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  1. Got my new John B Stetson Gus hat and a stampede string that Slick McClade was selling in the Classifieds. Can't believe The Dawg didn't beat me to it...LOL... On a more somber note....still LOL....I can't help myself.... On March 1st I start Immunotherapy. It is a T cell enhancer designed to radically increase your T cells ability to fight infection...including cancer. It is the latest form of the drug that killed Jimmy Carters brain tumors a couple of years back. On March the 6th I go to Houston to see my consulting oncologist at The Baylor Clinic for his opinion. After finishing my 14 full brain radiation treatments I took the staff a full blown pancake breakfast made to custom order...bannana chocolate chip...a couple of double blueberry...some whole wheat...a strawberry lemon...anyway the crew there love this pancake joint and the boss cleared the schedule for an hour so all 11 of them could eat together. It was a surprise and a simple blessing I could give. It made my day. The new pet scan shows a tumor in my liver...my spleen..and one in a kidney. Also the Cyberknife did not get the Adrenal tumor. My radiation oncologist told me her pal from the Air Force (the pretty doctor) told her I had a great sense of humor so she says....Mr Barbee...you are a target rich environment...I am a gun woman and I will kill them. So....that is that. Anyway thank you for your prayers for me and my family...there are many others on this Wire who are fighting this same demon. My prayers go out to all...May God bless them ...Thank you Jim
  2. Welcome Gunsmoke Gus!

    Drag up a log and carve something...or grab a cup off the fire and tell us a tale...hope to see you soon...Jim
  3. Texas State Cowboy Championship - Comancheria Days 2018

    I want one ...lol...which day is RO 1...Can I call....LOL...LOL ..OK Jackroo....hold it...hold it....
  4. Good Morning Wire....

    God made me a cowboy Use that Jim No Horse Lol
  5. Good Morning Wire....

    As of last Wednesday my MRI came back with four one inch tumors and one 3/4 inch in various parts of my brain. I ask that you lift me up in prayer as I start what is called full brain radation in a few hours. Fifteen, once daily treatments to hold the tumors in check while they get the immunotherapy drugs they think might shrink them.This feels a bit like drawing to an inside straight but it is the hand I have been dealt and I will play it. I am on steroids now so I can walk again. Edema, swelling was affecting my gyroscope. I have been told I have a big head before but who knew you could take a steroid for 'big head' ..LOL... Prayers have given me the last three years and you cowpals are closest to my heart when I think of riding the river. So this is a gun forum not a pity party for JimNo Horse so....Come shoot the Cabs at Texas Republic Ranch in our brand new Old West town of Determination Texas...it has been a grounds up build and is an exceptional range. We ebven put in indoor plumbing with rainwater to feed the toilets...God bless you all... Jim
  6. First Match

    Glad to have you join us.... That picture is the icing on the cake ... You are a lucky ....God bless you and yours ......Jim
  7. Welcome KenJoy!

    We have been waiting for you! Welcome to the Wire. Grab a cup and tell us a tale.......Jim
  8. Welcome Mr. Brass!

    Come on down to our fire....looking for some good stories from you.... Welcome Home...Jim
  9. Another officer down in Colorado!

    Prayers for this family..God bless....
  10. First match

    You are a lucky man to have her shooting with you. Good on her...the matches get more comfortable and the fun begins. Have a. Blast and welcome...Jim
  11. How often do you clean your guns?

    What Creeker said! Plus a thousand! JNH
  12. okHere are the new Star Conchos. Keeps my mullies from to much flapping. Flapping is my job...LoL. The Stetson is still in the hands of the Amazonian...LOL.... Thanks Jim
  13. Finished my 3rd whole brain radiation today. No way to quantify changes in the tumors till all 15 treatments are done. Got a full body PET scan yesterday which will tell if there is more spreading of the cancer. On a brighter note I bought a new Stetson for EOT and four Texas Star conchos for the mule ear boots I wear. I plan to make EOT if it kills me....LOL..We are gonna have a blast in New Mexico. We have 9 coming from the town of Determination Texas alone. Do not fear my gun....remember my motto... "Shooting last so you don't have to!" Lets all go and have a blast...Jim
  14. How do you practice during the winter off season

    I hate to admit it but I wait for the next match which is reflected in my slow shooting. Dry firing helped me but there are many home range..laser and otherwise systems that sound interesting. There will be many answers to your thread and I thank you for posting it. Thank you...Jim
  15. Tusco Long Riders, First Match of 2018!... Maybe..

    I would be there if Lucky would quit stopping at every hospital we come to...LOL...y'all have a blast...I hope to shoot with you all in Ohio at some point....Jim