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  1. Sedalia Dave

    USS Constitution, finally got to see her

    Without a doubt the most impressive ship I have ever been aboard.
  2. Sedalia Dave

    Army Museum Support Center

    Just WOW
  3. Sedalia Dave

    Good Fertilizer

    Thanks That'll come in handy later.
  4. Sedalia Dave

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    Well what should we do with them? Definitely don't want to send them back to where they came from the PRoK already has enough problems and the rest of the country doesn't want them either.
  5. Sedalia Dave

    .357 Long Range

    SHB page 25, RO I pg 21,
  6. Sedalia Dave

    Praise for BP shooter

    I do the pretty much the same procedure as Beartrap except that I plug the barrel with a rubber cork and fill with hot water. Let soak while I clean my rifle and pistols.
  7. Sedalia Dave

    Praise for BP shooter

    I have shot 18 stages over 3 consecutive days with my 87 with ZERO issues. In theory that is twice the number of rounds that each barrel of a SXS would see. Yes when I clean it it a bunch of gunk comes out but I had ZERO performance issues. All I did at the end of each day was spray a little ballistol in the action and down the barrels. I shoot APP with plastic wads.
  8. Sedalia Dave

    Sales to California

    I assume you are attempting to use a retail firearms business in Missouri. If so you might try using a private individual that happens to buy and sell guns on the side and has a FFL. Very few business here in TX want to ship guns to states with onerous firearms laws unless you are a regular customer. However, the guy I use buys and sell guns as a hobby both at gun shows and on Gun Broker and had zero issues with shipping a gun to the PRoK. Try looking for a FFL using Gun Broker's search tool.
  9. Sedalia Dave

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    They don't have to eat them. Just make them panic so that they run into the Pacific and drown.
  10. Sedalia Dave

    Amazing Find In Seattle

    Give them some time. I am sure someone is already working on it.
  11. Sedalia Dave

    How can you shoot this?

    I wouldn't get my hopes up. At least not until the entertainment value of this thread drops below some as yet undefined threshold or the popcorn runs out. BTW you have my vote for Thread of the year.
  12. Sedalia Dave

    .357 Long Range

    There was some talk on BPCR.net about using coated bullets. Don't think they were very successful because if inconsistancies in weight and symmetry.
  13. Sedalia Dave

    Governor Inslee sinks to new level of petty

    Proves he doesn't have a clue about firearms safety education.
  14. Sedalia Dave

    A Request For The Classifieds

    I don't think that anyone wants the seller to post the final price. That is strictly between the buyer and seller. The request is that once an item is sold that the seller just mark it as sold. Some sellers are deleting the contents of the post. No asking price, description nothing except a request to have the thread deleted. By leaving the contents intact others can do some research on asking prices.
  15. Sedalia Dave

    Watching A Bridge Too Far

    Found this. One thing to note Computer monitors are notorious for not rendering colors exactly right. Also remember that colors will look differently in sunlight than they do under most indoor lighting. Don't have time right now; but the best camoflage colors for a lot of environments are not what most people think. When I have some time I'll look up the article.

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