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  1. Irish-Pat


    I toured Gettysburg last summer. We hired a local tour guide who drove us around in our car. The whole park is awesome. There were no Confederate caps on sale so I actually bought a union blue kepi with US cavalry buckle design on front and “Gettysburg” embroidered on the back. I had a nice lady come up to me in a restaurant in Washington DC and thank me for my Service. I was polite and told her thankyou back. Do I really look that old
  2. Irish-Pat

    New Remington Marlin 1894C and SC 38/357 now available

    I purchased a new 1894 limited edition with the engraving and gold marlin cowboy and custom stock. I took Lumpy Grits advice and changed out the ejection part he suggested and runs fine in 45. It is beautiful. I have two 73s and two 66. Cody did a 73, PGW a 66, and Nate Kiowa Jones did the other 66. The new Marlin works just fine
  3. Irish-Pat

    Baby Kitties

    alligator bait
  4. Irish-Pat

    Please remove pending Safe queen colt python 4 inch fs

    Sent you a PM
  5. Irish-Pat

    WTB 97 winchester front end

    sold to Nimble Fingers. He sent first reply on my PM
  6. Irish-Pat

    WTB 97 winchester front end

    sure, I have not had time to get the pictures yet, I will try to get it done today. pat
  7. Irish-Pat

    WTB 97 winchester front end

    sent an email to Nimble fingers, I have not heard from MM Wright
  8. Irish-Pat


    Got any more pictures of the Stetson?
  9. Irish-Pat

    WTB 97 winchester front end

    of course take down
  10. Irish-Pat

    WTB 97 winchester front end

    I have a complete one with a 30" barrel full choke and big wood on the fore end( not the corn cob looking fore end wood). Send me your email and I will send you some pictures. , You can make me an offer as I have no idea what they are worth. I picked it up at a pawn shop junk box about 15 years ago and it has just laid around my shop. Irish Pat
  11. Irish-Pat

    Does anyone use an skb 280 for sass?

    Yes I shot one for a couple of years and traded it to Dakota Steele he has a couple I never had problems but prefer 200 model
  12. Irish-Pat

    Putting. Short stroke in 73carbine

    I want to put a short stroke in my 1873 ubertirifle. Do they just drop in or is skill involved
  13. Irish-Pat

    WTS, holster, belt, pouches Price reduced

    I will take the. Dyer pouch for $37. Let Me know where to send your check, Irish Pat
  14. Irish-Pat

    More Dancing

    I took dancing lessons a few times... the instructor finally told me “you can’t buy. Rhythms , and I have none!!!! I think they are terrific who arethey
  15. Irish-Pat

    This rifle is sold!

    BTT for a fine deal

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