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  1. How do they know you're a lawyer?

    My Dad was our court bailiff for a many years. He would stop by the bank many times and say "Son, you should gone on to law school, it is a license to steal... My best friend was a lawyer and would remind me that anyone can sue anybody if they have a $100 to give the attorney!
  2. way OT: plez recommend an accurate .380???

    My Walter PP is dead on I have shot snakes and armadillos with it
  3. Coffee v. Decaf

    After my heart attack and stint my heart doctor said stay off caffeine as it races up the heart beat. You do what you have to do
  4. I make a snap on/off leather wrap. I like to take mine off when I clean my guns as I shoot Bp and don't want to get water trapped under the wrap. Easier to install than most wraps, just snaps on.  9.00 shipped to you. You can see a pic of one at www.whyteleatherworks.com  Thanks Springfield Slim

  5. who makes best leather lever wrap

    I need a leather lever wrap for a Marlin 1894. I have seen them priced from $14.95 to $39.35. Who would you purchase one from?
  6. Coated Bullets?

    Use green bullets
  7. 38 Special Lee Factory Crimp Die in Dillon 650, issues?

    My Dillion 650 came with Dillion dies and they have always worked fine
  8. 1866 Carbine in 22LR

    The browning 22 lever action is very fast also
  9. 1866 Carbine in 22LR

    I have one that is correct
  10. Marlin 1894 .45 LC 1 of 1500

    I just bought one last month right here off the SASS wire. I ordered the one-piece firing and spring kit from Long Hunter Shooting supply and the new extractor From Ranger Point precision that Lumpy recommends. I have not had time to play with it yet but it is a beautiful rifle. I have not had a new Remington made Marlin until now but the fit and finish is excellent. Irish Pat
  11. Don't know what I got myself in for.

    Cowboy is four gun
  12. What the heck did I just buy?

    the rear sight is on correctly
  13. 1892 Winchester/ Miroku??

    I had an early rifle in 45, it worked fine but I traded it on a 1873 for SASS shooting. It would have great for Wild Bunch. I may end up with another one before long.
  14. New style Marlin '94 extractor on the market

    I ordered one also, cant wait for it to arrive, Irish Pat AKA Irish Rat !!!!
  15. old 1911s

    these are for collectors. I purchased an old 1911 frame made in 1918 and shipped to the Brooklyn Naval Yard. I had it re re-blued, put better sights on it and found out that it had a cracked frame.. If you plan to shoot it, then I would buy a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec or something like that.