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  1. Welcome Gunfighter John!

    Welcome to the fun.
  2. Frontier Cartridge Question

    Redwood link to a 12 shot shotgun stage with 10 gauge loaded max.
  3. Frontier Cartridge Question

    I don't use wonder wads. But use 1/2 inch fiber wad in 44 40 using APP. I will be loading real BP for some shoots next year. John Henry you are right if you want the thump you have to use real BP. Which is why I like the 10 gauge.
  4. Holy Black max loads

    I like 1F 122 grains in my 10 gauge, you can pull both triggers for more effect. Not sure you will hear music when you start shooting. GJ like your idea of cannon chorus. Have fun!
  5. 10 gauge practice rounds

    Ballistic products has 10 gauge snap caps. They have A Zoom, I have problem with mine tho seams like rim to narrow for my side x side and they fall in some times. Warden thanks for Info, i will make some 10 gauge.
  6. New JEDI Gunfighter

    Congratulations and we'll deserved Welcome Jedi!

    Congratulations and welcome!
  8. New Jedi awarded at mid west regional

    Congratulations and Welcome!
  9. New York State CAS Championship

    I want to give a Big Thank You to all that make this Happen, as always such a great shoot. Congratulations to all the winners!
  10. SKB 12 Gauge Side by Side

    Looks great but have Jimmy Spurs slicking one up that I found
  11. How A SSN Rode Out Hurricane Hugo

    Great thinking out side the hull. It probably got tossed around even on bottem. With that type of storm surg. I alway remember you can feel the storms at crews depth.
  12. The Showdown Vlll

    Great shoot a big thank you to all that made this happen! Great stages with lots of smoke hanging in the stages. This one already on list for next year:)
  13. Jedi Gunfighter

    Congratulations and welcome!
  14. BILLY the AVENGER: JEDI GF #244

    Congratulations and welcome!
  15. 2017 Great Nor'easter

    A big thank you to all that made this happen. Great shoot! Congratulations to all the winners