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  1. Double Tap Taylor

    Three newest Jedi Gunfighters are...

    Welcome and congratulations Jedi's
  2. Double Tap Taylor

    NEW JEDI's: Angie Oakley and Praire Dawg

    Welcome and congratulations Jedi's
  3. Double Tap Taylor

    WTB. Used 10 ga shotshell hulls, brass or plastic.

    Good luck, Ballistic products has new but i have had some burn thru on first firing. Were did you find brass shells for 7.50 ea, brass is way to go for long term Best if you can make friends with duck hunter that uses 10 ga that does not load
  4. Double Tap Taylor

    Did You Miss HELUVA RUKUS This Year? Watch This Video…..

    Pike Great job, they were great stages . Thank you all that made this happen. Double Tap Taylor
  5. Double Tap Taylor

    International Black Powder & SE Terrirorial Black Powder Championship

    I'm in sent applications in this week, cant wait.
  6. Double Tap Taylor

    Fire and Ice 2017

    I can't wait. See ye'all there.
  7. Double Tap Taylor

    Non sass question what powder to use in 300 black out

    Reloaded 7 works.
  8. Double Tap Taylor

    SASS North East Regional- The Great Nor'Easter

  9. Double Tap Taylor

    Ruger sass vaqueros from long hunt

    Welcome to the obsession Best advise go to local shoot check out what everyone has and ask to try. Since winter contact local club and see if you can arrange range time with them.
  10. Double Tap Taylor

    Hearing Protection Act

    FYI A suppresser for 556 don't work to well Get one for 308 and use on 556. Get 45 that you can add adapter for a 9mm Theses are better investment
  11. Double Tap Taylor

    SASS North East Regional- The Great Nor'Easter

    I sent in my application yesterday. I can't wait! They have a great catered dinner Saturday night.
  12. Double Tap Taylor

    BP plastic shotgun shells

    I use gun clubs once then though away They are easy to find.
  13. Double Tap Taylor

    SASS North East Regional- The Great Nor'Easter

    Great match! We need support for this! Great time of the year to be in New Hampshire!
  14. Double Tap Taylor

    sass buckles

    I have one from NH State Championship that I wear some time like the Design. http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag178/ljtfisherman/20150628_170023_zpsuyquunfo.jpg
  15. Double Tap Taylor

    Quick Rebar Target Stands

    Roy B stands look great! Yes you are going to need bigger tumble for all the extra brass to clean with Wife shooting. Hope to see you at WR.

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