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  1. Excellent 4 inch blued Python with two sets of Colt grips and speed loader. $2,500.00. Irish Pat
  2. Irish-Pat

    More funny truck signs....

    Trash truck sign “Our business stinks but it is picking up”
  3. Irish-Pat


    If you decided to ship I m interested in a bought half of it
  4. Irish-Pat

    WINCHESTER Discontinuing 1873 MY Mistake My APLOLOGY Extended

    Way to tell it Deuce. I have three Italians and two Winchesters. You never here anyone complain about quality on Japanese Brownings or weatherby.
  5. Irish-Pat

    Navy arms sale 1873 in 38/357

    Cody conagher tunes the parts they came with. Contact him
  6. Irish-Pat

    Wild bunch gear

    I will be there.
  7. Irish-Pat

    Wild bunch gear

    I think I want to try wild bunch. I have the guns but need to find some used leather. I have a black belt if anyone has a right hand holster or some magazine pouches they are interested in selling or swapping.
  8. Irish-Pat

    Sweetheart Grips

    I have a "Kommer" 25 auto that my uncle brought home and gave my mother years ago like that and a pawn shop in Natchez has a Mauser HSc with the plexi glass grips with a soldier's sweetheart picture on the grips.
  9. Irish-Pat

    Christmas is almost upon us!!

    My grandpaw chained smoked and had a big green oxygen bottle in his bedroom the regulator would not let it blowup
  10. Irish-Pat

    What is difference in SKBs

    What is the difference in the various SKB models 100, 150,and 200?
  11. Irish-Pat

    really good conceal carry piece,please pards

    A 22 magnum revolver is a good choice but wear ear protection
  12. Irish-Pat

    Pair of 3rd gen colts.

    Is the 38 special still for sale and which one is it
  13. Irish-Pat

    SPF 1871-72 OPEN TOPS 38 spc.

    What is an arbor anyway? Irish Pat
  14. Never had a doubt about you winning. If sports betting covered cowboy matches I would put my money on you. Irish Pat
  15. I missed it to go quail hunting and the hunt got rained out. I will be at the shoot next year.

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