb bottles of APP to sell for $20.00 a bottle.
  2. beaver john

    Comin at Cha

    Antelope Ann and I will be there. Rock, wow in the teens, was that the stage with no shotguns? Just kidding, look forward to seeing everyone.
  3. beaver john

    leaving fired hull in shotgun. yea or nay?

    If the change is made where it doesn't have to be empty when discarded you stand the chance of a MSV if it closes with empties in it. Is it worth the chance? If it closes as the rules stand now and is empty, no call.
  4. beaver john

    Slick McClade 2018 B- Western World Champ

    Everyone at Jackson Hole Regulators are proud of you and your accomplishments. We are lucky to get to shoot with you all the time so not only do we get to see how good you really are but have the privilege of your coaching. You are a true CHAMPION!!! Thanks for everything you do for us.
  5. beaver john

    stage design

    Another option would be to then stage it safely. This gives the shooter more options on what to do with the shotgun after using it.
  6. beaver john

    Cheyenne Culpepper Sr. GF, World Champ!!

    Got to meet Cheyenne at EOT and even sold him a hat. True gentlemen and great World Champion!! Great Job
  7. Jon: I'm starting to shoot BP in 38's. Would you mind sharing your load with me. I appreciate your help.


    Beaver John


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