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  1. New JEDI GF: Gifford Gringo (Canada)

    Welcome an congratulations
  2. how big a grip do you need

    I have big hands and had custom grips done larger for old style rugers and for new model a wedge put at bottom to make wider great for gunfighter
  3. 10 ga. Shotgun belt

    I had one made by T star http://www.tstarleather.com Works great!
  4. diabetic friendly snacks

    The only time I drink juice is with sugar low. Nuts peanut butter role up lunch meat or cheese for snacks.
  5. New JEDI: Missouri and Canada

  6. Blind Man's Bluff submariners will know this

    Thanks Marshal brings back memories I was out there during cold war but on a Boomer which is now a SSGN.
  7. New England Gathering At WR?

    Not making it this year shoot straight have fun.
  8. Nuke blast Calculator

    If it happens bend over and xXxX your xxx goodbye is what we said in Navy
  9. I need your opinions.

    I am starting my 5th year in SASS so I just heard people talk about old stages, I do allot of stage writing now and have added some things but off the clock. I think with a mixture of old and new would be fun. Make it a once a year event to start to see how people take it.
  10. Frankfort Arsenal Media Tumbler

    I just use Dawn and Limshine just a little, with good results with 44 40 or 38s. I have done brass 12 gauge and 45 70 and have not seen issues with case damage. I do deprime first and use oven to dry.
  11. The Golden Gun Movie!

    Great movie, 5 stars!
  12. Another milestone

  13. Rocky mountain brass 10 gauge shell need box ideas

    Chantry I will need a milk crate if I pull both triggers like you do at Rukas in building's LOL
  14. Rocky mountain brass 10 gauge shell need box ideas

    Problem with mtm they are to long, they fit plastic 3.5 shell, see below for size comparison Sounds like I have to build a couple of boxes.
  15. Please pray for the members of my household

    Condolences to all, for family please practice in woods far from house, you just might get company.