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  1. Buggyman has passed over,,,

    Prayers for him and his family....Amen
  2. They called it a non malignant fatty mass. I am not sure what that is but I am so happy to have one. .LOL...So grateful...Amen...Shooting Cops vs Cowboys Saturday....yeehaw...
  3. Firelands Saturday

    Dang Rye... Me and Lucky are still South of you...we should be there ny April for sure ..Jim No Horse
  4. First Clean Match

    Congratulations.. Good on you....Jim
  5. Waiting to hear from my oncologist. The pathology report is on its way to her. She will give me the news....soon I hope...but probably Thursday during her office hours. Your prayers are needed and wanted....Thanks Jim
  6. Welcome Tombstone Ron

    Tombstone Ron...Welcome...come sit on a log by our fire...pour youself a cup and settle in while Cowboy Small reads us the story of Cowboy Small...Yeehaw
  7. the perfect guns!!!

    Love a pic of those babies...really like the way you talked yourself thru it or to it...Boomstick....I hear a pair of Outlaws calling me...Lord knows I have plenty of pistols.....but still...I know you can understand....Jim
  8. New(ish) Guy 'round the campfire

    Pull up a log and sit at the fire....welcome back...tell us a good transmission story. They have been in short supply since you left....have fun ....Jim
  9. Tuesday morning....9am...3 hour procedure...yeehaw...hoping to draw another inside straight....
  10. New Shooters appearing in the the FORUMS

    Thanks Kit for that great welcome to our newest cow pals...Jim
  11. My professor of creative writing at the University of Iowa told me I had good technical skills but no life experience. Well, I have plenty of life experience now but no technical skills. The title of my book...How Can I Miss You, If You Won't Ever Leave! .
  12. What I did not say about yesterdays results were that my three main right lung tumors continue to shrink and the other spots in that lung were not cancer. She was so upbeat about my lung news that when she paused, I asked her if this was one of those good news, bad news deals. She said yes, I guess so. I said OK then, give me the good news.... I can take it.... LOL... Her grandfather was a rancher and she rode a horse named Lightening once when she was twelve but thats another stotry! She is a cowgirl at heart and doesn't know it. She is the best! I thank all of you for your patience, your help and your prayers. These are the cards I have been deallt. I will play them. God bless you and yours....Jim .
  13. I have a new growth in my one of my adrenal glands...they are trying to get a biopsy scheduled for next week to see what it is and to determine how to proceed. Your prayers are needed...Jim
  14. The results are today at 3PM....yikes......Jim
  15. Prayers for Deadwood Stan's Family

    Sad news...prayers of comfort and peace ...God bless....Jim