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  1. beaver john


    The only real question here is did the shooter hear the command to stop. If he did MDQ, if not no call. Unless the spotters saw it miss then it's a hit.
  2. beaver john

    Wild bunch gear

    Pat I have a holster and three double mag pouches for sale. Are you coming to the Dec match at Jackson Hole? If you are I will bring them.
  3. beaver john

    Rifle tuning/drop-in parts.

    Only do basic changes until you make sure the gun are right for you.
  4. beaver john


    Johnny made my Wild Bunch rig for me, now if I could only shoot as good as my rig looks. You won't be disappointed.
  5. beaver john


    Hot Lead, you and your group put on one hell of a match. This is the first time Antelope Ann and I have shot the SE Regional and we are disappointed we haven't before now. We had a wonderful time, great stages and great people. This match had the largest group of World Class lady shooters I have seen since EOT. From top to bottom not only could they shoot but they were some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. My hat is off to each and every one of you. This is what makes our sport so great. Thanks again for a great weekend.
  6. beaver john

    Comin' At Cha 2019 Senior B Western

    Noz: How about Elder statesman Frontier Cartridge Category. With you and I we only need 1 more.
  7. Jon: I'm starting to shoot BP in 38's. Would you mind sharing your load with me. I appreciate your help.


    Beaver John


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