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  1. Double Tap Taylor

    Did You Miss HELUVA RUKUS This Year? Watch This Video…..

    Pike Great job, they were great stages . Thank you all that made this happen. Double Tap Taylor
  2. Double Tap Taylor

    New JEDI's recognized: Vermont State match

    Congratulations to both of you fine Gunfighters!
  3. Double Tap Taylor

    Northeast Regional

    TJB Posse 7, was great fun by all. It was very hot and humid It's great seeing old friends and making new friends
  4. Double Tap Taylor

    And the Northeast Regional Champs ARE...

    Congratulations to all the Winners Great match and was great to see everyone!
  5. Double Tap Taylor

    CrackShot Bev

    Prayers up for family and friends! She was a Great Lady to be around
  6. Double Tap Taylor

    Happy Birthday Damascus Jon

    Happy Birthday Jon
  7. Double Tap Taylor

    Northeast Regional

    Can't wait it will be another good shoot!
  8. Double Tap Taylor

    Bad shootin' year so far

    I have only shot 1 match this year due to pinched nerve in neck They say I will be able to shoot the North East Regional, The Great Nor'easter but will get no practice going into it, cant wait to shoot again, I am having withdrawals!
  9. Double Tap Taylor

    Boaz World Champ Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

    Congratulations Great shooting
  10. Double Tap Taylor

    International Black Powder & SE Terrirorial Black Powder Championship

    I'm in sent applications in this week, cant wait.
  11. Double Tap Taylor

    18" jimmy spurs 357 1873 forsale

    BTT for nice gun
  12. Double Tap Taylor

    The Great Nor'easter

    Great shoot I will see you there I hope! Howdy pards, Its gittin” down to the deadline fer applications to The Great Nor’easter. The cutoff date is the 7th of July. Ya’all can still register up til the shootin’ starts, but no awards to thems who don’t get their applications in afore the 7th. The Nor’easter crew have been busier than a bunch of railroad engineers during the buildin’ of the Union Pacific. Purdy soon some of them cowboys will be settin’ up camp at the range and some of the other folk will be checkin’ into the fine boarding houses and rooms in the area. Ya can find a list of them nice places on the website. Don’t forgit to ask about the discount. I’m wonderin’’ if y’all are aware that Saturday, July 21st is the National Day of The Cowboy. We’d like to do somethin’ special on that day to honor all those cowpokes that have gone up yonder to that big shootin’ competition in the sky. The one where all yer bullets hit the targets and none of yer guns malfunction. Anyways, we’d like to remember all them folks, so if ya have someone yer missin’, send their name along ahead of time to Preacher Ben Pray’n at [email protected] and we’ll include it in the remembrance. We’re all lookin forward to the potluck meet ‘n greet on Thursday evening. It was quite a feast last year. So bring sumpin’ to share with the other folk. A casserole, one pot dish, meat, salad, dessert, or sumpin’ that ya makes real tasty an’ we’ll all do likewise. (Ya don’t have to make enuff fer an army or anything, cuz we’ll all be bringin’ stuff.) It’ll give us all some time to kick back a bit afor’ the shootin’ starts and get caught up on our conversin’. That don’t mean we’ll be spreadin’ gossip, mind ya, we all live by the cowboy code, right? After all, wise men talk about ideas, ordinary men talk about things, only fools talk about each other. Now, I hear folks still been bellyachin’ ‘bout the weather and I know we’ve had all kinds in the past. Anywheres from bein’ hotter ‘n hells hinges or so dry the rattlers were carrin’ canteens. We even had hail chuckin’ gullywashers blowing up a thundergust wheres one cowpoke got hisself struck by lightnin’ back along. But we’s all hopin’ it‘ll turn out okay this year so just never you mind about the weather. If’n ya ain’t already sent in yer application, hurry it up cuz the 2018 Great Nor’easter’s gonna hit town and then be gone faster ‘n train robber tryin’ ta git outta town. Ya ain’t gonna wanna miss all the fun. So, don’t make us raise a posse to find ya! See ya’ll there, Nanny Oakley
  13. Double Tap Taylor

    Thank you Pennsylvania!

    Always a great shoot love the way the smoke hangs at bottom of hill. I hope to be there next year.
  14. Double Tap Taylor

    Fire and Ice 2017

    I can't wait. See ye'all there.
  15. Double Tap Taylor

    Non sass question what powder to use in 300 black out

    Reloaded 7 works.

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