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  1. watab kid

    How important is it to have matching pistols

    like the first response said - lots of different answers and opinions but all are saying the same , its fine to mismatch-do what makes you happy , but to maximize performance matching helps , having said that - i started out on a shoestring budget and bought the best buys i could find , nothing matched but my leather rig , ive gone through a lot and enjoyed most everything along the way most of the time , i now have a matched set and two of my previous mismatches [the ones i liked best] as backups , and two different rigs , one double strong and one with crossdraw it gives me options ,
  2. watab kid

    Wire Slowdown update

    seems to be back to normal for me ,
  3. watab kid

    Reloading old school - sometimes better.

    i always load this way , i just enjoy the process and do not worry of the time , i do not load when im in a rush or got pressing things on the schedule - it takes the fun out of it , i need to find one of those funnels with the handle tho ...
  4. watab kid

    Shot shells

    what difference does it make ? seriously , not being flip , not my style , is there a difference ?
  5. watab kid

    Crossdraw Info

    i bought galcos cross draws when i started , they were reasonable , made within the rules and with the dance you can stay safely within the limits , i think most mfgrs will be within the rules and all of the great custom shops know what is legal and will keep you in line - its in their best interest to have you happy , i have gone to a more vertical holster in later years but still have my canted cross draws as a backup set and sometimes use them , if i get another set made i think i will request the 10 degree and a little kick out - not much , im pretty thin and dont have a shape that requires a lot , gotta fit your custom set to your body type if your going to pay the fee and wear them for a long while , but BUT , the custom set is definitely the way to go if you know what you want ,
  6. watab kid

    Wire in low gear?

    i thought it was just my computer - good to know its not on my end , other sites are still quick here ,
  7. watab kid

    Slow Wire? NOT ANYMORE!

    glad to know its not just me , i was beginning to worry of my equipment ,
  8. watab kid

    Something cool in the mail today

    if you are in that area you need to drive out and check out the site , there is a great museum in the latter one that i spent half a rainy day in with friends and felt i missed things , ft des moines was a frontier fort in the day gateway to the farther west , there were actually three , a really early one that lasted a few years it was on the mississippi , and then the "newer" that became des moines in the center of the state , this one is still active officer training center if i remember correctly ,
  9. watab kid

    The new gate for our gun range

    yes indeed , i work for a fab company - there is some time and expense here , but i suspect some labor of love in this one as well as access to some great equipment ,
  10. watab kid

    Cost per round of reloading

    there is no comparison to purchased ammo - first you load what you and your guns like , second your brass lasts a long time except that pesky loss on a stage or someone else's popping up in the picking , light loads =little to no stretch , a pound of powder hoes a really long way and its just the bullets & primers that you need to shop for but even them you will have what loads well and cost is low from the right vendors , ive still got brass ive been shooting for a number of years i only buy 100 every two or three years - granted i dont shoot like some here , but its the only way to go ,
  11. watab kid

    Blown revolvers

    i trust no one was hurt ? sounds a really bad experience , sorry to hear this , hope you get to the bottom of it soon ,
  12. watab kid

    Need Advice on Rifles...

    first things first - make sure it holds 10 , too short and you may fall short , most would recommend the 73 or the 66 as they are the primary fits all category rifles , i have a 92 and ive shot it a lot in SASS , cannot speak to the marlin as ive not happened upon the right deal yet , you will get good advice here , seems maybe you already have ,
  13. watab kid

    New Three Day Match

    i need to visit family there - good excuse to see you at a monthly if not the big match , ill be down one day soon ,
  14. watab kid

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    my first rifle was a winchester 1890 but my second was a lever gun ,
  15. watab kid

    Uberti Burgess rifle worth buying or hard no

    but what you like - sometimes i buy extras just for that reason , shoot what you enjoy , if you have a fast favorite enjoy that when it counts ,

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