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  1. Sedalia Dave

    Sweetheart Grips

    Wonder whose idea that was? AFAIK they never made mention of it in the movie
  2. Sedalia Dave

    Lot's Of Good People Out There

    They usually don't want the publicity either.
  3. Sedalia Dave

    Sweetheart Grips

    Thanks SDJ. Learn't something new.
  4. Sedalia Dave

    Some of the locals came over for a drink

    These guys are serious
  5. Sedalia Dave

    FOX news: did you see this story?

    I know dogs can be trained to alert on money. Back in 2014 there were machines that could do so as well Sniffing Out Smuggled Money Is About to Get Easier With New Device The ink that is used to print US currency is magnetic. There are detectors that are sensitive to detect the magnetic signature of a stack of bills and even tell how many bills are in the stack. I highly suspect that the new counterfeiting measures in the latest generation of currency allow it to be easily detected by X-ray machines.
  6. Sedalia Dave

    My Dillon 550B Experience Thus Far...

    Single most important thing you can do with a progressive press is EVERY and I mean EVERY time you get interrupted or have an issue with any stage. Remove ALL the in-progress cartridges from the machine. Any shell that has either powder or an un-crimped bullet in it should have the contents removed. Only replace them once you have corrected the error. Then feed the primed cases into the press one at a time and finish the reloading process on them. Then start anew with brass than needs sized and resume the process. Sounds OCD but it will save you from a squib or worse a double charged cartridge. A little extra time is a LOT LESS expensive than a damaged firearm or worse a trip to the ER.
  7. Sedalia Dave

    Someone built a Delorean that can 'fly' and it's for sale

    Sure! It can go anywhere you want as long as it is into the future.
  8. Sedalia Dave

    Some of the locals came over for a drink

    Me thinks you have been spotted.
  9. Sedalia Dave

    Argentine navy submarine found

    But did it implode due to another malfunction that caused it to dive too deep or did it implode due to a defect in the hull at depth less than the crush depth?
  10. Someone built a Delorean that can 'fly' and it's for sale
  11. Sedalia Dave

    Argentine navy submarine found

    Argentine navy submarine found 2,600 feet deep in Atlantic one year after disappearing Sure hope they find the cause. However I wonder about the sea worthiness of a submarine that has barnacles attached to its hull.
  12. Sedalia Dave

    Kaboom went the snowblower

    I would look into rebuilding your current unit.
  13. Cast lead lubed bullets tend not to work well in bullet feeders. The lube gums things up. However, coated bullets will work in a bullet feeder IF you buy ones that have been sized after they were coated..
  14. It appears that the Department of Justice is about to ban bump stocks. I say about to because the Final Action is slated for the imaginary date of 12/00/2018. The new rule: DOJ/ATF RIN: 1140-AA52 Publication ID: Fall 2018 Title: Bump-Stock-Type Devices
  15. Sedalia Dave

    That's Some Flying!

    If we could build fighter jets with just 1/10 the stealth and manoeuvrability of an owl. Closest thing I have ever seen was the A-10 and is was still lacking.

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