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  1. my poor chickens

    tie a chicken around the kids neck
  2. 1885 high wall rifle vs carbine

    Carbine, they are both very heavy, go with the lightest if you are going to shoot "Cody-Dixon" ....The heaviest if you are shooting long range off crossed sticks.
  3. WTB: Uberti carbine stock

    I have a youth model 1873 Taylor's carbine stock. What stock do you have now?
  4. Anyone shoot 45acp in their rifles

    Just wondering if Cody Conagher’s conversions are legal in other catagories besides Wild Bunch and if they work satisfactory
  5. Some Cowboy Wisdom

    Don't risk going to Hell because you can't stand someone and can't forgive them.
  6. High primer rounds in my rifle

    I do what J-BAR said when I have high primers reloading to save my brass.
  7. This is an old model Walther PP marked "Interarms" Alexandria, Virginia, blued in excellent condition. It has the "Walther" markings and the American Eagle on the grip and made in Germany. . It has the flat bottom magazine. It shoots great and doesn't kick like the little light weight 380s. I am asking $450 shipped. send me an e-mail to [email protected] for photos. Irish Pat
  8. Congrats DRAGON HILL DAVE Classic Cowboy National Champ

    Way to go, When I see you we will open a bottle of expensive wine and celebrate with a cigar. I love my 45s and Cowboy Classic too, Irish Pat
  9. Slick McClade 2018 B- Western National Champion

    I never had any doubts he would win. Congratulations to you and your family, Irish Pat
  10. Colt SAA Parts

    Thanks, now I can only hope the prices on my colt single actions will match the price on my Python
  11. lets register "Bump" stocks

    My thought was that we could register them and keep them around for the people that wanted them. I have no desire for one. I had an old Kahr Arms-Auto Ordnance catalog that had the 1927 Thompson semi-auto for sale with 16 inch barrels. You could order a ten inch barrel but it had to be registered as a SBR. You could purchase the pistol version but you could not have the butt stock attached. I though that maybe we might could compromise and keep the Bump stocks otherwise they are going to be a goner. I can see the handwriting on the wall. I thought it was a possible idea but never mind I am sticking to my old M-1 paratrooper carbine and my SASS carbines. Irish Pat , SASS 19486, Life member NRA
  12. lets register "Bump" stocks

    Instead of trying to get them banned why we don't just ask our congressmen to consider registering like the stocks like silencers, short barreled rifles, sawed off shotguns and pre-1968 registered machine guns. I have never heard of a WWII collectible Thompson being used in a crime and I know if you would like to purchase a silencer or short barrel to go on a new Thompson replica making it into short barreled rifle then you register the barrel. I think that could please the NRA and get done rather fast. Irish Pat, NRA Life member
  13. boots

    Pat Galloway, 1013 Alabama Street, Vidalia, LA 71373
  14. boots

    Dusty I will take the white pair of ladies boots, Irish Pat