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  1. Irish-Pat

    Hell Fire 2018

    Rudy's ' bringing the Gumbo and I am bringing the rice and bowls, Irish Pat
  2. Irish-Pat

    Anything to sell at Cimon'at Cha

    I can bring a 4 inch nickel Python if anyone is interested. I have two and don't mind letting one go.
  3. I will be bringing some clothes and hats to the barn sale. Anyone bringing holsters or guns to sell?
  4. Irish-Pat

    Winchester 73

    Sent my Winchester to Cody because he used the parts that are inside it.
  5. Irish-Pat

    Winchester 73

    I sent my Winchester to Cody Conagher and had him do whatever he does to it and it runs just as nice as the Cimarron and Taylor. Get whatever you want and be happy.
  6. Irish-Pat

    Winchester 73

    I have three Italians, one Japanese, and one American. the ones named Taylor's, Cimarron, Winchester, and Marlin all work fine. I prefer to call them the name on the barrel, not where they are made. I believe my Jeep came from China, and my truck from Mexico but they are what they are. oh, yes, I forgot I have a Browning, Winchester, Miroku 1886, I just call it an 1886. I am going to purchase another 1873, that I am going to call a "Winchester" What should I call my Browning Hi-Power that was made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal?
  7. Irish-Pat

    NEW Marlin 94 in 45 colt?

    It is brand new and could it be better
  8. Irish-Pat

    NEW Marlin 94 in 45 colt?

    I bought a 1894 limited edition off the Sass wire last fall in 45. I put in the Long hunter springs and the ejector that Lumpy suggested and it works great and is beautiful. Irish Pat
  9. Irish-Pat

    SPF Codymatic Trapper 18 inch 1873 rifle Octagon .357

    If Doc doesn’t take it first then I will take it, if it will hold ten 38 specials which I assume it does, Irish Pat. SASS 19486
  10. Irish-Pat

    Pheasant Ammo

    I have been invited to go Pheasant hunting in Kansas in December. I have never even seen a pheasant. We will be hunting over bird dogs. What size shot should I buy? Would my SASS shotgun work or should I use my Browning A-5 in full choke? I need some advice from some guys that have done this before. Thanks, Irish Pat
  11. Irish-Pat

    Real Colts for less than $1000.00

    I went in a pawn shop that had a colt army 38 special for $400. I bought it fast. It was a colt single action army in 38 special.
  12. Irish-Pat

    Southern Quotes

    Someone hung a sign on a little lake in our area that kayakers are staring to use, "if you hear banjo music, paddle faster"
  13. Irish-Pat

    *Sold* SKB 200E For Sale

    I was beat by a phone call, Irish Pat
  14. I'm really sorry Irish-Pat but I received a phone call right after I posted the shotgun and it sold. Thank you for your interest.

    1. Irish-Pat


      Oh well that was. Heck of a deal


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