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  1. USS Juneau Found

    Tv thinks shows need drama so they manufacturer it. I doubt that Ballards expedition had much if any trouble and had plenty of time to search for what they were looking for. Almost every documentary on TV today is full of drama. I find it hard to believe that all those companies actually have the myriad of problems that the shows portray.
  2. First Day of Spring

    In Sweeden
  3. school shooting shooter dead

    Gunman dead, two injured after shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland
  4. cost of a musket compared to modern rifles

    yep. Muskets and flint locks require a lot of manual labor hand fitting the parts together while an AR requires very little. If you wanted the same level of fit and finish on an AR as you will find on a $1500 musket it would also cost you $1500 or more. You also have to consider the economies of scale. Just a guess, but I bet that for every musket sold there are over 1000 AR's sold.
  5. Cody-Dixon

    Texas Ten Horns have an open category where we allow Handi Rifles, Savage 99, 30-40 Krag, and similar period rifles. That way safe queens get a chance to be shot too. One observation about the Handi Rifle and the new Single shot Henry rifles. They can be shot and reloaded so quickly that allowing them to shoot against other period correct rifles is not very competitive. Most shooters can actually outrun a miss or two when shooting against trapdoors, Sharps and High Walls. That may be why some clubs do not allow them. We also shoot our pistols at targets set at the SASS main match rifle distances and misses are worth 10 seconds instead of 5. Those that I shoot with feel that Cody Dixon should be as much about marksmanship as it is about speed so increasing the miss penalty encourages marksmanship.
  6. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    Just think of all the ammo you could have loaded in the time it took to design and build that.
  7. Cody-Dixon

    Cody Dixon matches usually specify a traditional Black Powder Rifle Cartridge 30-30 or larger in caliber that are not main match SASS legal. The only exception being the 56-50. Examples are; 30-30, 30-40, 38-55, 40-65, 45-70, 45-70, 50-90, 56-50 and similar cartridges. Bullets must be unjacketed cast lead although some clubs do allow gas checks. Target ranges are typically 50 to 200 yards and are shot off hand with the targets getting larger as the range increases. Lever Action rifles must have an exposed hammer. Only period correct single shot rifles are allowed. Handi RIfles, Little Sharps, and similar designs are not legal for Cody Dixon in most clubs. Any Main Match legal pistol and shotgun may be used. Some clubs may allow other period correct rifles to be shot along with Handi Rifles. Those that do will put them in their own category. Check with the clubs Cody Dixon MD/coordinator.
  8. other clubs

    What are you going to do the other 50 weeks of the year?
  9. For Subdeacon Joe, et al

    Your link is broken. Links to a Gmail Account.
  10. Ruger auto pistol assembly

    Saw a video of an interview with a Ruger employee whose only job was to reassemble the various versions of the Ruger Mark _ pistols. Seemed he had a knack for reassembling pistols shipped to Ruger as a box of parts.
  11. Marlin 1894 Magazine Loading Jam.......any suggestions?

    Send Boomstick Jay a PM. He may be going to Trail Head as a vendor. Same goes for Slick McClade Both are top notch Gunsmiths.
  12. Cody-Dixon

    Occasionally the Red River Valley Cowpokes in Albany Ok will have a match. Usually on a Special Holiday match. Texas Ten Horns shoot the 4th Saturday. We start at 1200 October through March and 0900 April through September. Would love to have you.
  13. Every State Described by a Single Sarcastic Line from a Bitter Resident Just a Sample or two
  14. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    Contact Rolan Kraps. He is into the Steam Punk costuming and firearms modification and can give you some pointers. Personally I think your ideas are cool and worthy of a bunch of Style points and you would be welcome if it were up to me. However I would talk to the MD of any clubs you intend to shoot at and make sure they are OK with your plans and firearms ideas..
  15. Drawers

    One advantage most people have is that criminals are far from the brightest bulb in the bin. On the rare occasions where the criminal is actually intelligent there is very little that the average person can do to thwart them.